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Loving Baseball In The Time of Coronavirus

Too soon I’m fully engaged with E.B. White in his One Man’s Meat, written when he was staring into the abyss, yet was too old to serve while the World around him marched into WWII. Being unable to move to a salt water farm in Maine like E.B., more's the pity, and in lieu of my go-to palliative for all these years past I’ve decided to occasionally play a game of APBA dice baseball at the end of the most trying days. I know. I know. Fiddling while Rome burns. Still, how to lift my spirits?

I was all set to pull the trigger on a used set of all 916 MLB players for the 1980 season, the summer when my first son was born, when I hesitated. I was in short pants the last time I played the board game. Slim chance of making another purchase any time soon and surprisingly there are so many different seasons to choose from. Looks like any and every season is out there. Maybe I should pick the cards that contain the first season I played fantasy baseball or go further back in my memories, some fuzzy, some not so much- Ted Williams bidding adieu in 1960 or Mickey Mantle’s 1956 Triple Crown season or Yastrzemski’s in 1967 or Koufaz striking out 382 in 1965 or Gibson’s subsequent mound lowering domination of the 1968 season? Which season? I’m frozen with indecision. To pick one and only one till June or probably longer. Uhhhhhh. Anyone care to suggest a worthy candidate? And why?

James Morgan jem1776
Mar 21

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