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Texpope has, so far, written 3,921 comments and this was the latest, on Harold Baines:

I'm a lot less impressed with longevity when (a) from age 28 on, the dude was almost exclusively a DH, and (b) over 14 seasons where he was a regular DH, he had 7 where his WAR was 2.0 or less, 7 with an OPS+ of 120 or less.

That's damning to me, because I consider the DH to be a useful tool for a manager to keep a good bat in the lineup while giving a guy a day off from playing the field.  I want a DH who is consistently above those thresholds if he's going to justify taking that tool away.  I just  don't think that Harold Baines made his teams much better over a good portion of his career, and that's kind of important for a HOFer in my opinion.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

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