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When I joined my home league in 1996, dumping was out of control. The team I inherited had a lot of players who were either super expensive or whose contracts were over. I barely knew anyone in the league at that point, even Toz) remember him?) was a stranger but I could tell there was a good deal of bad blood in the league and disagreement on whether widespread dumping was OK or if some kind of curbs should be put into place.

The solution we eventually came upon (I think in 1998) was a salary cap of $350 for the active roster. People didn't want dumping to disappear, but they still wanted it to be part of the game. Once in a blue moon there are ridiculous trades, but the cap works in that it prevents a team that has been giving up in multiple seasons from building a powerhouse.

We also limited the number of minor leaguers you can keep to four. The two draft picks we get every year count against this total. So you can trade for minor leaguers/picks to your heart's content but if you don't manage this part of your team wisely, you'll have to throw some of these away at freeze date. But what usually winds up happening is it leads to more trades/negotiating in March, which is a good thing.

The other thing I've noticed about the cap is that teams that just try to add cheap players and sell away their best ones tend to get caught in a losing spiral for 2-3 years. Since contenders are limited by the cap, they often must keep some of their valuable freezes, and are still in a good position to contend the following season. The teams giving up often don't account for this, and are stuck fighting the inflation battle because they didn't keep a $31 George Springer as a hedge against next year's inflation and wind up losing much of the value from their freezes at the draft table.

FWIW, I do like the pyramid structure, and that's probably what I'd be fighting for (as opposed to the #1 pick) in my non-contending seasons.

Mike Gianella MikeG
Aug 11

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