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I'm usually not one to have big power hitters.  I think the last one I had out of the auction was Albert Belle when he was on the White Sox.  That doesn't mean I don't spend on hitters.  I have frequently had Ichiro and Altuve in my league and they have always been one of the most expensive hitters, and more frequently the #1 earner.

I bought JD Martinez for only $18 in 2017 and lost him to the NL - the market expected it and he was mildly injured at draft time if I recall.  I traded for him mid-season this year giving up Rafael Devers as part of the package.  I will be keeping him for $37.  I don't expect him to repeat his $41 earnings from 2018.  I don't even expect him to earn $37.  But, I think he would cost at least $40 as the top non-steals hitter in the AL, so I'm locking in those inflation savings even if they are not year-end savings.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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