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Because it's what I do for a living, I read Sherman's column much differently.  Here's my analysis:

Bear in mind that this is the continuation of a drumbeat that purports "both sides" but merely presents management's position. Not surprisingly, it's someone who presumably receives a paycheck for his regular appearances on MLB Network. Let's break down this column in a thread:


Commissioner makes a statement that games will begin July 3 provided there is medical approval. Sherman claims this gives up leverage. That's false. It's actually using leverage in the media to claim that management wants games but players don't. It also makes a statement that management doesn't intend to meet its bargaining obligation over health and safety issues, which would have to be completed prior to players returning to the field.


Same nonsense about if players want to opt-out they should be allowed. I've broken that down before.A refresher - some players have Americans with Disabilities Act rights due to serious conditions that affect major life activities (in this case-working). FMLA issues related to care of family members experiencing COVID. Extreme pressure from teammates & media to participate.


Nobody cares about watching owners. Ok, that's a philosophical statement, but the reciprocal he provides is that players shouldn't be locked in on the financial aspect. What? Players should give up the agreement they already have from March on pro rata salaries in return for people wanting to watch them play rather than owners play. I'm not sure how those two things are logically related.  One side gives something up and the other side gains something.


Provides totally unrelated financial solutions to different problems not associated with March agreement including: raise minimum salary in the future, raise luxury tax or eliminate penalties. Guess what, those are things for negotiations in 2022 regardless of what happens now. Still nothing in return for players giving up their pro rata agreement.


Then @Joelsherman1 creates an artificial deadline of June 5 for the parties to reach agreement-again, with nothing gained by the players in that agreement, only that they give up their March MOU.  Still nothing about the real thing that needs to be agreed to-health and safety.


Of course the adults reading his column understand this right? The players should give up their position quickly and accede management's will, because that's what adults would do.


He then calls on player agents to sell out their clients and not act in their best interests.


He wraps up by giving his legal opinion of the March MOU - not ironically the exact management interpretation.  


And, he goes on to somehow invoke Curt Flood, who stood up for his rights by saying in Flood's honor players should give up their rights.  Sickening. 


I wonder if MLB wrote this for Sherman or just gave him some talking points. 


It's a good thing MLB has its own media outlet and can buy shills for so little.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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