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Jorge Lopez, Hunter Wood, Glenn Sparkman, David Hess, Odiisramer Despaigne, Thomas Pannone, Kohl Stewart, Ryan Carpenter, Sean Reid-Foley, Buck Farmer...

All of these scheduled starting pitchers this week in the AL were available today in the American Dreams, and to all of them the league gave a loud NO THANK YOU.

Even me. Even me with nothing less to lose in the qualitatives.

I could be wrong but I came to the conclusion, after much objective analysis and a little bit of hunch playing, that each and every one of my ten starting pitchers has a batter chance of getting a W.

I'd list who they are but... it's sort of embarrassing.

What I will do is at the end of the week report how many wins my ten pitchers got and add up how many the ten pitchers here got. 

Alex Patton Alex

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