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Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

The Arizona Fall League announced their schedule today and there's one rather large change. Saturday Nov. 5'th will be the HR Derby followed by the Fall Stars game on Sunday November 6'th. There's going to be plenty of disappointed attendees at the HQ Fall Forum this year.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Bad K the Swattie.

The good news? All bids were legal. The better news? Plenty of players to go around.

Palukas: res EDeLosSantos Cle
Palukas: pur WSmith Hou 65 (Vex 5)
Nattering Nabobs: res ZGreinke KC
Nattering Nabobs: pur TMahle Min 471 (Toons 165)
Stolen Bags: res TDuffey Min
Stolen Bags: pur MMayers LAA 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res NJones Cle
Bad Kreuznachs: pur BThompson Tex 96 (Pepps 47, Hax 5, Moose 4, BB 1)
Bad Kreuznachs: res APollock CWS
Bad Kreuznachs: pur TPham Bos 693 (Hax 471, Jerrys 250, Toons 241, Nabobs 177, Pals 140, Nova 5, Stolens 1, BB 1)
Bad Kreuznachs: res JJunk LAA
Bad Kreuznachs: pur RTepera LAA 43 (Pepps 31)
Bad Kreuznachs: res EPagan Min
Bad Kreuznachs: pur JChavez LAA 18 
Peppermartins: res BKeller KC
Peppermartins: pur SEffross NYY 31 (Nabobs 3)
Moose Factory: res TBeckham Min
Moose Factory: pur MMassey KC 115 (Pepps 82, Nabobs 24, Nova 5)
BB Guns: res YMercedes SF
BB Guns: pur MViloria Tex 3
BB Guns: res RTapia Tor
BB Guns: pur HBader NYY 17 (Hax 9, Stolens 1)
Fine Tooners: res BDalbec Bos
Fine Tooners: pur EHosmer Bos 516 (Pals 125, Jerrys 120, Hax 69, Moose 35, Nova 5, Stolens 1)
Fine Tooners: res AHedges Cle
Fine Tooners: pur SZavala CWS 22 (Vex 4, BB 3)
Jerry's Kids: res JLoaisiga NYY
Jerry's Kids: pur CRagans Tex 10
Random Hackers: res FReyes Cle
Random Hackers: pur MMoniak LAA 41
Random Hackers: dis GSpringer Tor
Random Hackers: pur JCave Min 22 (Nova 1, Moose 1)
Random Hackers: res DermGarcia Oak
Random Hackers: pur WBenson Cle 3
Nova: res JLowrie Oak
Nova: pur NEaton KC 5 (Moose 1)
Bad Kreuznachs: mov TPham Bos UT
Moose Factory: mov MMassey KC UT
Fine Tooners: mov EHosmer Bos UT
Random Hackers: mov WBenson Cle UT

First game is at 7pm ET today. Good luck!

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 8

Don't look back Howard! 

Of course we can't even see LVW.

Doubt Wars NL League 1 Standings as of 08/04/22
1. van wilhoite151.5
2. BoogAlou137.5
3. Rickshaws136.5
4. Team BB130.5
5. Mike Lester121.5
6. LGM120.5
7. Foodie118.5
8. LynchMob113.0
9. Tanks112.5
10. Rob'noods112.0
11. Peru Loves Baseball107.5
12. Roll 2104.0
13. Smoke and Mirrors99.5
14. Scoopy95.5
15. Psalms 293.5
16. Sloshed Thugs85.5
17. Vandelay Industries NL84.0
18. Dan Craig64.5
19. Texas Windmills57.5
20. Los Maestros de Doubt54.5
Alex Patton Alex
Aug 5

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs the Swattie.

Nova broke the bank on Castillo, leaving them with them with $5. And the Stolen Bags, with a modest bankroll, won the Peralta Playoff and are now down to their last $1. Hard to believe that free-spending clubs like the BBs ($21) and the Veecks ($11) now have more money than two other teams. 
Random Hackers: dis MSano Min
Random Hackers: pur ROHearn KC 14 (Losing Bid: None)
Nova: dis MWisler TB
Nova: pur LCastillo Sea 946 (Losing Bds: Bad K $707, Nabobs $629, Tooners $317, Palukas $210 and the ever-optimistic Moose $40)
Stolen Bags: rel EClement Cle
Stolen Bags: pur DPeralta TB 314 (Losing Bids: Kids $250, Bad K $133, Moose 124, Peppers $65, Hackers/Tooners $52 and dreamy Nabobs $43)
Stolen Bags: res JMoran Min
Stolen Bags: pur JSuarez LAA 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res CQuantrill Cle
Bad Kreuznachs: pur JJunk LAA 13 (Losing Bids: Kids $10 and Moose $3)
Moose Factory: dis JRodriguez Sea
Moose Factory: pur TBeckham Min 8 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res GJax Min
Peppermartins: pur RYarbrough TB 8 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: dis FMejia TB
Peppermartins: pur RPinto TB 10 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res JAdell LAA
Peppermartins: pur MGarcia KC 65 (Losing Bids: Bad K  $33, Tooners $25, Kids $10 and Moose $5)
Peppermartins: res AChafin Det
Peppermartins: pur SMartinez Hou 4 (Losing Bid: None)
Random Hackers: dis MKepler Min
Random Hackers: pur TVavra Bal 11 (Losing Bid: None)
Random Hackers: mov ROHearn KC CI
Random Hackers: mov TVavra Bal UT
Alex Patton Alex
Aug 1

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs the Swattie.

Everyone was hoarding his money this week with $39 as the highest bid. Since the dollar amounts were low, there was several close bidding wars for long-shot Closers. The Moose may have won a July award for under-bidding on four separate players. Moose did, however, manage to save $1 by changing their bidding price on Jaylin Davis from $2 in one box to $1 in the winning box. 
Palukas: dis CSale Bos, pur JCisnero Det 15 (Losing Bid: None)
Palukas: dis MCastro NYY, pur SMoll Oak 30 (Losing Bids: Veecks $4, Hackers $1)
Palukas: dis DLynch KC, pur EDeLosSantos Cle 15 (Losing Bid: Bad K $6)
Random Hackers: res JUpton FA, pur RQuinn TB 39 (Losing Bids: Moose $13, Tooners $8, Nova $5, Veecks $3)
Nattering Nabobs: res HNeris Hou, pur JHernandez Tex 7 (Losing Bids: Moose $6, Hackers $5, Peppers $2)
Bad Kreuznachs: res DKremer Bal, pur TClarke KC 8 (Losing Bids: Tooners $6, Moose $1)
Bad Kreuznachs: res RRay Sea, pur MFoster CWS 8 (Losing Bid: None)
Bad Kreuznachs: res RLopez CWS, pur RThompson TB 13 (Losing Bid: Peppers $2)
BB Guns: res NSolak Tex, pur MagSierra LAA 11 (Losing Bids: Moose $6, Nova $5)
Nova: res TRichards Tor, pur NSandlin Cle 0
Random Hackers: res GHill Det, pur TAlexander Det 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Moose Factory: res CChang TB, pur LRaley TB 2 (Losing Bid: None)
Moose Factory: res KGarlick Min, pur JDavis Bos 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res BBello Bos, pur AChafin Det 0
Nova: res DMacKinnon LAA, pur PGosselin LAA 0
Moose Factory: mov LRaley TB UT
Nova: mov PGosselin LAA CI
Alex Patton Alex
Jul 25

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs the Swattie.

The Peppers called it: Myles Straw was the Straw that broke the Palukas budget with $284. Emmanuel Rivera, Bryan Bellow and Jeter Downs also broke the triple-digit mark as the ADL gets ready for its trade deadline spending frenzy. In a clear example of cosmic injustice, the aptly named Stolen Bags fell a paltry $5 short of picking up the Straw Man. 
Remember there's a 2:10 afternoon game today. 
Palukas: rel KClemens Det
Palukas: pur MStraw Cle 284 (Losing Bids: Stolen Bags $279, Hackers $210, Peppers $155, JKid's $100 , the miserly Nabobs $23 and the wildly optimist Moose $3)
Veecks: res AFaedo Det
Veecks: pur DHutchison Det 24 (Losing Bid: None)
Veecks: dis WFranco TB
Veecks: pur JDowns Bos 125 (Losing Bid: Moose $3)
Random Hackers: dis VVelasquez CWS
Random Hackers: pur PFairbanks TB 2 (Losing Bid: None)
Nattering Nabobs: res JNaylor Cle
Nattering Nabobs: pur BPhillips TB 8 (Losing Bid: None)
Nattering Nabobs: res JLeclerc Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur BMartin Tex 87 (Losing Bids: Bad K $33, Tooners $30, Moose $9 and Nova $2)
Nattering Nabobs: res GUrshela Min
Nattering Nabobs: pur SDuggar Tex 2 (Losing Bid: None)
Stolen Bags: res MDubon Hou
Stolen Bags: pur ERivera KC 183 (Losing Bids: JKids $100, Moose $2).
Stolen Bags: res AAbreu NYY
Stolen Bags: pur JMoran Min 37 (Losing Bid: None)
Moose Factory: res SHaggerty Sea
Moose Factory: pur CChang TB 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Bad Kreuznachs: res DDunning Tex
Bad Kreuznachs: pur DSantana Tex 3 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res GJax Min
Peppermartins: pur BBello Bos 155 (Losing Bid: Moose $7)
Peppermartins: res AHicks NYY
Peppermartins: pur JAranda TB 75 (Losing Bid: None)
Veecks: dis CArcher Min
Veecks: pur LLuetge NYY 21 (Losing Bid: None, though Luetge was on many lists)
Nova: res JSuarez LAA
Nova: pur TMegill Min 0
Moose Factory: res SArmstrong TB
Moose Factory: pur AMartinez Oak 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Alex Patton Alex
Jul 11

Mike G reporting from the LABR trenches for BP:


Jackson Tetrault $2
Patrick Corbin $2 (Other Bids: $1)
Mike Minor $1
Hunter Strickland $1 ($1)
Bailey Falter $1
Daniel Castano $1
Collin McHugh $1
Darick Hall $1

I made my first in-season FAAB buy of the season, grabbing McHugh at $1. I thought briefly about Corbin and even more briefly about Minor but decided protecting my rate stats and hoping for the occasional cheap win from McHugh was more important than trying to push up my strikeout totals with Corbin and Minor.

I’m in second place and the team in first got Hall for $1. That stinks, but I’m locked at corner/DH with Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado, C.J. Cron, and Nelson Cruz. If Hall had been OF-eligible, I would have bid $1 on him instead of McHugh.

$100 FAAB per team in LABR.

Mike's article is free at Baseball Prospectus.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 5

MikeG reporting from the Tout War trenches for BP (same $1000 FAAB as ADL);

Tout Wars AL

Jonathan Villar $317 (Other Bids: $223, $221, $107, $78, $57, $39, $27, $19)
Griffin Jax $41
Chas McCormick $39
Sheldon Neuse $38 ($19, $17, $17, $14, $9)
Zack Greinke $32 ($7)
Garrett Hill $28
Skye Bolt $28 ($7)
Sam Haggerty $22 ($17, $12)
Rob Refsnyder $17
Michael Stefanic $12 ($2)
Jose Suarez $9 ($3)
JP Sears $8
Mauricio Dubon $4
Jalen Beeks $2
Brock Burke $0

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 5

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Bad K the Swattie.

A couple of big blasts this week. Here's their stories, plus the tales of the losers. If there are no bids there were no bids.

Jerry's Kids: rel RMcGuire CWS
Jerry's Kids: pur MMaldonado Hou 6 (Bags 3)
Random Hackers: res KSuzuki LAA
Random Hackers: pur KLee Hou 7
Stolen Bags: res MDubon Hou
Stolen Bags: pur RChirinos Bal 1
Stolen Bags: res MMoore Tex
Stolen Bags: pur CSeabold Bos 34
Moose Factory: dis RUrias Bal
Moose Factory: pur VPasquantino KC 309 (Nabobs 112, Bad K 31, Tooners 11)
BB Guns: res LSosa CWS
BB Guns: pur JVillar LAA 201 (Hax 125, Pals 83, Bags 73, Tooners 12, Mooses 9)
BB Guns: rel KPilkington Cle
BB Guns: pur JSears NYY 24 (Moose 2)
Palukas: res CPache Oak
Palukas: pur KClemens Det 4
Nova: dis RHill Bos
Nova: pur JSuarez LAA 9 (Moose 1)
Moose Factory: dis OGonzalez Cle
Moose Factory: pur SHaggerty Sea 2
Bad Kreuznachs: res JLowe TB
Bad Kreuznachs: pur MStefanic LAA 13 (Toons 5, Nova 2)
Random Hackers: res ACivale Cle
Random Hackers: pur GHill Det 3
Nova: res FMontas Oak
Nova: pur TStephan Cle 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res TDanish Bos
Bad Kreuznachs: pur JBarria LAA 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res RLopez CWS
Bad Kreuznachs: pur SMartinez Hou 0
Moose Factory: mov VPasquantino KC UT
BB Guns: mov JVillar LAA 2B
Bad Kreuznachs: mov MStefanic LAA UT
Alex Patton Alex
Jul 4

In the ADL I find myself with five Mariners hitters (Winker, Suarez, Crawford, Raleigh, Trammel) and Robbie Ray and Diego Castillo (and I traded Paul Sewald). And five Orioles hitters (Hays, Mancini, Mateo, Hays, and I traded for Mullins) plus Dean Kremer. So tonight's nearly no hit fest was a balm for the pitching staff and crushing on the hitting side. No point here, exactly, but watching this game is engaging. And answers the question should I root for my hitters or my pitchers. I'll take 14 scoreless innings and a lot of worthless at bats rather than the other way around.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 29