Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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In the ADL this AM...

The player pickings were slim but that didn't prevent exciting bidding wars for Toro, Toro, Toro and Rengifo. 
Fine Tooners: rel ACastro Tor, pur TDuffey Min 25 (Losing Bid: BBs $2)
Veecks: res DGuerra Oak, pur DRasmussen TB 20 (Losing Bid: None)
Jerry's Kids: rel JSprings TB, pur TChatwood Tor 30 (Losing Bids: Tooners $20 and Moose $7)
Bad Kreuznachs: res JSheffield Sea, pur AClaudio LAA 2 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res LFarrell Min, pur SHentges Cle 8 (Losing Bid: Nabobs $3)
Peppermartins: res AColome Min, pur TSaucedo Tor 7 (Losing Bid: None)
Nova: dis JDunn Sea, pur BMartin Tex 0
Nova: res JRuiz CWS, pur TStephan Cle 0
BB Guns: res GCelestino Min, pur LRengifo LAA 67 (Losing Bids: Peppers $59, Jerry's Kids $35)
BB Guns: rel WDavis KC, pur JSuarez LAA 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Stolen Bags: res EClement Cle, pur AToro Hou 161 (Peppers: $159!!!, Bad K $53, Nabobs $44 and Moose $11)
Stolen Bags: res KFunkhouser Det, pur TEshelman Bal 11 (Losing Bid: None)
Moose Factory: res RAdams Tor, pur LTorrens Sea 19 (Losing Bid: Nabobs $17)
Moose Factory: res JChargois Sea, pur BTaylor Hou 0
Nattering Nabobs: res WAstudillo Min, pur RMcGuire Tor 15 (Losing Bid: None)
Nattering Nabobs: dis SPiscotty Oak, pur CChang Cle 11 (Losing Bid: None)
Bad Kreuznachs: res JLyles Tex, pur TWells Bal 0
Peppermartins: res MBrosseau TB, pur SEspinal Tor 47 (Losing Bid: Bad K $21)
Alex Patton Alex

Rotoman was the SWAT today in the ADL...

No danger of anyone overbidding in this thin week. But some real players were bought for real money, which is as it should be.

Winners and losers follow:

Fine Tooners: rel JLamb CWS
Fine Tooners: pur IParedes Det 21 (Hax 5, Moose 3)
Veecks: dis NMadrigal CWS
Veecks: pur BGoodwin CWS 125 (Hax 74, Bags 47, Bad K 3, Moose 3)
Veecks: res PValdez Bos
Veecks: pur MWisler TB 15 (Nabobs 5)
Peppermartins: res CValdez Bal
Peppermartins: pur LFarrell Min 14 (Nabobs 3)
Peppermartins: res BZimmermann Bal
Peppermartins: pur RBolanos KC 7 (No bids)
Stolen Bags: res CChang Cle
Stolen Bags: pur EClement Cle 23 (No bids)
Stolen Bags: res NWittgren Cle
Stolen Bags: pur KFunkhouser Det 4 (Nabob 2, Pepps 1
Stolen Bags: res WPeralta NYY
Stolen Bags: pur JKowar KC 2 (No considered bids)
Moose Factory: res JGodoy Sea
Moose Factory: pur JHeim Tex 17 (No considered bids)
Moose Factory: res AWynns Bal
Moose Factory: pur RAdams Tor 2 (No bids)
Moose Factory: res RDolis Tor
Moose Factory: pur NSandlin Cle 0
Moose Factory: res JrgLopez Bal
Moose Factory: act HHarvey Bal
Random Hackers: res RMcKenna Bal
Random Hackers: pur TJones Hou 5 (No bids)
Nattering Nabobs: dis IKennedy Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur TAlexander Det 4 (No bids)
Nattering Nabobs: res MFoltynewicz Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur CHeuer CWS 3 (No bids)
Nattering Nabobs: rel HYang Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur EMarshall CWS 3 (No bids)
Fine Tooners: mov IParedes Det CI
Veecks: mov BGoodwin CWS UT
Random Hackers: mov TJones Hou OF
Alex Patton Alex

Cisnero went for $65 in another quiet ADL FAAB on Monday.

Random Hackers: dis MGarver Min, pur BRortvedt Min 5 (Losing Bids: None) 
Random Hackers: dis KLewis Sea, pur SLong Sea 68 (Losing Bids: None. Kudos to Hackers for recognizing how close he is to coming off DL). 
Nattering Nabobs: res YTsutsugo LAD, pur CGittens NYY 71 (Losing Bid: Moose $13).
Jerry's Kids: res HCastro Det, pur NGordon Min 230 (Great Bidding War for Second: Peppers $65, BBs $47, Moose $44, Palukas $42 and Tooners $31).
Jerry's Kids: res JDyson KC, pur DWalton Sea 226 (Another One: Peppers $45, BBs $27, Palukas $22, Stolen Bags $13 and Moose $11)
Veecks: res BBielak Hou, pur PValdez Bos 50 (Losing Bids: Stolen Bags $1, BBs $1)
Veecks: res BGarcia Det, pur DGuerra Oak 25 (Losing Bid: $0)
Palukas: dis MFulmer Det, pur JCisnero Det 65 (Losing Bids: Nabobs $22, Stolen Bags $6, Moose $5). 
Bad Kreuznachs: res CHeuer CWS, pur KAkin Bal 72 (Losing Bids: Peppers $4, Stolen Bags 16, BBs $3)
Peppermartins: res SWilkerson Bal, pur DHill Det 65 (Losing Bid: Moose $12)
Peppermartins: res HStrickland LAA, pur BZimmermann Bal 43 (Losing Bid: None)
Peppermartins: res AColome Min, pur BOber Min 5 (Losing Bid: None)
Nova: rel SCishek LAA, pur JRuiz CWS 0
BB Guns: dis AHays Bal, pur GCelestino Min 11 (Losing Bid: Bad K $4)
BB Guns: dis DDahl Tex, pur SBolt Oak 3 (Losing Bid: $0)
Stolen Bags: rel JNottingham Sea, pur RJeffers Min 141 (Losing Bids: Tooners $31, Palukas $22 and Moose $17)
Stolen Bags: res NWittgren Cle, pur BWorkman Bos 5 (Losing Bids: None)
Moose Factory: res PValaika Bal, pur RUrias Bal 5 (Losing Bid: BB $3)
Moose Factory: res DJansen Tor, pur AWynns Bal 1 (Losing Bid: None)
Moose Factory: res JChargois Sea, pur JrgLopez Bal 0
Nattering Nabobs: dis STurnbull Det, pur JTaylor Bos 9 (Losing Bid: $0)
Stolen Bags: res KGutierrez KC, pur CChang Cle 2

Alex Patton Alex
Jun 9

Olivares was the big ticket in the ADL today.

Random Hackers: res RDobnak Min, act JHapp Min

Nattering Nabobs: res FCordero Bos, pur EOlivares KC 161 (Losing Bids: Bad K $73, Peppers $52)

Fine Tooners: res MWacha TB, pur MFoster CWS 7 (Losing Bid: $0)

Bad Kreuznachs: dis MKepler Min, pur JMartin Tex 22 (Losing Bid: Moose $8)

Bad Kreuznachs: res JLyles Tex, pur RStripling Tor 67 (Losing Bids: Stolen Bags $41, Bad K $38 and Moose $13)

Palukas: dis WRamos Det, pur JRogers Det 18 (Losing Bid: None) 

Palukas: dis JCastro Hou, pur KSuzuki LAA 12 (Losing Bid: Moose $2)

Palukas: res SArmstrong Bal, pur PSewald Sea 5 (Losing Bid: $0)

Veecks: dis ESwanson Sea, pur MKing NYY 30 (Losing Bid: Tooners $7)

Peppermartins: res HAlberto KC, pur BZimmer Cle 53 (Losing Bid: BB $25)

Nova: dis LMcCullers Hou, pur DSteckenrider Sea 0

BB Guns: dis DMoore Sea, pur KWong LAA 29 (Losing Bid: None) 

Stolen Bags: res AHedges Cle, pur JNottingham Sea 13 (Losing Bid: Moose $3)

Moose Factory: res CSisco Bal, pur JGodoy Sea 7 (Losing Bid: None)

Moose Factory: dis JUrena Det, pur JCarlosMejia Cle 4 (Losing Bid: None) 

Moose Factory: res TChatwood Tor, pur JChargois Sea 1 (Losing Bid: $0)

Moose Factory reserves Valaika and purchases Nevin for $3 (Losing Bid: None because the BBs screwed up their bids)

Fine Tooners: res SMatz Tor, pur ACole Tor 4 (Losing Bid: None)

Nova: res NSandlin Cle, pur LLuetge NYY 0

Nova: res DHernandez Bos, pur BSmith Oak 0

Alex Patton Alex
May 31

Good grief. Peter and I have it bad in the XFL but nothing like this.

Alex Patton Alex
May 25

An ugly draft Post-Mortem:

C Caratini $2 OK

C Gomes $2 (Dropped for Colorado Nunez)

1B Alonso $32  Injured

2B K Marte $22 Just returned from IL after missing 6+ weeks

SS Ahmed $2 Sucks

3B J Turner $15 Decent

MI Flores $2 Injured

CI Votto $10 Injured

OF S Marte $30 Injured

OF Blackmon $21 Decent

OF Senzel $12 Injured

OF V Robles $14 Injured

OF JD Davis $8 Injured

OF Cain $4 Sucks

P Woodruff $22 Awesome

P C Burnes $15 Traded for Didi who is - Injured

P Carrasco $7 Still injured not back until July?

P Strasburg $19 Just returned from IL after missing 3+ weeks

P Stroman $10 Decent

P Tyler Rogers $2 Traded in a deal for Amir Garrett. Enough said.

P Trevor Rogers $4 Awesome

P Gallegos $2 Decent

P T Antone $2 Decent

Replacement players also injured: McKinstry, Tom, Widener and Gonsolin (part of ill-fated Garrett trade)

Needless to say my season has ended earlier then hoped.

May 25

The FAAB chaos in the ADL this morning, reported by the Nabobs.

Random Hackers: res RMcKenna Bal

Random Hackers: pur LBarrera Oak 45 (Losing Bids: Peppers $27, Nabobs $5)

Fine Tooners: rel MKing NYY

Fine Tooners: pur JFeyereisen TB 32 (Losing Bids: Bad K $23, Veeck $20, Nabobs $17, Nova $2)

Nattering Nabobs: rel LLuetge NYY

Nattering Nabobs: pur CThielbar Min 13 (Losing Bid: None)

Bad Kreuznachs: res RStripling Tor

Bad Kreuznachs: pur CHeuer CWS 17 (Losing Bid: None)

Bad Kreuznachs: res DStewart Bal

Bad Kreuznachs: act ASantander Bal

Nova: res SHaggerty Sea

Nova: pur DSantana Bos 915 (Losing Bids: Moose $357, Nabobs $331, Tooners $275, Stolen Bags $165, Peppers $158, BB $103, Bad K $88 and Jerry's Kids $85). For those scoring at home: 19 percent of the full beginning of the season budget for all teams was invested in Santana.

Nova: res RStanek Hou

Nova: pur SCishek LAA 0

Nova: rel AMisiewicz Sea

Nova: pur JBrentz KC 0

Veecks: res SEspinal Tor

Veecks: pur TWalls TB 401 (Losing Bids: Peppers $267, Nabobs $149, Kids $75 and Tooners $63).  

Veecks: res SRomo Oak

Veecks: pur ESwanson Sea 20 (Losing Bids: None)

Stolen Bags: res SPiscotty Oak

Stolen Bags: pur KGutierrez KC 67 (Losing Bids: Peppers $66, Tooners $55). This one wins the award for the closest to target of all three bids.

Stolen Bags: rel LTorrens Sea

Stolen Bags: pur AHedges Cle 27 (Losing Bid: $0)

Moose Factory: res JUrena Det

Moose Factory: pur K Nelson for $0

Fine Tooners: rel KPadlo TB

Fine Tooners: pur JLamb CWS 8 (Losing Bid: An illegal move by Stolen Bags)

Nattering Nabobs: dis CBiggio Tor

Nattering Nabobs: pur OMiller Cle 102 (Losing Bids: Peppers $57, Moose $49 and Tooners $10). 

Nattering Nabobs: res AGimenez Cle

Nattering Nabobs: pur TWade NYY 25 (Losing Bid: Stolen Bags $4) 

Peppermartins: res AIbanez Tex

Peppermartins: pur SWilkerson Bal 35 (Losing Bid: None other than an illegal move by the BBs)

Peppermartins: res KSuzuki LAA

Peppermartins: pur EHaase Det 42 (Losing Bids: Nabobs who screwed up the boxes and an illegal bid by the Moose)

Peppermartins: res HAlberto KC

Peppermartins: pur RRefsnyder Min 14 (Losing Bid: Tooners $10)

Alex Patton Alex
May 24

It's early, but this is the Wins category in our AL-only 4x4 as of today.  I got a win the other day that was worth 3.5 points by itself . . . for now.

Thunder Road19111.5-0.5
Tawa O'Powa1827.5-0.5
Prochaska's Possoms1827.5-0.5
Lounge Lizards1827.5-0.5
Gungan Crue1847.54.5
Walls Street Players1827.5-0.5
Mutant T-Bombers1752.51.5
Schorr Things1712.5-5.5
Smokin' Buses1742.50.5
Dancing Bears1722.5-1.5
Mike Dean TMU2009
May 17

In the PCL, the Fisher Catamounts pulling this excellent feat:  1st in ERA, WHIP, and Saves.  Dead last in HR, RBI, AVG. 

But first in Runs?  How did that happen?

Mike Landau ML-
May 7

First round of the May draft in the XFL.

1.01Trace WoodJed LowrieJose Rojas
1.02Perry Van HookYadiel HernandezAlex Avila 
1.03Todd ZolaPavin SmithJosh Lindblom
1.04Tim McLeodWillie CalhounEdward Olivares
1.05Greg Ambrosius/Dean PetersonLou TrivinoForrest Whitley
1.06Derek VanRiperYermin MercedesEvan White
1.07PK/APHuascar Ynoakirby Yates
1.08Perry Van HookDanny DuffyDaniel Hudson
1.09Ron ShandlerJosh StaumontJoey Lucchesi
1.10Brian FeldmanCaesar ValdezAaron Bummer
1.11Steve Gardner/Ian KahnAdolis GarciaJames Paxton
1.12Don DrookerW. AstudilloJose Garcia
1.13Jeff EricksonKendall GravemanMichael Lorenzen
1.14Trace WoodAlex WoodLewis Brinson
1.15Doug DennisYimi GarciaJordan Romano
Alex Patton Alex
May 3