Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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My approach in this one was half-hearted. Drafting from the middle, I wanted to make sure I got at least one of the top six catchers. I didn't want to be taking a middle infielder late. And I wasn't sure which way I'd go in terms of punting but thought I'd play it as it went along. 

Alas, the best hitter available in the first round was Joe Carter, who hit better than .300. That put a dent in the idea of punting BA. 

There was still a good starter left when I picked in the second, which undermined the idea of punting wins and strikeouts.

Around the time I picked in the third it was clear Erickson was punting BA and it appeared that Pianowski was dumping Wins and Strikeouts. At that point I tried to chart a course of finishing 10th in Wins and Strikeouts and maximizing as best I could elsewhere. 

There were  two players I targeted, Ernie Whitt and Ron Oester, who both went a couple players ahead of me. The last catcher and the last good MI might have made a difference. On the other hand, what would I have missed out on if I'd taken them the round before?

It's a tough game and play is getting smarter.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

With 5x5x1 I'd be dead. I told Peter, as I took a pass on 1986, that I'd like the game a lot more if everyone else had 20 seconds and I had two hours.

Alex Patton Alex

Counting AB may be overkill. 5x6x1 sounds good.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

5x6 might be sufficient (ie. add IP, but not AB ... hitters have 3 "volume" cats already (R, HR, RBI), just need a 3rd for pitchers) ... could stick with 5x5 by eliminating either WHIP or ERA, I s'pose ... I'd be OK with 6x6x1 (ie. adding "time to make pics" as a category) ... another option (for both problems, punting cats and taking too much time) is to create docking rules (which I suppose the "min IP" rule is a docking rule, ie. it's typically implemented as "if you don't reach min IP, then your point total is docked by X factor") ... another idea is along the lines of "if you finish last in Ws and/or Ks, then your point total is docked by 4 points each" ... and ... "if your clock time is greater than 1 minute per pick, then your total is docked by 4 points" ... any/all of these make the game better, imo ... because they make the winning team look more like a good baseball team rather than a good roto-without-min-IP-rule team ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Peter -- I agree that the 6 x 6 format would fix the punting.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

A time clock, too. We added an hour tonight because a handful of teams didn't ever make timely picks. I thought adding something like a chess clock might work, and let that be a category, too! 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

The top two teams dumped wins and strikeouts. That's because those two cats rely on volume and pitchers who win and strikeout guys with bad ratios. 

My experience was informative. I spent most of the draft in the bottom half, because I tried to counter the position scarcity issues in the first half. But rose late as we rounded out our rosters. But I was not in position to make a big leap, the way Scott did to win. 

His run up to that point made it seem like he was invincible, and then he was vincible, and then he bounced back totally. Getting that position is key.

I'm of the opinion we could keep doing these games with no innings minimum and we'll all have to adapt to the dump W and K strategy. 

But I think finding a way to value innings and at bats will make the game more interesting. One idea I had is to add two categories: AB and IP. So, 6x6, with an emphasis on volume. I think that's more appealing than an innings minimum. 

What do you think?

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

He picks RJ Reynolds and goes from 70.5 points to 80!

Ron nicks two points from him with his last pick and that's the ballgame.

Scott 78

Fred 76

Nothing to it.

Alex Patton Alex

They're waiting.

Alex Patton Alex

They keep waiting. There's no official clock. If I were Scott, I'd take until tomorrow.

Alex Patton Alex