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As Drook says in his email to his fans, "The blog is lengthy & detailed, so it will either cure your insomnia or help you get through the Hot Stove days."

Recap of the XFL draft last Saturday:

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 11 '20

re: the Giants have the best park in baseball ... here's a fun fact about Oracle Park that I didn't know until this morning ...

The Curse of Coogan's Bluff is said to have been ended in 2008, when the Eddie Grant plaque was installed on the tower in right field at Oracle Part ... who knew? :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Oct 27 '20

It's almost unanimous: the Giants have the best park in baseball.

I agree.

Not that I've ever set foot in Globe Life, here's where I most strenuously disagree.

What's your favorite thing about the ballpark? Your least favorite thing?

Gonzalez: My favorite part is the fence height: 8 feet is perfect. 

I hate low fences! Too many hits bounce over them. High fences, in addition to keeping the ball in play, force the outfielder to make a tough decision: Do I go to the wall and jump, with a big penalty when I miss?

And the fence height should change as you go around. The more extreme the better. Fenway Park is not too extreme.

Again, I've never been there, but I suspect I would agree with Passan's answer to the second part of the question.

Passan:  Least favorite: I mean, from above, the place looks like what would happen if a Costco and a barn had a baby.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 27 '20

Like many leagues, we soldiered on this year, and slightly simplified our rules.  Pushed our end-of-2019 rosters into 2021, and did a straight draft online for this year only.  

I finished 6th out of 12, so I wasn't relevant.

But a team that had NEVER won was 2.5 points ahead on the last day (12-team, 4x4, AL-only).  Seemed reasonably safe, but there were soft spots.

Oy, were there soft spots.  Even though that team picked up a half-point on the last day.

The second-place team:

1.  Won two games on the last day, passing a team, and tying the first-place team.

2.  With that great pitching, passed two teams in ERA.

3.  And finally . . . with a hit in his FINAL AB . . . the second-place team passed another team in BA, and won.

The team that blew the lead is taking it with more grace than I would have.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Sep 30 '20

I was on my first subway ride in six months when I saw that Lopez was on the block. I was interested, out of reach, and wasn't surprised as I walked to my dentist that the phone pinged and Tim had made a trade. A very good pick up Tim.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Sep 30 '20

Nothing beats getting in that first trade of a new season before the playoffs commence. A 5'th and 10'th pick next Spring for a ninth and Pablo [email protected]$9 in the XFL. Yes, I like Lopez a lot heading into 2021 and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Sep 29 '20

PCL -- 5th; Home league -- Tied for 1st; New League -- TBD (CBS mudged our standings this morning. 2nd to 4th). One year fun league -- 4th; Doubt Wars -- 1st.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 28 '20

The Plain Wheeler Dealer league (5x5 AL 1991) final standings. Great race to the end. If the White Sox score 3 more in the 9th, the win for Foster drives the dirty River Rovers to 87.5 and me to 88. Three more strikeouts for the Miles Tones and I'm at 87.5, four Ks and I'm at 87.

A too short season it was, but not a lot less work. I don't have the same great charge of feeling I have had after winning at six months, but it's a grateful feeling of victory in competition nonetheless.

So glad we decided to play this season. League agreed that all teams can keep their players next year (7 max).

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Sep 28 '20

Congrats David!

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 28 '20
Overall Standings as of 09/27/20
TeamPts TeamPts
1. Moly Neaux Brainers89.0 7. Bird Brains67.0
2. River Rovers86.5 8. Higger's Tiggers61.0
3. Zoilo's Amigos85.5 9. Preacher Ro's45.0
4. Mercenaries85.5 10. Bossu Bengals44.0
5. Punto's Pals78.0 11. Miles Tones37.0
6. Bill and Ted's71.5 12. Mad Hungarians30.0
David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Sep 28 '20