Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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ESPN's MLB page has "next games" listed for Feb 22nd at the top of their page :-)

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Dec 10 '19

Last year was a great year for NL-only fantasy players. The top free agents that changed leagues were almost all AL-->NL.

This off season, most of the top free agents are coming from the NL. Which means AL-only players will likely be happier with the offseason than NL-only players.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Nov 5 '19

what is this "football" of which you speak

Mike Landau ML-
Oct 22 '19

Sounds like you think "only" leagues are a problem ... if so, then don't play in one.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Oct 22 '19

We just had two semi major trades in football where a decent player switched conferences. The player's value in each case was mostly unaffected.

Fix your shit, fantasy baseball

Keith Prosseda andypro
Oct 22 '19

I have pitched this idea as a one time change to spice things up in my face to face league.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Oct 15 '19

On Friday afternoon at First Pitch Arizona we had our annual XFL auction. This is the 18th year of the keeper league, which has until this year auctioned the first week of November and then had a 17 round reserve draft in March. The AFL season moved up this year, and so did First Pitch.

There are 15 keepers, some active on the 23 man roster and some Farm inactive on the 17 man reserve. This year Alex and I had $63 available for three outfielders, one utility and five pitchers.

The good part of this exercise is that we have Will Smith, Gary Sanchez, Freddie Freeman, Mike Moustakas, Trea Turner, Trevor Story, Luis Arraez, Mike Trout, Craig Morton, Noah Syndergaard and Jesus Luzardo  on our team already, at good prices.

On Friday I bought Eduardo Rodriguez, Wil Myers, David Dahl, Rich Hill, Merrill Kelly, Clint Frazier, Nick Anderson, Jordan Hicks and (at Alex's suggestion) Skye Bolt. 

We also have the fourth and seventh picks in the March draft, so there should be real productivity/value there. One feature of this league is that no lists or outside materials are allowed. You sit with a blank roster sheet and a list of available players and that's it. Which doesn't mean I didn't put together a list. I just had to keep it in my pocket.