Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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Good question! Looks like three series could be affected by Joaquin (call me Andujar). Miami in Philly, Yankees in Baltimore and Washington at Mets. The Yankees are 3 games up on the Angels. If that lead gets bigger after tonight than none of the games will matter in the standings. 

I couldn't find guidelines for the cancelling of games. I would assume if Saturday's game was rained out the teams would play a DH on Sunday, as per the DH protocol. But if Sunday's game(s) were rained out and were meaningless they wouldn't be played.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Oct 1 '15
So, how many leagues are going to come down to the extent to which games get played on the East Coast this weekend around Joaquin passing through?  For rainouts on Friday and Saturday, in matchups that don't mean anything for playoff positions and seeding, does MLB play doubleheaders and mess with the Sunday schedule where all the games are starting at 3 pm? Do they play makeups Monday or just bag the games? 
John Thomas Roll2
Oct 1 '15

Here's some names that I dug up from one of my 12-team Mixed Leagues that are currently available. 

Bats: Tom Murphy, Greg Bird, Thomas Pham, Steve Pierce, Ketel Marte, Jedd Gyorko, and Domingo Santana.

SP: Matt Moore, Erik Johnson, Adam Conley, Rich Hill, Tyler Duffey, Robbie Ray, and any starter going up against Shelby Miller.

Hope that helps.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Sep 25 '15

So on top of an Ottoneu league and two competitive NL only leagues, I'm in a re-draft with my cousins and some of their friends, run by one of them.

The league is for fun and the rules change early and often.  This year for instance, we have five offensive and four pitching categories.  So my strategy was to take the best hitters plus a couple of starters early and then let the rest fill out (the five are HR, RBI, SB, BA, and OPS!).

The league also has head to head match ups each week and playoffs.  Each category is a "game".  Now the kicker: 8 team league that has .... 8 teams make the playoffs.

So basically, I spend the whole season logging in once or twice a week looking for people to drop total studs which I hope will return and be useful end of season.

The second round of the playoffs is down to the 3rd, 5th (me), 7th, and 8th place teams.  Basically, all momentum plays at this point.

So which rookies or second tiers are super hot right now? 

I get three more adds/drops this week and next week.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 24 '15

In my home league (12 team NL-only 5x5), we have 6 teams currently "tied" in WHIP at 1.20!

So Lance Lynn doesn't get out of the first inning today ... and it costs his owner *5* points!

In mid-August ...

Brutal ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 14 '15

Our FAAB today.  > $24 FAAB is a guaranteed contract for next season if player stays in the NL.

31: Cespedes (Signed by Deer Antler Spray to a guaranteed contract).
26: Reyes (Signed by the Black Sox to a guaranteed contract)
24: Moss (Black Sox)
10: Niese (Deer Antler Spray)
 5: Soria (Fugitive Recovery)
 4: Happ (Big Ballers)
 3: Hunter (Fugitive Recovery), Buchanon (Deer Antler Spray), Parker (Slowball)
Waldrop (Big Ballers), Blanton (Black Sox), Telis (Fugitive Recovery),
Rupp (Sons of Beaches), Hudson (A Solid .215), Miller (Big Ballers)
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Aug 4 '15

Epic FAAB last night

11 team NL only, no FAAB cap, $5 minimum, 330 team cap, anyone over $20 must be kept or bought out for value of bid.

Cespedes $55 (5 losing bids from 22-52)

Reyes $42 (5 losing bids from 11-36)

Moss $29 (To Me, 6 losing bids from 5-28)

Kahnle $13 (To me, 2 other bids for the new Rockies closer)

Soria $7 (To me, only one other bid)

Clippard $25!! I guess that save yesterday woke some people up. (4 losing bids from 5-19)

Various other bids on guys including a lunatic who paid $19 for Kelly Johnson.

Aug 3 '15

10 team NL only, FAAB max of 100, NL players traded to AL retain their stats

Here's todays FAABs (Reyes not available since not on Rockies roster yet):

12: Clippard (Slowball)
  6: Garcia (Sons), Godley (Sons)
 5: Garza (Ballers)
 4: Wallace (Ballers), Betancourt (Slowball)
 3: Kelley(Money), Kahnle (Fug Rec), Quackenbush (Fug Rec)
 2: Lee (Solid), Smith (Slowball), Delgado (Deer)

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 28 '15

Teams are running out of FAAB money (we have an end of August date) and/or are waiting for players to come over.

Here's today's FAABS: (mostly attempts to get CIW types):

4: Rameriz (Perplexing Slowball)

3: Gillespie (The Burninators)

2: Mejia (Sons of Beaches), Phelps (Deer Antler Spray), Decker (Big Ballers), Baez (Fugitive Recovery), A.Barnes (Fugitive Recovery)
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 21 '15
I haven't played out any that I've done so far, Alex, but that doesn't mean the door is closed on the idea. I'll put you at the top-of-the-list for a spot should we look at that option.
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jul 17 '15