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A discussion about what your dollars get you.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Thanks for subscribing, Pete. Yo are activated.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 28

Just paid for subscription, can you activate please?

Pete Dennen pdennen
Mar 28

I just extended you, Adam. Thanks for renewing!

Colin still hasn't been able to figure out why some people aren't getting immediate access when they pay. Just shoot a message to me or Peter (or both) or post here and we'll take care of it.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 25

Paid my $36  site didn't update my subscription  HELP

Adam Stockenberg Latitudes
Mar 25

It's up! And it's good! We hope. In any case the March 24 update is posted for Subscribers in the Downloads area. You'll find the Windows software, the Excel file, hitter and pitcher text files, and the updated PWO files for the software, posted there.

This week's update has the Grichuk-Tapia blockbuster, Carlos Correa and Travor Story with teams, update projections from me and updated prices from me (5x5) and Alex (4x4). This week you'll also find the Tout Wars AL and NL roto auction prices right beside the LABR auction prices for each player.

If you're not a subscriber and want access, and support the site, click the Subscribe button and we'll get you started. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 24

Those are what the player earned the last three years in 4x4.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 24

What do the last 3 columns in the downloads mean with the headers $21, $20, $19?

M. Matoi MMM
Mar 24

You have access now, Sean. Thanks for joining!

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 22

Hi Alex, I subscribed but still need access, thanks

Sean Lyons Amcat35
Mar 22

I pointed out earlier today that the Minor League Analyst gives Julio Rodriguez a grade of 9B, Bobby Witt Jr. a grade of 10D.

Here's how the Analyst explains the grades.


10. Hall of Fame

9. Elite player

8. Solid regular

7. Average regular

6. Platoon player

Probability rating

A. 90% probability of reaching potential

B. 70% probability of reaching potential

C. 50% probability of reaching potential

D. 30% probability of reaching potential

E. 10% probability of reaching potential

In Thursday's update I added the Analyst's grades in Quick Memo for each of Keith Law's top 100 prospects. When you sort all hitters and pitchers by PR3 descending, you get Keith's top 100 all bunched together with grades from another source next to each one. You can also list PR1 (Baseball America), PR2 (Baseball Prospectus and PR4 (Rotowire) to get multiple assessments of each prospect.

If you use the Excel worksheet instead of the software, all of these choices are already listed.

Using the software or the worksheet, a double sort of Team and Sort ascending gives complete, easy to read depth charts of all thirty teams, from the leadoff batter (hitters) and Opening Day stater (pitchers) to the lowliest NRI. Minor leaguers on the 40-man rosters and serious prospects who don't yet need to be protected get a Sort # of 40 (NRIs 45). When you've run this double sort, it's very apparent which teams are loaded with potential impact prospects; you just need to scan down Quick Memo to see the Analyst's grades for Keith Law's top 100. 

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 20