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A discussion about what your dollars get you.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Excel is up now, too!

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Apr 6 '17

The Final Update for 2017 is posted! Except the Excel file, which is in the works and should arrive shortly. Have great auctions and great seasons. We'll see you around the clubhouse here at Patton and Co. I hope this summer.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Apr 6 '17

With this kind of inflation, I would agree it's hard to see any values. AGon, maybe. That's certainly a great price compared to Cueto. Also Jay Bruce.

I've got a number of these players (Holland, M. Moore, Harper, Yadier) on my Doubt Wars mixed, but at vastly different prices!

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 5 '17

Here is some information on my last nights National League 5 X 5 OBP 10 keeper league auction.  Same rules as my high inflation American League.

10 Most Expensive Hitters: Harper 57, Goldschmidt 51, Freeman 47, Braun 46, Cespedes 44, Stanton 40, Cargo 39, Posey 35, Carpenter 34.

10 Most Expensive Starting Pitchers: Scherzer 53, Baumgarner 53, Cuteo 49, Strasburg 42, Hill 23, Greinke 20, Samardzija 18, M. Moore 16, Ross 15, Hellickson 14.

Closers: Jansen 33, Wade Davis 28, Treinen 19, Holland 18

My keepers were middle of the road—C. Martinez 9, Harvey 11, Nola 5, Teheran 11, Cole 11, Panik 7, Schimpf, 3, Renfroe 3, Conforto 5, D. Santana 10—and I had $185 to spend.  My strategy was to buy one of the top four pitchers, a top outfielder, and fill in my roster with reasonably priced hitters that get at bats.

Did it work? Partially.  At 49 Cuteo's price made me choke.  I missed out on the top outfielders so I settled for O. Herrera at 30.  At I3 I way overpaid for Owings at SS which was hard to swallow because I had thrown him back at 8.  The only other option was A Cabrera who went for 19.  I got two catchers who will play but overspent on Y Molina 13 and Flowers 9.   I picked up reasonably priced A. Gonzalez at 18 and Prado at 13 and filled in my hitters with Wilmer Flores at 9 (ouch!), Bruce 17 (I was short on power) and K. Wong at 7 (maybe some speed).  

I misplayed the end game with $7 for 3 pitchers and picked up M. Montgomery 5, and Rosenthal & Feldman (ugh!) for $1 each.  I should have done better.

I got at bats, a little speed, maybe enough power, and 6 decent starters.  This is far from a championship team but I hope to sneak into a money spot.

The consensus of the league was there were no values.

Comments and observations would be appreciated.

Tom Barnes Turtles
Apr 4 '17

A fascinating example of high inflation.

Robertson Kinsler-cheap because of the fear he will be traded?

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 1 '17

Looks like you did good. Hard to judge prices in a keeper league with real inflation. But I like Derek Norris. He's going to get plenty of at bats, and has been productive in the past. He could plotz, but at that price he can't plotz much.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Apr 1 '17

Here is some information on my last nights American League 5 X 5 OBP 10 keeper league auction.  

10 most expensive hitters:

Trout 66; M. Cabrera 46; Cano 42; Encarnación 42; N. Cruz 42; Abreu 41; Segura 39; Upton 36; Seager 35; LaCroy 35.

10 most expensive starting pitchers:

Sale 51; Quintana 33; Hamels 31; D. Salazar 24; Price 23; F. Hernandez 23; Smyly 17;  Shoemaker 15; I Kennedy 15; Cotton 14

Top closers:

Giles 29; Osuna 26; F. Rodriguez 20; Robertson 16; Kintzler 15.

I had 10 good value keepers—Bregman 7; Odor 9; B. Miller 11; Sano 7; Cain 15; L. Martin 10; A Sanchez 10; Duffy 7; Gausman 7; and Porcello 5—and $172 to spend.  

My strategy was to buy Sale to lock up quality starting pitching, target Segura for speed, Cruz for power and then fill-in the rest of my lineup.  Did it work? No,  but I adjusted but I am not so sure how successfully.  Quintana was the first player out and his 33 price set me back.  I went to 50 on Sale but no Sale.  I toyed with Trout but my 59 was week.  My first three players were M. Cabrera at 46, N. Cruz at 42, & D. Salazar at 24.  I sat for a long time with $60 until I filled out my lineup with Moss 10, I. Kennedy 15, and Choo 13.  I still needed speed so I gambled on Mondesi at $8 and J. May at 4.  I did not bid high enough to buy a decent catcher & ended up wasting 6 on Derek Norris.  After spending 4 on May I had 4 for 4 players in the end game and ended up with C Perez (catcher) and $1 pitchers W. Harris, M. Boyd, & D. Holland.

I overpaid for D. Salazar & I. Kennedy to fill out my pitching with 6 starter.  M. Cabrera, Cruz, & Moss give me expensive but solid power.  I have no idea why I ended up with Choo except he was cheap relative to other outfielders.  

There were a few values in the end game as owners ran out of money or spots like Headley 2, Pearce 4, Valbuena 1.  During the peak of the auction I thought Adam  Jones at 21 and Ellsbury at 14 were reasonably priced.  Hanigar the "sleeper" rookie went for 18.

Sorry this went so long but I would like your comments, criticisms, and observations.

Tom Barnes Turtles
Mar 31 '17

Hi Zeke. It looks good to me, but no matter. I just uploaded a new version which has the full install of the program, with all the changes we talked about today.

But maybe we're not valuing Treinan enough! That's for the discussion.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 31 '17

March 30th full download isn't a full program download ...just 4 files

Tom Zeke
Mar 31 '17

One more thing: the inflation rate in standard leagues is $3,120 divided by the total of the "third-party" bids you are using (mine, Peter's, Mike's, the expert league's) and keeper prices 

If the total of bids for available players and keeper salaries is $2,790, the inflation rate overall is 12 percent. But it should be emphasized that you don't want to spread it evenly; you want the best players to absorb most of it.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 29 '17