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Howard Lynch LynchMob
Playoff time. Who would I like to win the World Series in order.
1) Brewers -- My favorite team.
2) Dodgers -- One of two teams I grew up rooting for.
3) Braves -- My current town's team.
4) Cardinals -- Wainwright is a guy I like.
5) Giants -- They are an NL team so they have to go here over all the AL teams.
6) Rays -- Haven't won a WS ever
7) White Sox -- Haven't won it in 15 years.
8 ) Red Sox
9) Yankees
10) Trash-can-bangers
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Oct 6

With the 15-second pitch clock running in Low-A West this season...

Games from Opening Day through June 7, prior to the implementation of the pitch clock, averaged 3:02. Games from June 8 through the end of the regular season, with the pitch clock enforced, averaged 2:41. As Stark also first reported, the introduction of the pitch clock also corresponded with an increase in batting average, runs and home runs and a decrease in walks and strikeouts.

w/o pitch clock5.13.237.333.3711.911.129.3
w/ pitch clock5.86.263.347.4242.59.725.3

Source: MLB Research

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 28

Seriously? The Cubs?

Hottest Teams (Last 15 Days)

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 9

538 sez: what-happened-to-this-once-promising-padres-season

Making matters worse for San Diego, they have the toughest remaining schedule in MLB according to Elo, after adjusting for opposing starters and game location. (Cincinnati, by contrast, has the third-easiest remaining slate in baseball.) Of the Padres’ 35 remaining games, 25 are against teams with above-average Elo ratings, including 10 against the Giants, nine against the Dodgers and three each against the Astros and Braves.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 30

Interesting note about baseball stats since the league started enforcing the pitching substance standards.

Through games on June 20, non-pitchers were hitting .243/.318/.409 with a
23.2% strikeout rate. Since the first day of enforcement, that’s up to
.253/.326/.428 with a 22% strikeout percentage.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Aug 26

Probably in the pay area. Here's the gist of it:

In a face-to-face collective bargaining meeting in Denver on Monday, Major League Baseball made its first proposal covering core economics to the Players Association. The plan included a new tax on team spending, one that would both effectively lower the first luxury-tax threshold in the sport to $180 million, and charge teams who exceed that first mark a higher percentage than they pay today. One trade-off, people briefed on the league’s proposal said, would be a salary minimum of $100 million in the sport.

Money collected from teams paying tax would fund certain club payrolls to the minimum, but details about the mechanism are unclear, including what penalties teams might incur if they do not reach $100 million, or what year the minimum would take effect.

The current tax system includes three spending tiers, the first of which is $210 million. Today, a team that goes over that amount pays a tax of at least 20 percent. In the new system proposed by MLB, the three tiers would still exist, and the new tax would be introduced below them — making for what would function as a four-tier system. Taxation would begin at 25 percent for the teams above $180 million, and the rates would climb from there.

... The proposal included many other components which are are not currently known, leaving an incomplete picture. But player reaction to the luxury-tax element was not expected to be positive.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 20

It's an elbow. Lots we don't know, but TJ means missing two years and then the Mets have a great talent. Probably. Instead, they end up with a No. 11 compensation next year, if I understand this correctly. If they don't take a guy with a bum elbow again (maybe) maybe it will work out okay.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aug 2