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The conclusion of Robert Arthur's article posted yesterday at Baseball Prospectus:

After four years of wandering home run rates, two commission reports, a bizarre postseason that looked like a whole other brand of baseball and having been decried as a conspiracy theorist about a thousand times, it’s clear that there is still much more to the story than we know. But what the committee makes perfectly clear is what MLB ought to do next: monitor the baseball.

We’ve known since their last report that the baseball’s air resistance affects the home run rate. MLB should have installed procedures to test the drag and seam height on baseballs coming out of its factories so that they would at least know if a problem or major change in aerodynamics was underway before it completely altered the league. But for whatever reason (perhaps expense), MLB hasn’t taken commonsense steps that would allow them to keep an eye on the baseball.

It’s possible that this report will shake them up enough to do so. If they don’t, we’re liable for another repeat of the last few seasons, with its roller-coaster ride of longball rates, abrupt changes from month to month, and epidemics of pitcher blisters. As the commission learns more about the baseball, it has become painfully obvious that the league probably ought to have known more about how its central object was built and what can happen if the production goes awry.

In fact Arthur's has never been a conspiracy theorist; he's been consistently fair, always allowing for the possibility that the whole thing is an accident.

Unlike me.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 13 '19

At last! And even so, unbelievably, Ted Simmons got one more vote.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 9 '19

Perhaps this should be filed under Local News (or Saul Steinberg news) but it's a fascinating recap.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 8 '19

Agreed, Alex.  It's time.

It's also time for Whitaker.  Not sure how many good arguments there are for keeping him out.

I have always felt Tommy John was deserving.  Even if you consider his career borderline, add the surgery and it seems like something that should just be.

Despite my love for Donny Baseball, I'm not sure I buy the "if he only didn't get hurt" as a HOF argument.  Maybe the best argument for Mattingly is Harold Baines.

Mike Landau ML-
Nov 4 '19

Good arguments can be made why all but one of these candidates should not be elected. Nothing but disgraceful the writers didn't vote him in when they could.

2020 Modern Baseball Era Ballot Announced

Dwight Evans, BOS/BAL RF, 1972-1991

Steve Garvey, LAD/SDP 1B, 1969-1987

Tommy John, NYY/CHW/LAD/CAL/CLE/OAK SP, 1963-1989

Don Mattingly, NYY 1B, 1982-1995

Marvin Miller, Exec. director of MLB Players Association, 1966-1982 

Thurman Munson, NYY C, 1969-1979

Dale Murphy, ATL/PHI/COL OF, 1976-1993

Dave Parker, PIT/CIN/OAK/MIL/CAL/TOR RF, 1973-1991

Ted Simmons, STL/MIL/ATL C, 1968-1988

Lou Whitaker, DET 2B, 1977-1995

The Era Committee will vote on the candidates on December 8. The Stathead newsletter will preview the candidates in the coming weeks.

See all Hall of Fame inductees at

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 4 '19

Actually, MiLB news:

In brief...

MLB has offered a proposal that, if adopted, would reduce Minor League Baseball from 160 teams—not counting the complex league teams that are wholly MLB-owned—to 120 beginning in 2021.

The proposal is described as a preliminary offering subject to alteration. But if the proposal, or some version of it, is adopted, it will lead to the most dramatic restructuring of the minor leagues in more than half a century. Under the proposal, not only would more than 25 percent of MiLB teams be eliminated, but the remaining leagues would also be dramatically reworked with some leagues getting much smaller, others getting bigger, and teams switching classification levels all around the country.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 19 '19

So the excitement in each league boils down to three teams battling for two Wild Cards. Home field advantage will keep the three dominant teams trying to win each game. The Yankees, playing at home against the Angels and Blue Jays, facing six pitchers, only one of whom (Heaney) has a chance of lasting five innings, have the best schedule among the Big Three.

The real question, though, is who's going to survive all this to win the World Series?

I guess a lot of it depends on who's healthy. But I wouldn't bet against the Yankees.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 16 '19

With two weeks left in the season...

Postseason Races


Most Likely Playoff Scenario 
HOU vs. (OAK or TBR)


Most Likely Playoff Scenario 
LAD vs. (CHC or WSN)

division leaders in bold, Full Standings

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 16 '19

There is a significant difference between Wins Above Replacement and Wins Above Average, but both are available as calculated stats.

Also, a replacement level player is a Quad-A type player.  It is a player who is readily available to replace a major leaguer or the 24/25 man on a roster generally.  On the Orioles, it's essentially all of their pitchers and several of their regular position players.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Sep 14 '19