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The Braves did themselves no favors by winning eight of their last ten.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 4 '16

First-round Draft order for 2017

Draft order is based on the reverse order of the 2016 regular-season standings, with 2015 records used to break ties. It is subject to change, depending on on how free-agent compensation rules are spelled out in the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement.

1. Twins (59-103, .364)
2. Reds (68-94, .420)
3. Padres (68-94, .420)
4. Rays (68-94, .420)
5. Braves (68-93, .422)
6. A's (69-93, .426)
7. D-backs (69-93, .426)
8. Phillies (71-91, .438)
9. Brewers (73-89, .451)
10. Angels (74-88, .457)
11. Rockies (75-87, .463)
12. White Sox (78-84, .481)
13. Pirates (78-83, .484)
14. Marlins (79-82, .491)
15. Royals (81-81, .500)
16. Astros (84-78, .519)
17. Yankees (84-78, .519)
18. Mariners (86-76, .531)
19. Cardinals (86-76, .531)
20. Tigers (86-75, .534)
21. Giants (87-75, .537)
22. Mets (87-75, .537)
23. Orioles (89-73, .549)
24. Blue Jays (89-73, .549)
25. Dodgers (91-71, .562)
26. Red Sox (93-69, .574)
27. Indians (94-67, .584)
28. Nationals (95-67, .586)
29. Rangers (95-67, .586)
30. Cubs (103-58, .640)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Oct 3 '16

Cory Schwartz, the MLBAM stat guy, is a very progressive force in all the metrics, new and old, that we so enjoy.

Cory today hired Tom Tango, the sabermetrician who made BIll James seem a little fuzzy and warm, to help organize and promote and shape the Statcast data.

This is great news because Tom gets to work full time on baseball, instead of his corporate job. And it means, by inference, that baseball is committed to releasing much of the Statcast data the way it does the PitchF/X data.

If baseball wasn't committed to doing that, I'm sure Tango wouldn't be taking the job.

I've talked with Cory about this and he has said that the teams own the data, but they all recognize the power their release have. Surely there will be secrets, but with MLBAM and its hires committed to openness, those with large cloud accounts have a chance at making a dent.

This interview at FanGraphs reads as both a PR dump and some Sabr porn. Bring it on!

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 9 '16

We've played a fifth of the season, and some interesting league differences are emerging.

AL slash stats: .247/.314/.400

NL slash stats: .253/.325/.411

The NL hitters, even with pitchers included, are clearly better.

Unless, of course, the NL pitchers are clearly worse, which they are.

AL ERA: 3.89

NL ERA: 4.11

In the count 'em stats (AL teams have played 473 games, NL have played 479 games)...

AL stolen bases: 241

NL stolen bases: 235

In other words, at this point in the season, the two leagues have kind of switched identies.

In the key count 'em stat, the switch is unprecedented since the advent of interleague play.

AL won-lost record: 233-240

NL won-lost record: 243-236

Alex Patton Alex
May 10 '16

If you use T-Mobile they are offering full season of for free.  Just fyi for any t-mobile users.

Doctor G DoctorG
Apr 3 '16

Joe Sheehan looks for evidence of abnormally weak performances by the bottom teams during the "tanking era" (2012-15), fails to find it, and nevertheless argues persuasively that tanking is a serious problem now in real baseball. "Running a bad team on a shoestring is more profitable, at least in the short term, than investing in a middling one with a competitive payroll."

How the players let teams get away with no minimum payroll in the last CBA is the multi-million-dollar question.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 14 '16

Video replay will be expanded to include placing runners on overthrows and fan interference.

And will continue to be used to call runners safe or out on pop-up slides.

If the runner is not in contact with the base while the tag is on him, "you can't ignore that," Joe Torre explains.

Any other changes discussed at the winter meeting?

Nope, said Torre.

The DH maybe?

"It hasn't even been talked about. There really hasn't been any conversation."

Not any? His boss, Rob Manfred, admitted there might have been a little bit of conversation. "Twenty years ago, when you talked to National League owners about the DH, you'd think you were talking some sort of heretical comment. But we have a newer group. There has been turnover, and I think our owners in general have demonstrated a willingness to change the game in ways that we think would be good for the fans, always respecting the history and traditions of the sport."

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 22 '16

It sure affects Rotisserie Leagues that have a Sunday 11:59pm FAAB deadline.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jan 22 '16

This year's trade deadline will be on August 1, a Monday.

"A Sunday trade deadline, given the way we play games on Sunday, didn't
seem like it made the most sense, so we decided to move it the one day,"
commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday after owners approved the change
at their quarterly meeting. "We don't think it will be the end of
modern civilization to do it one day later."

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 22 '16

A few years ago, this proposal would have been insane. Because the robo-umps were stupendously bad at calling balls and strikes. Now, I have to admit, they are better than real umps. That doesn't end the argument -- no way -- but it's time to start the argument.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 19 '16