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One thing I look at in my leagues with aging minor league clocks when picking minor leaguers is who is on the 40 man roster. It's not my first cut of course (talent is), but guessing which talented player can help me this year can be helpful. While that's still a good list modifier, a second one is the list of NRI's that are being handed out this year. While not a guarantee on top prospects , it does give you a feel for who might start in the upper minors if they don't make the club. 

Kent Ostby Seadogs

My telephone book, AKA Prospectus 2021, arrived today.

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()

But is it out yet?  Unlike the Forecaster, when the print edition actually arrives is always a matter of suspense.  It's usually out by now, but I haven't seen it....

Mike Landau ML-

Hardback BP Edition?

Can we get it leather bound?

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

So more details about how they are handling spring training. There is a 75 man player pool for the combined major league / AAA spring training sessions.

In addition, games are split into two different formats "before March 13th" and after.

Games before the 13th are 7 innings by default but can be pre-arranged to go either 5 innings or 9 innings.During these games, no three-man minimums either. After March 14th, three man minimum is back and games go 9 by default.

During all of spring training they have these rules which are essentially the same as Instructional League rules: The pitching team can declare an inning is over after 20 pitches if they want to. Also, pitchers can come out of a game and go back in. The idea here is that if you want to see how some one handles baserunners and your starter gives up a couple of early baserunners, you could bring in a reliever to close out the inning and then bring your starter in the following inning.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

Is the BP print edition out yet? Anyone know, for those of us living happily in 1997?

Mike Landau ML-

Robert Arthur produces a graph today at BP showing the median exit velocity of all batted balls was a little under 90 mph in late July. It rises, then dips in August. It begins to rise again in September, climbing steadily to 92 by the end of the month. The upward trend is steady but a little steeper throughout October, with the median exit velocity reaching 94 in the last game of the World Series.

His conclusion:

The jump in exit velocity persists even if you control for weather, the increased caliber of player in the postseason, and the parks they were playing in. At nearly three miles per hour, it’s way too big to be random variation and meaningful enough to significantly impact the offensive level of the postseason.

But even so, Arthur doesn't see some dark conspiracy afoot.

Instead, what happened last year looks a lot like chaos: baseball lots predictably varied in their performance, with some having more drag and less exit velocity, but unpredictably in terms of when certain lots went into use. MLB let us know this year that a deadened ball would be coming, but considering their struggles in maintaining one level of performance the last few years, it may be that we get a deadened baseball some weeks and a livelier baseball others. And for the players and teams, it’s looking increasingly likely that every postseason will feature the "October surprise" of a new kind of baseball, making the already-random playoffs even more of a crapshoot.

Alex Patton Alex

Vastly dilutes the game!

I like Peter's suggestion for getting more TV money from the playoffs.

On a somewhat different subject (but not really), here are excerpts from a recent post by Will Carroll to his subscribers. <[email protected]>

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 2

So Eugene, are you predicting no NL DH for 2021? I sure hope so.  And I can do without expanded playoffs, ever.  Just a money grab by owners IMO.  And as others have commented, it dilutes the value of regular season games.  The owners want MLB to be more like the NBA it seems.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 2