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As I look over the pitching match-ups for the Fourth of July weekend, guess what?

The Yankees, the Angels, the Phillies and the Pirates aren't playing on the Fourth.

The Yankees are in Cleveland for a Sunday game, next play in Pittsburg on Tuesday.

The Angels are in Houston for a Sunday game, next play in Miami on Tuesday.

The Phillies and Pirates play at home on Sunday and again on Tuesday, so at least they get to sit by the pool on the Fourth.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 2

A long but interesting profile of Rob Manfred by ESPN's Don Van Natta. You can read it here.

A quote: "At the first game he attended with his father at Yankee Stadium, Manfred and his father sat between home plate and first base on Old-Timers' Day (In attendance was Gen. William D. Eckert, MLB's fourth commissioner). Mickey Mantle hit a pair of solo home runs in a 3-2 loss to the Twins that took 2 hours, 34 minutes. Manfred looks wistful as he recalls the way the game was played then. No analytics, no pitch counts, no defensive shifts and no four-hour games."

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 30

Not sure about the last two. But first five seem reasonable and not all that expensive.

... Ramos and Advocates held conversations with Mets minor leaguers, who contributed to a list of seven proposed changes that Ramos included in the letter to Cohen:

1. Pay weekly salaries all year round, without periods of free work.
2. Provide or cover the cost of in-season housing.
3. Provide or cover the cost of three meals per day during the season.
4. Provide multiple buses on road trips and sleeper buses on overnight road trips.
5. Assist players in shipping their cars to a new affiliate if reassigned and assist players without a car in getting to the field each day.
6. Cover the cost of offseason training.
7. Adjust salaries and per diems based on the cost of living in different affiliate home cities.

Four other New York State senators — Rachel May, Diane Savino, Timothy M. Kennedy and John Mannion — were co-signers of the letter, which was copied to commissioner Rob Manfred as well.

Advocates for Minor Leaguers aims to improve the lot of players in all organizations. But Advocates saw a new entree to engage with an individual team based on an argument lawyers representing MLB made that teams are free to set their own pay for their minor leaguers, a person with knowledge of the meetings said.

Alex Patton Alex
Jun 16

I was looking at the playoff odds on FanGraphs, they seemed high to me ... but I had forgotten this ...

Starting with the 2022 season, MLB added a third wild card team in each league. In the new Wild Card Series, the top two division winners in each league receive a bye to the Division Series, while the lowest-seeded division winner and three wild card teams will play in this round. A best-of-three series will take place, with the higher seed hosting all three games.[4] Due to the expansion of the postseason beginning in 2022, the regular season tie-breaker game format has been eliminated. The winner of the 4 vs. 5 seeded matchup faces the top seeded division winner in the Division Series, while the winner of the 3 vs. 6 seeded matchup faces the second seeded division winner in the other Division Series as there is no reseeding in between rounds.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jun 15

My favourite trek of the year. Hopefully we'll see some of you in Arizona this Fall!

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jun 15

There is a great conflict that isn't always well mediated between silence and revelation, but this talk with Maddon is pretty convincing that the <stupid> corporate voices won, and lost. 

 I told him that. I said you just try to reduce the information you’re giving, try to be aware of who’s giving the information and really be aware of when it’s time to stay out of the way. In general the industry has gone too far in that direction and that’s part of the reason people aren’t into our game as much as they have been.

Rotoman's comment: His point, I think, is that the information beats the story every time. And it shouldn't.

Do stories destroy the metrics? Or are stories more important than the metrics? Or, most likely, both matter?

The future of sport relies on this conversation. See, trans athletes.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 8

New York Post:

The Angels announced they fired Maddon on Tuesday. Phil Nevin, the former Yankees third-base coach, was named the interim manager.

Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon looks on from the dugout
Joe Maddon was fired by the Angels on Tuesday, in the midst of a 12-game losing streak.
Getty Images
Alex Patton Alex
Jun 7

I noticed that too. How I remember Memorial Day doubleheaders. 

Walter Shapiro WShapiro
May 30