Zack Greinke Houston Astros

Age: 37 (October 21, 1983) | 6' 2" | 200lbs. | Throws: Right P-33 PH-1
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
ARI NL 2017 17 7 0 0 32 32 202.0 172 25 45 215 3.21 1.07 1.15 2.0 9.6 .293 47/18/35 31 29
ARI NL 2018 15 11 0 0 33 33 207.1 181 28 43 199 3.21 1.08 1.18 1.9 8.6 .284 45/23/32 25 24
HOU AL 2019 8 1 0 0 10 10 62.2 58 6 9 52 3.02 1.07 1.14 1.3 7.5 .294 52/19/29 14 11
ARI NL 2019 10 4 0 0 23 23 146.0 117 15 21 135 2.90 0.95 1.03 1.3 8.3 .269 42/23/35 26 23
HOU AL 2020 3 3 0 0 12 12 67.0 67 6 9 67 4.03 1.13 1.20 1.2 9.0 .333 41/25/34 14 17
HOU AL 2021 2 1 0 0 7 7 40.2 39 6 10 31 3.76 1.20 1.30 2.2 6.9 .283 43/22/35 4 4
Career 18yrs 210 127 1 0 507 466 2977.0 2767 304 686 2720 3.38 1.16 1.20 2.1 8.2 .303 n/a
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We do $200, but we don't do zero bids.  We have a significant number of owners who hoard their cash for the trading deadline each year, hoping to grab a keeper for next year (we allow FAAB'd guys to be kept at $15, with some exceptions), but that's never appealed to me.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Aug 6 '19

We moved the FAAB from 50 to $100 this year in the ADL, which just meant the Bags had more money to horde. Here's the bidding this morning:

Burn Bags: res JAnderson LAA, pur ZGreinke Hou 42 (Losing bid: Nabobs $42). 

Burn Bags: res CDavis Bal, pur FReyes Cle 42 (Losing bids: Nova $36 and Bad K $7)

Peppermartins: res RGuzman Tex, pur TDemeritte Det 12 (Losing bids: Nova $1 and Tooners $1)

Peppermartins: dis FPena LAA, pur YDiaz Tor 2 (Losing bid: None)

Peppermartins: dis GCanning LAA, pur TPannone Tor 1 (Losing bid: None)

Bad Kreuznachs: res JBarria LAA, pur TRoark Oak 7 (Losing bids Veecks, Palukas and Tooners all $3)

Bad Kreuznachs: rel MViloria KC, pur JRogers Det 0

BB Guns: res GSparkman KC, pur JShafer Tor 1 (Losing bid: None)

BB Guns: rel KPlawecki Cle, pur CHerrmann Oak 0

Veecks: res JLucroy LAA, pur JTrevino Tex 0

Jerry's Kids: rel ASampson Tex, pur JWaguespack Tor 6 (Losing bid: None)

Jerry's Kids: rel TCole LAA, pur SDyson Min 0

Random Hackers: res YKikuchi Sea, act ACivale Cle

Random Hackers: res JSoria Oak, pur EClase Tex 1 (Losing bid: None)

Palukas: res JLuplow Cle, pur YPuig Cle 42 (Losing bid: None.)

Palukas: res STravis Bos, pur JAguilar TB 28 (Losing bids: Jerry's $6, Nova $3 and BB $1). 

Moose Factory: res AWojciechowski Bal, pur NAnderson TB 2 (Losing bids: Bad K and Tooners $1)

Moose Factory: res MBarnes Bos, pur TRosenthal Det 1 (Losing bid: None)

Fine Tooners: dis BBuxton Min, pur RMartin Bal 1 (Losing bid: None)

Fine Tooners: dis YMoncada CWS, pur MFord NYY 1 (Losing bid: None)

Bad Kreuznachs: res SWilkerson Bal, pur KBroxton Sea 0

Bad Kreuznachs: res MGivens Bal, pur TClippard Cle 0

BB Guns: res TAustin SF, pur SHeineman Tex 1 (Losing bid: None)

Yes. If the Palukas had put $42 on Reyes instead of Puig, Puig would have gone to the Hackers on a straight waiver claim.

How did I not bid a dollar? I mean, even now, I have $3 left.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 5 '19

Well said, Tim, as always and so very true. 

carter carter GypsySoul
Aug 3 '19

I agree and same for Cashman not being willing to give up too much for a starter.

carter carter GypsySoul
Aug 3 '19

The Dodgers pen isn't that bad.  If they'd adopted that trading philosophy in years past they wouldn't be about to win their 7th title with best record in NL because they would have traded Buehler and Bellinger in "win now" moves.  If the Pirates were offered Ruiz and another lower (top 15-20) prospect by Dodgers they made a mistake by not accepting.

Bullpens are hard to predict for playoffs.  The Red Sox and Astros pen didn't look that strong the past two years but performed well.  As a Dodgers fan I have no issue with what they did if the Pirates' demands I heard are accurate. 

John Kirk Bearlurker
Aug 2 '19

The Astros got it right. The arrival of Yordan Alvarez had Beer blocked. Martin won't pitch a meaningful game until 2021 and I like Bukausakas but he struggles to repeat his delivery and could very well end up being a bullpen type arm. Houston shored up their rotation for not only this year, but the next two, and still held on to their two top prospects, Whitley and Tucker. Meanwhile, Boston still has Bobby Dalbec and no bullpen. The Yankees have Clint Frazier and a very shaky rotation. The Dodgers have Gavin Lux and bullpen questions. Even if Greinke stumbles, Houston did something that the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers didn't do. They made a commitment to winning it all this year and I hope they do exactly that.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Aug 1 '19

If this plays out like the Verlander trade, as everyone here in Houston seems to presume, then kudos to Luhnow.  But everyone needs to remember the risk associated with acquiring 35+ year-old SPs with big remaining contracts.  As an Astros fan I am cautiously optimistic.   For AZ, the prospect haul was VERY nice given Greinke's contract. 

Maybe a rare win-win.  Arizona bought high upside prospects and roster/salary flexibility.  That may serve them very well.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Aug 1 '19

$24m to Houston.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aug 1 '19

I think the Astros are taking the contract.  The idea is Cole walks next year, so they just replaced him.

Beer is a basher.  He walks too.  Old man skills.  He should be great in Arizona.  Bukausakas hit a wall this year in AA.  He still is rated very highly.  Corbin Martin came up this year after breaking through.  Then, he blew out his elbow.  Rojas I don't know. Maybe he'd be higher in a lesser organization, but I never go that deep with prospects unless its the Orioles (when they actually have prospects).

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jul 31 '19

To the Astros for a big prospect haul.  Must be some $$ going to Houston.  I was on a local highway when it came over the radio and many cars were honking their horns, presumably in approval.  BTW the road is Texas 288 South, aka the Nolan Ryan expressway.  No kidding, its close to Ryan's hometown of Alvin, TX.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Jul 31 '19