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I am a big fan of dumping, with appropriate controls to prohibit early dumping, a salary cap, and rules to make the competitive teams pay a high price for acquisitions.  But what dismays me more and more, especially in leagues with some unsophisticated owners, is a trend I've seen towards a "hostage-taking" style of dumping strategy.

This year I was the leading contender in one league and was told by two teams that if I didn't give them one specific guy that I was unwilling to deal (Soto on a cheap long-term contract), then they would trade their guys to a competitor for far less.  One of these teams did so.  That is BS - every team should get the best deal they can.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Aug 10 '21

I tried once in a league to institute many of the ADL rules and they mostly went over like a wet blanket. In most leagues I've played in, people love their keepers.

Mike Gianella MikeG
Aug 10 '21

I always liked the original idea of having a pyramid of keepers.  Nobody, in any league I've ever been in has agreed with that idea.  12 for 5th & 6th; 11 for 7th & 8th, 10 for 4th & 9th; 9 for 3rd & 10th, 8 for 2nd & 11th; 7 for 1st and 12th. I grant that this is a really steep pyramid and there are other less steep options, but this would curtail dumping to a great degree.

We have 5 major league keepers, plus 2 minors. You can keep more minors in lieu of majors, but not the reverse. We added a 6th major leaguer for 5th and 6th places to discourage dumping for teams within shouting distance of the money. 

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Aug 10 '21

Alex, Peter, what is the ADL rule on freezes? I think you have a maximum of 8 for the major league portion of your roster but teams at the bottom or top of the standings can keep fewer, if memory serves.

Thanks in advance, this is for something I'm writing for this week.

Mike Gianella MikeG
Aug 10 '21

In that case, I'll remember not to draft nine $1 pitchers next year.

Mike Landau ML-
Aug 6 '21

My comment in the Michael Lorenzen thread was not about Michael Lorenzen (which is why I've moved this reply to where it belongs) ... 

I think this (a comment that Michael Lorenzen getting 1 save "justified his $1 freeze price") is a common misconception ... yes, he will "earn more than $1" ... but this does not justify keeping him at $1 ... in order to win, you need more than the value of 1 save from each roster spot ... (side note: when I say "roster spot", yes, I'm including the reserve roster)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 5 '21
Players who were in college / HS this year aren't eligible for our league's mid-year draft. They have to roll over to next season.
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 12 '21

A catcher goes No. 1.

Had you already drafted, Kent?

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 12 '21