Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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It was deja vu all over again last night in the XFL.

Peter and I are both very stubborn. We said let's do what we did the first time but this time get it right.

Peter almost did.

I didn't and don't even have Ben Oglivie to blame.

But I did establish that you can have a good pitching staff when you know what they are going to do.

Tim took Ron Shandler's spot last night. From the tenth round on, his mantra was "Failure is a great motivator. I hope I get another chance."

You might, Tim. You might.

Depends on how stubborn I am.

Alex Patton Alex
May 5

Ryno should be a high pick for 1990. 

van wilhoite LVW
May 1

No chance Eck will be there at the wheel. I mean, those 0.61/0.61 decimals are the stuff drools are made of. Thigpen you have a shot.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM
May 1

I think I've achieved Stage 4.  No draft this year.  Haven't seen most of my college friends in over a year, but my wife got them to all submit videos to me for my birthday.  She put together a surprise montage.  At least half my league called me Commish, a quarter my name, and a quarter my college nickname.  Made me feel great.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
May 1

But will he be there at the visions of Eck and Thigpen dance in my head.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 30

I can easily cook the books to put Eck on top. Just make saves worth as many pitching points as wins.

But at least a few teams will punt saves.

I have the fourth pick on Monday, Gene, and my prediction is that Eck will be available.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 30

I thought it was great to have the first pick but the more I look at it the harder it is. I have to do the math - could it possibly be that Eckersley was the best player in 1990?

Gene McCaffrey GeneM
Apr 30

I'm still having fun making a Mockery of the game, Alex. When I heard you guys were doing 1990, I asked Ron if there was room for me and he very graciously gave up his spot so I could play. 1990 was my first year playing the game and I really wanted to give it another look. I have such fond memories of Big Daddy returning from Japan and hitting those 51 homers. Darryl Strawberry, who I witnessed hit one of the longest homers I've ever seen, (in Thunder Bay of all places) was one of my offensive leaders. I still use the Whiskey Jacks logo on this site. Chuck Finley led my pitching staff that year. It was a wonderful introduction to this great game!

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 30

Tim has the wheel in the next XFL draft.

From Ron Shandler today:

There was a request to set the draft order based on the standings of the prior draft, or at least using KDS. Given that there will likely be a few new owners each time, and since one year's competition really has no connection to another, I'm opting to do a random seeding again. Here it is:


1 Gene

2 Scott

3 Peter

4 Alex

5 Doug

6 Jeff E.

7 Todd

8 Derek

9 Dean

10 Jeff W.

11 Brian

12 Tim

Tim is one of the newbies. Clearly his Mock Draft just isn't getting it done.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 30

With no baseball on the horizon, at least not until May 5 in Korea, I attempted to find a way to break up the boredom by holding a Mock Draft, with a bit of a wrinkle. We're just wrapping it up and the reception was positive so I'm going to hold a second one. It's a 15-team Mixed, on a four-hour clock (shuts down during the night) with 14 bats, 9 pitchers, and a seven man bench. The wrinkle is you have to draft one player from each of the 30 MLB teams. If anyone is interested in partaking, email me at [email protected] by no later than Monday evening and I'll hold a spot for you. It takes about three weeks from start to finish and I'm looking at getting this rolling by Thursday of this week.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 26