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It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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I half agree with you, Peter, but that's because life is more vivid at 18 than 38, and more vivid at 8 than 18.

The actors who played the little girls in the first two episodes were spectacular.

If Ferrante was unmasked, Howard, she still is very much under wraps. There was a documentary called Ferrante Fever that came out last year. Everyone from Emma Goldstein (the translator) to Elizabeth Strout to Jonathan Franzen was interviewed. Except the author.

Alex Patton Alex

I half agree with you on the Neopolitan novels. The first two are spectacularly good. No. 3 is tolerable, but all the gas is out of No. 4. We watched episode one of the HBO series last week, and it was fine, beautifully shot with fine performances, but mostly it reminded me how good the novel is and didn't add much to that.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Howard Lynch LynchMob

If you've been watching My Brilliant Friend on HBO and enjoying it, here's a recommendation: all four Ferrante novels. You'll know after 50 pages if they work for you, and if they do you'll be taken out of this world into another (Italy after the war) for a very long time.

Alex Patton Alex

Totally agree.

Alex Patton Alex

I find the mewling in some quarters about whether they can have a "representative" season with only 100-110 games amusing.   Give me games.  We can debate whether the season was "representative" for years thereafter.

Mike Dean TMU2009

I haven't heard anything about that. Maybe there is a Stage Four.

Alex Patton Alex

With talk of expanded rosters to accommodate more pitchers and 8 or 9 games a week, if there is baseball I imagine there will need to be significant rethinking of player values. 

John Thomas Roll2

The bottom of the hitters list is now much better than it's been in past years thanks to the extra roster spot which is going almost exclusively to hitters. Using roster resource projected rosters and building out my list, I've got at least three guys off the list who I like as players. Usually I had three guys on the list that I hated at this point.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

All of you are as great now, maybe even greater, than before this came down. I especially like references to your favorite books. Keep 'em coming. 

I am thinking of starting a fun, non-keeper draft-style league, small money. I dont want to pay any fees to the site that hosts. Suggestions are very welcome as to sites you like for hosting fantasy sports in general. If anyone wants to join pls let me know, though that isnt the purpose of this comment. Thinking a $20 entry, winner takes all. 

Many thanks and the usual-be well, take it easy.

carter carter GypsySoul