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Somthing vaguely similar happened in the NL-only league home Texpope and I call home last year.  Greg Holland was unsigned and not on an MLB roster on opening day.  So he was kept as an ultra roster player at $23b and was an auction freebie.  That looked awesome in April but did not pan out.

For me as the owner of a must-keep $51 Machado, if he signs with an NL team but is not on an opening day roster, that is the dream scenario.  Harper's owner at $42 would be just as pleased.

If either were a unowned free agent, we'd very likely vote to simply make them auction eligible lwith the conditions described below... you get FAAB back if they sign with an AL team.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 2 '19


Mike Dean TMU2009
Feb 1 '19

So let's add a rule that established players who have been in the majors a certain amount of time (5 years?) cannot be drafted in the reserve round if they sign late and must be purchased in the auction.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It will ruin the integrity of the game!

...says the guy with the #1 reserve pick in the PCL.

Keith Prosseda andypro
Feb 1 '19

In our league, if a guy's under contract to an AL team (even if, as in the example below, he won't be on an opening day roster), we allow him to be auctioned, but you'd have to fill the spot with an eligible player, either with a reserve pick or in the first FAAB.  If he hasn't signed AT ALL, it would be the reserve draft (where ANYBODY can be taken) or the FAAB (limited to AL-contracts, even if in the minors).

Mike Dean TMU2009
Jan 31 '19

My league allows players in the auction as long as they aren't under contract with the NL or another professional league internationally, or if they are rookie eligible minor leaguers.  So, free agents can be purchased in the auction. So can major leaguers assigned to the minors for rehab or extended spring training.  Even 5th starters who would otherwise not start until April 20 are available in the auction if they are assigned to AAA to get some work in if they have already exhausted their rookie eligibility.  That's better than throwing it to the FAAB where bids are blind.

If a free agent taken in the auction eventually signs in the NL, his team receives his salary as extra FAAB money.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jan 31 '19

A guy in my league just sent out an email with this rule proposal ... which makes a lot of sense to me ...

While there's still time, let's consider the "Scott
Boras Rule."

Scenario:  Bryce Harper has turned down the
Nationals' offer of $300 million over 10 years.  Who knows how long he
will hold out. Manny Machado appears to be waiting also.   They wait
until the end of spring training to sign an offer, so they have to go to the
minors to get into baseball shape.    We finish our auction and
begin our reserve draft, and Harper and Machado go 1 & 2 in the $15 round.

That's just not right.    Plus, this could
happen with a dozen or more established major league ballplayers who remain

So let's add a rule that established players who have
been in the majors a certain amount of time (5 years?) cannot be drafted in the
reserve round if they sign late and must be purchased in the auction.

Guys who remain unsigned might wind up in the American
League, so there's a chance a reserve round pick will be wasted.  But we
could require them to be bought at auction, too, and if they sign with the AL,
the buyer could be compensated with FAAB money. Their prices will be discounted
due to the uncertainty.


Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jan 31 '19

When you double the IP...

Averages for all pitchers with 40+ IP in 2018

WAR 1.1

ERA 4.01

FIP 4.04

SIERA 3.95

HR/FB 12%

Pull 40%

Hard-hit 35%

BAA: .240

BABIP: .290

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 14 '19

I averaged out all of the preceeding for hitters with 400+ PA and was surprised at the difference. Maybe these are better benchmarks.

Averages for all hitters with 400+ PA in 2018

G: 42%

L: 22%

F: 36%

WAR 2.4

HR/FB 14%

Pull 41%

Hard-hit 37%

Batting 6.0

Baserunning 0.2

Fielding 0.5

BA .260

BABIP .301

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 14 '19

It's also useful to have the benchmarks for G/L/F.

The averages for all hitters with 100+ PA:

G: 43%

L: 22%

F: 35%

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 13 '19

To help make sense of the Fangraphs stats that start the threads for many hitters and pitchers, here are the averages:

All hitters with 100+ PA in 2018

WAR 1.3

HR/FB 12%

Pull 41%

Hard-hit 35%

Hitting, fielding and baserunning are all runs above average, which is zero.


BA .246

BABIP .295

All pitchers with 20+ IP in 2018

WAR 0.8

ERA 4.23

FIP 4.20

SIERA 4.03

HR/FB 13%

Pull 40%

Hard-hit 35%


BAA: .245

BABIP: .294

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 17 '18