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It's also useful to have the benchmarks for G/L/F.

The averages for all hitters with 100+ PA:

G: 43%

L: 22%

F: 35%

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 13

To help make sense of the Fangraphs stats that start the threads for many hitters and pitchers, here are the averages:

All hitters with 100+ PA in 2018

WAR 1.3

HR/FB 12%

Pull 41%

Hard-hit 35%

Hitting, fielding and baserunning are all runs above average, which is zero.


BA .246

BABIP .295

All pitchers with 20+ IP in 2018

WAR 0.8

ERA 4.23

FIP 4.20

SIERA 4.03

HR/FB 13%

Pull 40%

Hard-hit 35%


BAA: .245

BABIP: .294

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 17 '18