Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Here's how Tout answered this weekend.

Justin Turner 24

Zobrist 7

Hampson 18

Peralta 19

Grandal 16

Steckenrider 4

Nelson 7

Stripling 10

So they're all keeps!

And all except Hampson are close.

At the price I'd definitely keep Hanson but be aware that McMahon poses a major threat to playing time.

My second keep would be Turner. Just a feeling he's going to have a big year. (My bid, like Tout's, reflects injury risk.)

My third would be Grandal because of catcher scarcity.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 19 '19

Help! which 3 more do i keep (4x4 NL only - already keeping Trea, Dahl & Vazquez)

Justin Turner $20

Zobrist $6

Hampson $7

Peralta $19

Grandal $11

Steckenrider $1

Jimmy Nelson $3

Stripling $7


mark maurer Tuffy
Mar 19 '19

Awaiting final keepers tomorrow, but best estimates put my league at 13.5% hitting inflation and 12.5% pitching inflation.  

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Mar 18 '19

I posted this elsewhere a few days ago and got a comment from Alex, but now that I know how to find threads, I think this belongs here:

I'm in a 12-team, 6x6 (OPS and QS), H2H, mixed Yahoo!. I've done very well in it
almost every year, thanks primarily to the software and wisdom of this
site. I know values for small mixed leagues aren't linear; you cheat the good players and
dramatically increase the salaries for the Trouts and Scherzers of the
Roto world. And since it's H2H with QS, I've basically eliminated closers from consideration.

Is there an accepted wisdom yet on how much to increase the best players, and
how far down the list you go before prices normalize? For example, I
currently (pre-inflation) have Trout at $71, Yelich at $55, Bregman (#10) at $49, Rendon
(#31) at $26/par, Tommy Pham (#50) at $12, and Contreras/Pillar/Seager
as the beginning of the $1 hitters. Does this seem OK?

T.J. Rohr TJRohr
Mar 16 '19

diehard - then ... while your league is in "change mode" ... next year you can upgrade from BA to OBP :-)

Then, it seems like you'd be slightly more than slightly more in accord with what real baseball players are worth!  And that'd make your 5x5 "more fun"!  IMO ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Mar 13 '19

You've basically got it, diehard. Players who play and pitchers who pitch are worth more in 5x5, even if they don't play or pitch all that well.

If the little guys are worth more, the big guys are worth less. That's why you see two sets of earnings at this site. But earnings are in hindsight -- looking ahead, there's virtually no difference in what people bid in the two formats except in what they pay for closers. A $25 closer in 4x4 gets paid $15-$20 in 5x5, depending on how many Ks he offers. 

I'm impressed that your league was able to do this after 20 years. And I expect there will be no turning back.

Having played in both, I won't say 5x5 is more fun -- it's not -- but it's slightly more in accord with what real baseball players are worth.

Since it's only slightly, I prefer the one that's more fun.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 13 '19

My advice is simply to start with the 5x5 bids you see here ... then zig when everyone else zags (ie. get one (or two!) of the 3 best SPs, get some cheap BA and Speed, and don't forget to get lots of HRs & RsBI :-)).  And don't wait too long and wind up with too much money left and not enough quality players left in the pool.

You're a player, diehard!  Go for it!

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Mar 13 '19

Our league is changing to a 1 year trial from AL only 4x4 redraft to AL only 5x5 redraft.  New categories are Runs and Strikeouts.  Big change for us since it was old school 4x4 for 20 years.

I am open to any advice on general strategy, roster construction etc. in light of this change.  We do have a 1 man taxi squad and can drop players for any reason.  Biggest thing I see is change and value in Closers.  Virtually every owner will go Stars and Scrubs.  The best 3 starting pitchers will be underpriced.  All other SP's down to $5 will be overpriced.  Cheap MR'S.  Best 4 hitters will be priced fairly.  Cheap BA and Speed.  HR and RBI all overpriced.  Its easy in this league to wait too long and wind up with too much money left and not enough quality players left in the pool.

Can really use help from this high quality group of players.

bill fries diehard
Mar 13 '19

The Tout Mixed Draft ran last night. Peter was drafting 10'th, yours truly in the 14'th slot. I don't think stolen bases will be a problem for either one of us.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Mar 6 '19