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It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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By definition, dump trades that involve a cheap major leaguer leaving the Go-For-It team almost certainly require two good players coming back from the Dump-It team.

Why would a Go-For-It team send out a good-cheap-player to get back a good-expiring-contract-player?

Of course, it could be a good-cheap-player for a great-cheap-player, but if greatness isn't a part of the equation then it's basically a 2-for-1.

Now, minor leaguers for major leaguers. Okay that makes more sense as a 1-for-1.

Am I missing something?

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 6 '18

1) What are your principles for in season active and reserve roster management?

Stick with your draft?
Look for the breakout?
Sit on FAAB money?
Spend FAAB money?

2) What mistakes have you made in the past?

My quick answers:

1) Look for the "DeGram" player and bid decent amounts. The DeGrom-player for me is the guy who is/was a decent, but not amazing prospect who comes out hot.  I'm hoping to get them at something I can keep this year and next year though so sometimes I can't get them.

This year's "DeGrom" for me so far was Kingham who went for more than I bid (by just a bit).

2) My mistakes:
a) In the past have been to panic and cut players with bad BABIP even with all the data and commentary available here. 

b) Trading away good minor leaguers for vets (I had Hoskins in both my leagues but traded him in PCL.  I still have him in my home league).

Kent Ostby Seadogs
May 8 '18

This shows a week view: @

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Apr 5 '18

I asked, in the Homer Bailey thread, if there's a web site which shows pitching rotations (sorta like shows bullpen hierarchy) ... and while looking, I found this at ... Probable Pitchers

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 5 '18

Part of it is because a lot of people are in multiple leagues and forget which rules apply to which leagues.  I would say that this never happens to me, but I dropped from 3rd to 5th last year in my home league because I fell short of an 1100 IP minimum. What kind of idiot passes an 1100 instead of 1000 IP minimum.

Apparently me.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 29 '18

I love my league, but they're going to kill me someday.

Our auction is NEXT Saturday (mainly because Easter is this weekend).  Our keepers are due Monday, which is our usual procedure. 

One owner e-mailed me, saying, "We designate our keepers AFTER Opening Day?  How long has that been going on?  That makes no sense . . . blah, blah, blah."

While Opening Day status is very relevant in our rules, it makes no difference to keepers.  We draft on the most convenient Saturday; most commonly, the Saturday AFTER Opening Day, sometimes the next Saturday, sometimes (when there are serious calendar issues) the Saturday BEFORE Opening Day.  But the keepers are always due the Monday before the auction.

We've been doing this over 30 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how grown men (and a couple of women) have no recall for how we do things.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Mar 29 '18

Actually, turns out I was asking for the formulas ... and in order to clarify that, it made me go seeking for myself :-)  So ... now I know that they are in the PODexcel spreadsheet ... such as ... for BA in NL 5x5 ...


... with the "denominator" being .0015 ... ie. it takes an improvement of a point-and-a-half of BA to get 9.4/4 more dollars of value.

Side Note: the link to "Notes for Masochists" in the Glossary points to a URL which now says "Oops! That page can’t be found."

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Mar 29 '18

Thanks. Both are incredibly helpful. I might even get the Sort#'s perfect for the update today!

Howard, I think you are asking for the conversion multiplier, which is a constant, although it's a little different for the two formats.

4x4: 13/6

5x5: 9.4/4

The added quantitative category for pitchers in 5x5 means pitchers get a slightly larger slice of the pie than they do in 4x4.

That's the theory. In practice the only real difference between 4x4 and 5x5 prices is that people pay more for closers in 4x4. For the obvious reason that even the best closers don't get as many strikeouts as an average starting pitcher.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 29 '18

re: Rosters on a single page ...

I've used Sandlot Shrink for Depth Charts for a long time ... it's all teams in a division on one page ... so 3 pages per league ... here's link to NL West ... which is up to date/accurate for Padres, for example.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Mar 29 '18