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It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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Here's my favorite injury link out on .

Interesting to note:

10 Dodgers on the list

Next highest NL team has 4 players on the list.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 23 '16

The acronym was first phrased on usenet before BP and other sites went on-line.  TINSTAAPP.  There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.    

Because John Sickels ranks his prospects as the 50 top hitters and 50 top pitchers separately, I always put the hitters first among the grades.  For example, A level hitters are ranked 1-4, then the A level pitchers 5 and 6.  Then the A- hitters 7-15, then A- pitchers 16-21, etc.  It discounts pitchers a little, rather than integrating the lists more subjectively, before he comes out with a more comprehensive top 150 prospects list somewhere else.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Mar 22 '16

WRONG, you are dead wrong. ALWAYS take pitchers instead of hitters with that first pick:

In the first year of the PCL I took Mike Minor with the 2nd overall reserve pick. Bryce Harper went first overall.

Oops, my bad. That actually kind of makes your point exactly.

But yea, PCL history is littered with examples of $15 an $10 pitchers that sat on people's reserve lists for years doing nothing. And most of the time when they did come up, they got shelled.

You might actually be better off taking someone like Micheal Morse or Bud Norris with that pick (looking at the Tout reserves), and have the chance to get some useful production during the season.

Keith Prosseda andypro
Mar 22 '16

Since you asked (and adding to the discussion)...I rarely take pitchers with the first pick.  I think pitchers have immediate positive impact right out of the box far less often.  Also, our league uses standard ultra rules, where the first rounder is a potential $15 keeper and starting with round 2 it drops to $10.  A $15 pitcher is far less less likely to be a keeper.

Doron Scharf jerome
Mar 22 '16

Jerome -- Switching the discussion of picks off of Mallex Smith's name.

A lot depends on your philosophy of course (hitters only, hitters+pitchers, and even major leaguers vs minor leaguers).

Top NL only minor leaguers off the top of my head who should start in the minors:

Smith, Swanson, Crawford, Alex Reyes, Giolito, Glasnow, Urias, Tapia, Bell, Turner, Contreras, G. Guerrero, Blair.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 21 '16

So for those who wonder about such things, teams are getting those rosters down.  The Pirates, for example, are down to 30 players in major league camp.

16 hitters

14 pitchers

Kang is headed to the DL, Diaz (3rd catcher) is likely headed to AAA, so two pitchers need to be cut and one hitter.

The point being that we're getting closer to who is going to make these clubs.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 19 '16

Replacement Owner Needed

Austin Texas, Auction on April 9 (evening) and April 10 (day)

4x4 roto league with ULTRA 17-man reserve list 12 team NL-only ...

The league has been around for about 24 years now. Very low turnover.

We like to do the auction/draft over a couple days, with the auction kicking off around 7 on a Saturday night to give us a chance to spend a few hours drinking beers and kibitzing over the high end players ... and then meeting again Sunday morning to go through the hard work of the late auction rounds and the ultra draft, without making it into a marathon day.  If anyone is coming from out of town, no problem putting you up for the night!

Contact [email protected] ... asap!

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 8 '16

Speaking of Aledmys Diaz (Jhonny Peralta Thread), I don't think we have a page for him.  I recall there being an issue or oddity about him, but can't recall what it was.

Here is his baseball reference page.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 8 '16

I happened to post a link on for a step by step, which is pretty much the same idea:

The smaller the league, the more the money collects to the guys in the first couple of rounds, and the more $1 players there are.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 7 '16

That's the right way to do it. I'm quite sure there is no better way.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 6 '16