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It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

The way to read this is you predicted Keuchel would earn $10 in 5x5 and he's on pace to earn $40?

Alex Patton Alex
May 9 '15

Not sure what went sour with the link. I know I checked it, but clearly not well enough. It should be working now.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
May 9 '15

I'm not seeing the prices at this link, Peter.

I gather there has also been a Ron Shandler sighting (if that's the right word) at Baseball HQ Radio recently.

As Ron leaves Baseball HQ for good now, he leaves us a very nice sampling of some of his best stuff:

Alex Patton Alex
May 8 '15

The karaoke came later, after the slammers. Patrick can get wild.

I posted 5x5 prices for roto today at, which is 

I went a few days into May because the start of the season was so late.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
May 7 '15
Listening to Rotoman rock the Baseball HQ Radio. I sure hope he does a little karaoke later on.
Apr 21 '15

In a related Stage Four comment, I remarked to my partner as we were in the midst of the endgame how our strategy seemed to slightly differ from most in the (very mature league).  We were letting decent (or possibly marginal) $8-$10 guys go by to hoard for some potential upside guys (that could turn into star keepers, and could also be total wastes). We do it every year, although it really makes more sense to do it when you come in with a weaker keeper team.  Both strategies are valid, I think, but ours is a little more fun.  Go Archie Bradley!

Doron Scharf jerome
Apr 14 '15

You are not wrong in aligning me with the Metamucils. I'll be at Citifield tomorrow night to watch Matt Harvey pitch. Someone gave me some Dunkin Donuts coupons that got me $14 - 300 level tickets. 1990's prices!

The other big Mets fan in that league has a bad habit of saving all of his money for the endgame where he overpays for marginal guys. He has played in this league for 25 or so years and has never won yet still makes the same mistakes every year. David came out in the first round and I pounced at that price. I also hope Cargo ends up being worth the $29.

Apr 13 '15

You must have been the only Mets fan, Syd.

Apologies if I keep wrongly aligning you with the Metamucils, as they say in the Post.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 13 '15

Here is my team from an 11 team 4x4 NL only:

C Molina 15

C Pierzinski 2

1B Belt 16

CO Howard 13 (Freeze)

3B Wright 26 (Arenado went for $35!)

SS Segura 24

2B La Stella $1

MI Galvis $2

OF McCutchen 42 (Freeze)

OF E Young 5 (Freeze)

OF Pagan 13 (Freeze)

OF Cargo 29

OF Gomes 1

UT BJ Upton 1

P Zimmermann 26 (Freeze)

P Teheran 21 (Freeze)

P Benoit 4 (Freeze)

P Mejia 5 (before the suspension)

P Familia 6

P Leake 2

P Iglesias 2

P B Anderson 2

P Heston 1

Apr 13 '15

My team from my 10 team NL only auction tonite:

C-Bethancourt $1

C- Norris $7

1b- Rizzo $17(freeze)

2b- Gyorko $6

SS- Segura $17

3b- Alvarez $12

COR- Morse $10

MID- Escobar $1

OF- Polanco $5(freeze)

OF- Harper $27

OF- Kemp $23

OF- Marte $26

OF- Werth $15

UTIL- Ashe $1


Peralta $2(freeze)

Grienke $31

Hamels $27

Jansen $19

Morrow $2

Burnett $5

E Marshall $1

Iglesias $1

Quackenbush $1

RSV: Blanco, Familia, Stephenson, and Despaigne



Any feedback would be appreciated. 



van wilhoite LVW
Apr 5 '15