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I'm putting together Tout Wars X this year.

My idea is roto game by different measures, maybe a little more sabremetric.

Hitting: AB, OPS, SB-CS

Pitching: IP, OPS, Saves+(holds*.5)-BS 

Fielding: Huh?

There are many problems with fielding stats, as we all know. You can't count chances equally across positions. But adding fielding stats is the reason this would be meaningful.

My first thought is

Fielding: Chances minus errors, fielding percentage.

My second thought is to license John Dewan's runs saved number, though I'm not sure where it comes from. And I hear it's expensive.

In all cases, the roster alignment could make big differences. A team that has more 1B probably has more chances and better Fielding percentage. But counteracting that could mean a bookkeeping nightmare.

Any ideas how to solve that?


Looking for one or two fielding metrics that measure roto fielding peformance. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Nov 29 '15

You are right, scotts. The new formulas went into effect about ten days ago. The top hitters were nudged down by a dollar or two, the toppers pitchers bumped up. Jem's very nice stat survey of the last three years sums it up.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 28 '15

Wow, HR and RBI were way up in 2015, and SB were markedly lower!

Are the 2015 earnings figures we see here on the site finalized figures, taking everything into consideration?

 I do notice a few hitters who have now earned several $$ less in 2015 than what they were listed at right after the season ended.

Scott Shea SJS
Nov 28 '15

MLB Actual Stat Totals 2015 - 2014 - 2013:

Runs per Game: 4.25 - 4.07 - 4.17

PA: 183,628 - 183,929 - 184,873

R: 20,647 - 19,761 - 20,255

HR: 4,909 - 4,186 - 4,661

RBI: 19,650 - 18,745 - 19,271

SB: 2,505 - 2,764 - 2,693

BA: .254 - .251 - .253

OBP: .317 - .314 - .318

OPS: .721 - .700 - .714

2015 > 2014:

4.5% Runs

17.3% HR

4.8% RBI

2015 < 2014

9.4% SB

James Morgan jem1776
Oct 11 '15

I've been no closers for a decade+ now.  That doesn't mean I'm not trying to find saves.  It means I'm not spending on closers in the auction.  I've allocated those dollars to starting pitchers, so I'm still doing a standard split.  

At the time of my draft the following players were not closers (yet they are now)

Miller (not yet named - he and Betances were kept, so it was not relevant), Osuna, Tazawa, Rondon (nor Soria), Pomeranz/Mujica (nor Clippard), Smith, Tolleson.

So even discounting the Miller factor b/c it was assumed to be a shared role anyway, 6 of the 15 closers are new midseason.  

That means that Britton, Boxberger, Robertson, Allen, Holland, Perkins, Gregerson, and Street are the guys who've made it all year.  Looks like Perkins is hurt now.  Holland was the lights out choice and he is likely the worst of the bunch.  No sure things anymore.  I'm not banking on any of those guys next year.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Aug 22 '15
Oh, geez, let's look at NL teams with different closers than during drafts/auctions:  Braves, mets, Phillies, Nationals, Marlins, Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks.  
Thomas Rosenthal TommyR
Aug 22 '15

So what is the strategy going forward in ROTO on closers.

We're seeing a huge number of teams willing to make changes.

Closers who were not closers to start the season in the NL:

Ziegler, Familia, Vizcaino, Ramos, Giles, Cubs mix, Axford.

So 40% of National League closers.


And frankly, the Cubs are dead to me as far as closers.  I love Joe Maddon.  I like that he is being smart and sabermetric about his closers, but for roto, it's not useful.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Aug 21 '15

There are also many very useful deep dives into the farm teams of one franchise. You can't rely on any one of them, but those sites often see their guys more often, and can have better descriptions of organization thinking and past performance. Very useful for cross-checking the big boys. Edit: I find these via Google, and take all info with a grain of salt, until double checked. But there is lots of value out there.

And so is YouTube.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aug 3 '15
BP does have extensive prospect coverage including a preseason top 101 prospects and a mid-season update.  Keith Law does a pre-season list and mid-season update on ESPN as well.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Aug 3 '15

What are the best minor league sites out there that people like?

I'm assuming mlb's prospect section, Minor League Ball (Sickels), and Baseball America are out there.

Does Baseball Prospectus have a minor league section (looking especially for top 50 or top 100)?

Other sites?

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Aug 3 '15