Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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After a seven year absence the MLB All Star Tour of Japan is being revived. It unfortunately fell by the wayside with the focus on the WBC. I'm glad to see it revived and to have the opportunity to see/scout some of NPB's great young talent playing against their MLB counterparts.
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jun 11 '14
I'm not big on dragging guys up and down, trying to catch the wave. It's way too close to trying to time the stock market. At most, I'll play at the edges -- if my 5th/6th starter's marginal, and the matchup is brutal, I might bring up my Harmless Middle Reliever, but even THAT seems to blow up half the time.
Mike Dean TMU2009
Jun 11 '14
I would say MORE of their good is reserved than active.

a) Start pitcher and he gets rocked.
b) Reserve pitcher and he does awesome.
c) Start pitcher again!
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jun 10 '14
In the Matt Garza thread, discussing Garza vs Edwin Jackson, Texpope says ...

inevitably I'm gonna get burned by having him in the week he sucks and reserve him the week he has a great game

... and this strikes me as a very "Stage Four" concept. Do we all feel this way?

My point is that the value of some players is NOT simply their year-end or projected stats ... because a significant portion of those stats will be accrued while the player is not on an active roster.

Some "experts" talk/write like they know how to pick those "good times" ... but that skill eludes me.

I don't have a good idea for how to calculate that looking back ... even less so for how to incorporate it into projected value/earnings in the future.
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jun 10 '14
About 23,000 in attendance, and more than 60,000 10 cent beers sold. What could possibly for wrong?
Keith Cromer Slyke
Jun 4 '14
I don't remember 10-cent Beer Night ... and according to that link there were other such nights that did not turn into a fiasco ... but I'd bet there was one and only one Disco Demolition Night ... so it gets my higher grade!
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jun 4 '14
Today marks the Anniversary of one of the worst promotions in the history of our game. Fourty years ago today the fans in Cleveland celebrated 10 Cent Beer night. What could have possibly gone wrong with this brilliant idea? Is this the best of the worst or is Disco Demolition Night ranking of a higher grade?
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jun 4 '14
I finally got to Slyke's link myself. Great read. An excerpt to encourage others to go to BP for the rest...

In recent years, however, my passion for the fantasy souk has waned considerably. Monday morning, after making last-second moves before our league’s transaction deadline at midnight Sunday, I woke feeling drained rather than pumped by the prospect of studying my remade roster. I realized I’d expended way too much time and blood pressure last week, compulsively checking email and feeling unwarranted annoyance at owners I’ve known for years and whose company I normally enjoy.

Chalk some of this down to the crankiness that comes with age. I’m 55 and have been in a fairly stable league for 17 of its 27 years. Like family, we’re all-too familiar with each other’s tendencies and ticks. Some owners have long memories, others short fuses. We’ve played through job losses, broken relationships, and grave illnesses. At some point, almost all of us have taken this game too seriously.

But I also wonder whether changes in technology have sapped the pleasure I once took from fantasy. For me, the game is a break from the daily grind, and from the loneliness of working at home on a laptop. I enjoy being one of the guys, dishing out trash talk and infield chatter. That’s fine on my summer softball team, where my woeful skills are part of the playful banter. But in the virtual realm that my fantasy league and most others now inhabit, words without personal contact can exacerbate minor disagreements and diminish the social grease that gets us through life.

That’s particularly true when it comes to swapping players. To me, trading isn’t just transactional; it’s a social act. I enjoy the give and take, the offers and counters, the coaxing and wheedling and groping for compromise. Call me old school, but when I make an offer I like to receive more than a smartphone message: “get back 2 u later.” In turn, my chitchat and thinking out loud about trades now seems to rankle some owners, who prefer 140 characters or less.
Alex Patton Alex
May 24 '14
Woo hoo ... bring on the LOOGYs!

Adding SLG while keeping HRs definitely boosts the value of sluggers.

Personally, I embrace the added variability of AVG.

Meanwhile, as I've noted earlier - if you want to bump up the value of middle relievers just change "K" to "K-BB".
Phil Ponebshek Texpope
May 24 '14
Thanks for the link, Slyke!

On a different subject ... what about a 6th pitching category of simply "appearances"? My thinking is that it gives some value to the 7th & 8th inning relievers and adds some value to the closers.

Maybe then for hitters, change to OBP and SLG, removing Avg ... so 6x6 ... with both sides having 4 counting stats and 2 averages.
Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 23 '14