Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!
Congratulations Keith and Phil! Well done!
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Sep 29 '14
Was definitely a fun and fast post-season draft. Until my last pick, you might have thought I thought it was an NL-only draft, but oh well. Will have to save some waiver picks for the WS . . .
mike fenger mike
Sep 29 '14
12 Teams, 10 roster slots to fill, and 42 minutes later we have our first Patton & Co Post-Season League. I went all-in on the west coast with five Angels and two Dodgers. I also grabbed Volquez and Bumgarner. We have ten waiver wire picks at our disposal and I will be using them. My thanks to all the participants and all the best over the next four weeks.
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Sep 29 '14
You have made us proud, Keith and Phil. Thanks for carrying the banner!
Alex Patton Alex
Sep 29 '14
Congratulations to both Keith and Phil. Very nicely done gents!
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Sep 29 '14
Mike Landau ML-
Sep 29 '14
Here are the final CBS Analyst League standings:

CBS NL Standings

Patton & Co (Ponebshek) 80.50
Patton & Co (Cromer) 80.50
Baseball Prospectus (Gianella) 75.00 (Di Fino) 74.50 71.00 (Kreush) 66.00
Razzball 63.00 58.50 (Melchior) 56.00 (White) 54.50 51.50 (Carey) 49.00

CBS AL Standings

Fantasy Insiders (Carty) 87.00
Patton & Co (Cromer) 78.00 75.00 (Melchior) 69.50 (White) 69.50
Mastersball (Carey) 66.00 (Di Fino) 64.00
Razzball 63.00
RotoRob 63.00
Baseball Prospectus 55.50
Fantasy Sports Empire 45.50
Stats LLC 44.00

Pretty cool that Phil and I tied for the NL title. The JZ no-hitter was the reason I was able to tie was an amazing last day. Phil - it was a pleasure doing battle with you, pal. Happy to assist in bringing a flag back to Patton & Co.!

As for the AL, well, it was a rough last 2 1/2 weeks as I saw a 5 point lead vanish as Derek Carty's team went ballistic. Still held onto second, but was tough watching helplessly as Derek's team blew past me.

Thanks again, Alex and Peter, for letting me represent your site. It was a fun year.
Keith Cromer Slyke
Sep 29 '14
It's hard to believe how the time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were drafting teams and looking forward to another season of playing the greatest game on the planet. Here's wishing everyone a great last week of play as we make that final sprint to the finish line!
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Sep 22 '14
@TMU2009 ... I think I understand and agree with your points ... which is why I did not use the word "better".

Agree 100% that "its'a game" ... so the point is to have fun? That's what I think, anyway. And I think it's more fun to play the same game as most other people ... so that I can share their insights ... compare their decisions and results to my decisions and results ...

And it's my perception that even more people will play and have fun if/when there is a "standard" ... so that's why I'm interested to understand what the consensus is here for what that standard ought to be ...

Do you think it might be more fun to play roto with 5x5 using OBP rather than 4x4 using BA?

Or is it more fun to play the same game you've been playing since 1985? (Which I totally understand ... the benefit being that you and your league-mates can compare "this season" to all of your previous seasons ... which is fun)

@Rotoman - will you propose to change Tout to such a 4x4 format? The most obvious (to me) benefit of this format is that both hitters and pitchers are scored based on 3 counting stats plus only 1 rate stat ... is that what makes this most attractive to you?

I guess I think 4x4 w/ OBP rather than BA and K or IP rather than ERA is too big of a change/difference from what the majority play today to have a chance of becoming "standard" ...

But it does feel do-able to get critical mass for 5x5 w/ OBP rather than BA to be standard ... if for no other reason than Tout Wars has already broken the ice ... and it's clearly "better" :-)

Does it feel like any of the other "expert leagues" are considering following Tout's lead?

Will Tout stick with OBP next season?
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 18 '14
I think it's less a question of accuracy so much as choosing categories that create a squad that reflects the full range of baseball skills. WIth OBP, ability to take a walk gets counted. With BA, not so much.

My preference for a game, I think, would be 4x4, with OBP instead of BA and K or IP instead of ERA.
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Sep 18 '14