Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!
Much like matching pitch is easier than singing a capella, I think Doubt Wars is much harder.

That's of course because I never have done prices for an only format, so its hard to look at a list of prices and spot the bargains. I know the players I like to outperform their projections, but no experience what those projections equate to in earnings for this format.

Being in a group allows you to bid based on the player pool, stat scarcity, opportunity, and the prejudices of the room. In a vacuum, I don't like my chances but I will at a minimum submit an NL Only.

I've noticed that there are less uncertain closer situations in the NL(even moreso before Motte's injury).
Justin Dowling BGWoodsman
Mar 30 '13
I should be so lucky if my AL or NL turn out as much fun. Am not sure, but I think some of the fun was having all that extra dough to buy with.
Noah Hirsch NSh58
Mar 30 '13
Just sent in my AL Only entry to the Doubt Wars challenge. much easier to do this than a live auction.

It was a lot fun. Great idea.
Keith Cromer Slyke
Mar 30 '13
So another thing I think about this time of year are "Who are the five worst starting position players in each league?"

I'm ignoring people who already have a stud coming back from injury behind them (like Punto) and trying to think about it from a "Who might get called up to plug one of these holes?" point of view.

I'm NL only guy so my list (just quickly) is:


Maybe I'm too hitting biased since I have three defensively strong, hitting weak shortstops.

But is there someone who can replace those guys on the bench or the minors (I say this generally). If so then maybe that is somewhere to go in the reserve draft / $1 rounds.
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 30 '13
It's easier afterward. It helps that a number of touts don't adhere to price like I do and simply chase players. It creates plenty of bargains.
Mike Gianella MikeG
Mar 30 '13
Just sent in my NL Only entry to No Doubt Tout. Much easier to do this, even with a buck extra per slot.
Caleb King-Stone ckStone
Mar 30 '13
Just sent my NL Only entry in.
van wilhoite LVW
Mar 30 '13
Sent in my Doubt Wars NL entry today. Here's a question for the assembled intelligentsia:

Do you think it's easier to assemble a Doubt Wars entry or to buy the team at auction?

On the one hand, it's much easier after the fact to put all the pieces together. On the other, the Doubt Wars team would cost $23 more than if that same team were assembled during an auction.

As I was trying to assemble my squad, I wondered if it was supposed to look like an average team, or look like a great one.

For what it's worth, I think it's easier to put it together afterwards, even with the extra cost attached.
Keith Prosseda andypro
Mar 30 '13
Beane? Is that you?
Keith Prosseda andypro
Mar 30 '13
One other point about the XFL. We play with On Base Percentage, not Batting Average. I think the same teams year after year recognize the importance of OBP in a 5x5 environment, and tend to have the better offenses. If you think it's just one category, you're wrong.
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 30 '13