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Reminder: Look things up. Yes, 154.

Those eight games must make some money, but if they were clever the financial hit could be reduced.
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Oct 30 '12
Until 1961 the season was 154 games; seems like a reasonable figure. They sure haven't had any problem with "postseason records" post 1969.

mike fenger mike
Oct 29 '12
I don't think I've ever seen an explanation for why the 162 game season is better than a 156 game season, except for the records (which have all been devalued because they were bogus in the first place and then people took performance enhancing drugs).

Reduce the season by a week, make the wild card round seven games, and you could still reliably finish by November 1 (and usually well before). Unless there was a hurricane. (Last year we had our biggest snow storm in NY this same week. Maybe we should ban the Yankees, though they seem to be doing a good enough job doing that on their own.)
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Oct 29 '12
World Series kind of dodged a bullet ... first with the Yankees going out in the ALCS, then with the sweep.

Detroit tonight would have been even worse (wetter and colder) than the last couple nights - but tomorrow would have been much worse.

And I'm not sure when they'd have been able to get a game 5 in Manhattan done.
Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Oct 29 '12
153 days until Opening Day.
Caleb King-Stone ckStone
Oct 29 '12
My strategy and experience are similar to the previous comments. In three leagues for over 20 years, I've consistently had about 1/4th of my players duplicated in other leagues. It's because I target players who I think might be under-valued by others in the draft--and they usually are. Or I'll target a stud at a key position and pay what's necessary. Even more productive is using the same strategy in FAAB pick-ups. Results have been very positive over the years--finishing in the money well over 50% of the time.
Russ Fox olyfox
Oct 27 '12
My experience is with Eugene's -- the guys I like more than I think others will, I'm more likely to get in all (well, both) my leagues. That's true of the dollar players too -- those guys I have targeted, are likely to be there for me as well.
mike fenger mike
Oct 26 '12
I frequently have 4-7 of the same players because my values produce outliers versus the common pricing wisdom and I bid to my projected values. The good news is that for those outliers I usually wind up paying less than my projected price because I'm only bidding one marginal dollar not jumping right to my value.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Oct 26 '12
For those of you in multiple leagues, do you tend to go in on the same players over and over (probably based on valuations) or do you tend to not want to duplicate players so as to spread risk?

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Oct 26 '12

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Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 21 '12