Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers

Age: 23 (August 26, 1999) | 6' 1" | 220lbs. | Bats: Right
DET A+ 2021 31 109 21 34 24 28 11 1 5 28 3 2 .312 .440 .569 17 20 .362 n/a
DET AA 2021 50 175 33 46 30 50 10 0 14 36 1 1 .263 .373 .560 14 24 .278 n/a
DET AAA 2021 40 147 35 35 23 36 8 1 11 27 1 0 .238 .350 .531 13 20 .233 n/a
DET AL 2022 110 360 38 73 37 99 16 1 8 28 0 1 .203 .285 .319 9 25 .255 40/19/41 0 2
Career 1yr 110 360 38 73 37 99 16 1 8 28 0 1 .203 .285 .319 9 25 .255 n/a
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Anecdotally, it should come down to these three things:

1) The CBA caps the number of pitchers at 13 of the 26 spots.

2) The CBA caps the number of times players can be optioned to the minors, meaning that pitchers can't just be shuffled up and down, which should lead to more unique players being brought up.

3) Covid protocols forced teams visiting Toronto to add replacement players to replace those who are not vaccinated.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Nov 24

For my Thanksgiving feast.. the PDF version of the Baseball Forecaster.

Ron Shandler kicks if off -- excuse me, throws the first pitch -- with a long essay about the ever-changing state of the game. Here's a trend that I missed.

2020 debuts

Batters 96

Pitchers 169

2021 debuts

Batters 153

Pitchers 150

More batters debuted last year -- more than the year before and, for the first time since 2013 (when Ron's survey begins) more than pitchers.

Why? Was there something in the new CBA that led to this?

Ron doesn't speculate, but he thinks the sharp spike in rookie hitters conributed to the power outage last year.

That’s more than 50 new batters than last year’s 96, which was
the high water mark up to that point. That accounted for a whole
bunch of plate appearances being spread around more than ever.
And while Julio Rodríguez and Michael Harris II earned their
stripes, there were also the Spencer Torkelsons and Nick Allens
eating up PAs and dragging down the numbers.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 24


Ends hitless stretch
October 4, 2022
Torkelson went 3-for-5 with a solo home run and an additional run during a 9-6 loss in Game 2 of Tuesday's doubleheader.
Torkelson delivered his sixth three-hit game of the season with singles in the third and fifth innings and a solo home run in the sixth. The trio of hits snapped a 23 at-bat hitless stretch over the 23-year-old's previous seven contests as the top prospect has endured a rough ending to what has been a disappointing rookie season.
Alex Patton Alex
Oct 5

He's back up for September.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 1

Sent down. It saves them some money during the All-Star Break and maybe he can straighten out whatever is wrong with him. He really looks late on everything from what I've seen. His plate discipline has been okay, though. He seems to swing at strikes, just miss them or hit them weakly. 

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jul 17

He is late on fastballs.  It's almost like he has a slider speed bat, but is laying off most breaking pitches.  He's not striking out a crazy amount, only once per game, but he's making a lot of weak contact.  Most of his HR have been on mistakes and he's totally crushed them.  He has pretty good strike zone command. His misses are in the zone. He also takes a lot of strikes on the edges which gets him down in the count.  I'd say his plate coverage over the outside third is poor.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jun 16


June 16th and he's .181/.281/.292.

The numbers say that he's completely overmatched.  Anyone here watching his at-bats that can offer a glimmer of hope??  

Gary Cruciani Megary
Jun 16

I went ahead and paid $22 (AL 4x4). Knowing Rutschman was coming to me with my first reserve pick ($10), I figured it was a fine 2023 play regardless.  Added a $9 Brandon Marsh for a triumvirate.

Mike Landau ML-
Apr 11

Still searching for his first hit. But I've seen several of his AB and he looks comfortable, confident.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 11

​​​​Spencer Torkelson, 1B, Tigers: Torkelson hit his first home run of the spring on Sunday after learning he had made the Opening Day roster on Saturday. Tork is hitting .286/.400/.536. 

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 4