Shohei Ohtani Los Angeles Angels

Age: 26 (July 5, 1994) | 6' 4" | 200lbs. | Bats: Left P-10 DH-40 PH-22
LAA AL 2018 114 326 59 93 37 102 21 2 22 61 10 4 .285 .361 .564 10 28 .350 44/24/33 23 20
LAA AL 2019 106 384 51 110 33 110 20 5 18 62 12 3 .286 .343 .505 8 26 .354 50/26/24 21 19
LAA AL 2020 46 153 23 29 22 50 6 0 7 24 7 1 .190 .291 .366 13 29 .229 50/17/33 15 14
Career 3yrs 266 863 133 232 92 262 47 7 47 147 29 8 .269 .340 .503 10 27 .331 n/a
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Sorry, but $17 is a pipe dream.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 2 '18

I like that price. I do think Ohtani will easily out earn that, but the $17 price takes into consideration that he is coming off injury and has only 1 ML season under his belt.

Scott Shea SJS
Nov 29 '18
I'm working on Big Prices for the Guide. Today I have Shohei Ohtani with a price of $17. What do you think?
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Nov 17 '18

Today's reading in the XFL (this from Trace Wood):

I can only speak for myself but currently we have no games played eligibility requirement for pitchers. 

Since 1977, there have only been a handful of position players who have come into blowout games, as per the original roto rules. The leader in the clubhouse is Chris Gimenez with 11 over a 10-year career so far. He is the only position player who has pitched more than 4 games in a single season over that time frame with 6 in 2017. Christian Bethancourt is the only other position player who has pitched in more than 3 (4 in 2017).

Starters are a little different because they don't get as many appearances. Over that same period, only Ohtani, Rick Ankiel and Jason Lane have been used as starters. However, Ankiel was only used as a pitcher up until 2004 (although he was used as a pinch hitter 3 times and a pinch runner once in 2000), and was never used as a pitcher after he returned in 2007. Lane made only 1 career start (3 appearances) in 2014, but that was after he was out of the majors as a position player by 2007.

So a minimum requirement of 10 appearances or two starts during the current or previous year should disqualify any position player from the position of pitcher without affecting any current full-time pitchers. Pitchers coming back from TJ could refer back to their last healthy season. But this is just a rough sketch of what a games played requirement for pitchers might be.

As for Ohtani, I think I wrote earlier than he never pitched on days he DHed, and never hit on days he pitched. I found that information by looking at his game log. The only reason I sought that out was because of the language of the original rule, which turned out to be more a matter of technological limitations - there were no stats services like OnRoto when the book was written and most stat reports had to be calculated by hand from the weekly USA Today and Sporting News stat pages - than it was a matter of orthodoxy. Since technology is no longer an impediment, I don't see that the rule (no pitcher's hitting stats and visa versa) necessarily applies any more. But that's not what I am proposing.

As for choosing which stats he would get when active, no, that would not be possible, just like it is for every other player. When he's active, he gets all his stats, good and bad. That turns out to be something of a two-edged sword, but that is both the advantage and disadvantage of having him.

Lastly, I am not asking to create a new rule solely for Ohtani. I am only asking that he (and eventually McKay and any other potential two-way player) be treated like every other player: he occupies one spot on the roster, the only way to get his stats is for him to occupy one spot on the active roster in a position for which he qualifies and he gets all the stats he produces when active.



Alex Patton Alex
Oct 8 '18

An email from Todd Zola yesterday, as we wrestle over the once and future Ohtani in the XFL:

I'm going to try to sum up the discussion so far. When I say "Ohtani", I mean all two-way players and when I say "Trace", I mean the player's team manager (off point, ESPN has asked its writers to not refer to a player's "OWNER" so I'm doing my best to avoid it everywhere so it becomes second nature.

Current rule

Effective 2018, there are two Ohtani's: Ohtani-P and Ohtani-H. They occupy ONE 40-man roster spot. Trace can opt to

A. Use Ohtani-P as a P and get P stats

B. Use Ohtani-H as a H and get H stats

C. Both at the same time (so 13 other H and eight other P)

D. Reserve both

There are two proposals on the table

1. Change the above to eliminate C

2. Allow Ohtani to get H and P stats from the same roster spot.
This proposal comes with several unanswered questions, some of which depend on OnRoto (though SWATodd can program a workaround for all of them, depending on the new rule, if it comes about).

A. Does Ohtani slot in as a P, giving the team 15 H and 9 P?

B. Does Ohtani slot in as a H, giving the team 14 H and 10 P?

C. Can Trace decide which he wants on a week to week basis?

D. If Ohtani is active, MUST he accrue both H and P stats or can Trace opt for just one or the other on a week-to-week basis.

I think that sums it up. Hopefully I didn't further cloud the issue.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 7 '18

Baseball America, summing up Ohatni's rookie season in two sentences:

Ohtani hit .285 with a .925 OPS and 22 home runs in 367 plate appearances (a 34-homer pace), numbers in line with Paul Goldschmidt’s.

He delivered a 3.31 ERA, 11.0 strikeouts per nine innings and a 1.16 WHIP on the mound, numbers in line with Luis Severino’s.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 6 '18

83 members of the 10-SB club. Two fewer than last year.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 1 '18

Joins the 10-SB club.

Is there anything he can't do?

Yes. Pitch.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 29 '18

Today's prospect report from Baseball America:

Shohei Ohtani, DH, Angels. Ohtani went 2-for-4 with a double and his ninth stolen base of the season. Even with the injured elbow, Ohtani's 2018  season has to rank as the most unique of the past century. It's easy to overlook just how amazing this season is.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 11 '18

Sore back, my foot.

In a press conference before the game last night the Angels announce there's been "new damage" to his ulnar collateral ligament and Tommy John surgery is likely.

Devastating news. To the Angels and, of course, to Ohtani.

His response? Two homer and two singles as the DH.

Some quotes from Billy Eppler in the press conference:

"One of the things that Shohei does is he throws extremely hard. If you're going to throw hard for a number of years, and you're going to continue to stress ligaments, you're going to put yourself at risk. If you're going to be a phenom, like Shohei is, and play both ways ... and you're going to hit huge home runs, and throw 100 miles an hour, it's a lot for your body to endure... He trains, he eats, he sleeps like nothing I've ever seen before."

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 6 '18