Thread: Rotoman's Guide

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I grabbed mine from a chain grocery store...last year it sold out so I went digital.  But like others have described - it's so much better in print.

However, while I used to buy the Baseball Prospectus Annual, I just can't do the Harry Potter and the End of Trees size anymore.  I appreciate the different perspectives offered in both the Guide and BP (and the HQ Forecaster), but due to the heft, I have to stick with just the website for BP.

Eric Valdi farley
Feb 3 '16

Picked up my Guide at Rite Aid (next year it'll probably be a Walgreens).  I'm late this year and particularly unmotivated for some reason.  Maybe I'm in the bargaining stage...or is it acceptance??

I think I need to shake up the game a bit and try some new theory/strategy...create a little motivation.  Anyone ever try a pitcher heavy auction/draft, whether by plan or circumstance?  Can it work, riskiness aside?  I think it can. I'm sure it has.

Gary Cruciani Megary
Feb 2 '16