Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals

Age: 42 (January 16, 1980) | aka Prince Albert,Phat Albert, The Machine, El Hombre | 6' 3" | 235lbs. | Bats: Right 1B-76 3B-1 DH-2
LAA AL 2018 117 465 50 114 28 65 20 0 19 64 1 0 .245 .289 .411 6 13 .247 40/22/37 13 12
LAA AL 2019 131 491 55 120 43 68 22 0 23 93 3 0 .244 .305 .430 8 12 .238 46/15/39 15 14
LAA AL 2020 39 152 15 34 9 25 8 0 6 25 0 0 .224 .270 .395 6 15 .230 40/20/41 9 9
LAA AL 2021 24 86 9 17 3 13 0 0 5 12 1 0 .198 .250 .372 3 14 .176 38/16/45 2 2
LAD NL 2021 85 189 20 48 11 32 3 0 12 38 1 0 .254 .299 .460 5 16 .245 50/16/35 9 8
STL NL 2022 101 287 34 76 25 50 13 0 21 58 1 2 .265 .338 .530 8 15 .248 38/16/45 16 14
Career 22yrs 3072 11401 1906 3377 1370 1399 685 16 700 2208 117 43 .296 .374 .543 11 11 .284 n/a
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You can add an OPS+ of 190 for 2008. What a fantastic year for Pujols, playing through a very testy elbow. There is no question in my mind that Pujols is the MVP this season.

Speaking of Pujols, congratulations to Patton & Co. for its 2008 CBS Sportsline NL Expert League Championship! 2008 held very significant challenges for Patton & Co., considering it lost Pujols, Wainright, Hudson, and other for considerable parts of the season. Crafty roster management, one solid trade, and some good fortune, however, brought us back from 6 points down with 11 days to play (after holding first place for most of the year from middle of April forward) to hold on to a 2 point win.

More about the season will follow in different player comments.
John Toczydlowski Toz
Oct 14 '08
The hitter Baseball Reference links him to as the #1 comp for every year of Pujols' career is actually Joe DiMaggio. Williams isn't even in the Top 10 now, but that's because he falls off because of the war.

DiMaggio will start dropping off for the same reason next year.

DiMaggio's OPS+s through his first seven seasons (Age 21-27) were 128, 168, 139, 184, 173, 184, and 147.

Pujols' (Age 21-27) have been 157, 151, 187, 172, 168, 178, and 157.

Williams' Age 20-23 were 160, 162, 235, 217 before he went to fight the good fight. Then he came back in '46 and his next three years (ages 27-29) were 215, 205, and 189.

Pujols and DiMaggio are/were great hitters. But Williams is in an even higher circle of greatness with Ruth and the probably-tainted Bonds.
Mike Gianella MikeG
Jul 3 '08
Too bad I can't display just the first seven seasons of Ted Williams, and those totals. Be an interesting comparison.
Alex Patton Alex
Jul 3 '08
Depends what your team/league looks like. If you are sitting in good shape with keepers and such, stay away. If you need a high leverage play, he is a great place to throw some money.
paul schneider badgermania
Mar 24 '08
He's the first guy I toss out in my nl-only 5x5 keeper league. Not only to suck up money but to see if I can get a bargain. People are in fear of Pujols breaking down and this is when to buy.
Mark Bond booond
Mar 23 '08
the older you get the older the elbow injuries get, no more than 40
john saleen jrwrangler
Feb 23 '08
If I'm not mistaken, Pujols has had this elbow problem for years, so drafting him is taking the same chance you've always taken (the inury probably led to his original move to 1B). I believe he also has plantar fascitis issues, but the guy is an animal and plays at the highest level through his pains. Not being able to straighten your arm does sound like a siren call, so don't count your chickens, but getting Albert in the 30's is a gift that keeps on giving.
Jeff Jaffee JeffJaffee
Feb 20 '08
theoldfart was way ahead of this discussion, but Guide contributor Tim McLeod tells me that Pujols dropped this past weekend to the bottom of the Top 10 in his mock drafts. I'm not sure how to tell if this is based on real information or represents a panic, but the talk of real risk is clearly getting around.

Not that I was worried about the Pujols risk in November, which seems like a long time ago, so I'm not sure I stopped where I did. Nor do I know why I stopped on Ichiro, except that we already had a No. 1 steals guy and really needed power. I'm sure that Brian Giles had nothing to do with it, but his OBP will help us all season long in which he's able to play.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 20 '08
Correction. Most expensibe players in this year's XFL auction (held in Phoenix in November):

C.LEE $46

So, considering inflation (it's a keeper league), I'm happy to say I'm wrong. After Vlad, there's a big fall-off. The majority of the experts, even in a mixed league, even with inflation, are very reluctant to place big bets on any single player.

Actually, I'm not totally happy, because I don't think Peter was radical enough (I was unable to make it to Shandler's symposium). He did buy two of the players here -- Vlad and Abreu -- while no other team has more than one.

But no way would I have let the bidding stop for Ichiro at 33. With freezes like Hanley Ramirez $7 and Dan Haren $10, we could afford him. If we didn't get Brian Giles for $3 in the end game, there were plenty of $2 choices.
Alex Patton Alex
Feb 9 '08
I can only think there was a markdown for the reasons mentioned by theoldfart who's also commenting here (he said it, not me). But I'd be pleased, too, if I was able to buy Albert for a mere $38 in an NL-only 5x5 league.

He went for $61 in the XFL in November.

Before you gasp, understand that the XFL is a 15-team mixed league, and the guy who bought Pujols, Jeffery Winick, sees mixed-league pricing just the way Rotoman and I do, and as a result has been our main competition.

Pricing is not linear in mixed leagues. The reasons why are discussed in more detail in the A-Rod thread. Here -- with mixed leagues gaining every year in popularity -- the message I want to post as a public service is: believe that mixed league auctions are a whole different ballgame.

After five years of watching Winick and the Patton/Kreutzer combo have far more success than anyone else, the other players in the XFL have started to believe.

Some other prices from the auction in November:

Bobby Abreu $51 (Rick Wilton)
Carlos Lee $49 (Brian Walton)
Derek Jeter $44 (Perry Van Hook)
A-Rod $58 (Lawr Michaels)
Carlos Beltran $51 (Greg Ambrosius)
Manny Ramirez $49 (Doug Dennis)

If Albert's was a little extravagant -- and I'm not saying it was -- you have to like A-Rod's price.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 8 '08