Pete Alonso New York Mets

Age: 25 (December 7, 1994) | 6' 3" | 245lbs. | Bats: Right 1B-156 DH-1 PH-1
NYM A+ 2017 82 308 45 88 25 64 23 0 16 58 3 4 .286 .361 .516 7 18 .314 n/a
NYM AA 2017 11 45 7 14 2 7 4 1 2 5 0 0 .311 .340 .578 4 15 .333 n/a
NYM AA 2018 65 220 42 69 43 50 12 0 15 52 0 2 .314 .440 .573 16 18 .344 n/a
NYM AAA 2018 67 258 50 67 33 78 19 1 21 67 0 1 .260 .355 .585 11 26 .284 n/a
NYM NL 2019 161 597 103 155 72 183 30 2 53 120 1 0 .260 .358 .583 10 26 .280 41/18/41 29 27
Career 1yr 161 597 103 155 72 183 30 2 53 120 1 0 .260 .358 .583 10 26 .280 n/a
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Another way of looking at it: the more categories there are, the harder it is to stand out from the pact.

For bidding purposes, the only significant difference between 4x4 and 5x5 is the price of closers. When Peter, Mike and I post our bids here, you'll see differences of opinion -- small differences, more often than not -- about where to stop bidding for all players who don't close; the fact that my bids are for 4x4 formats and theirs for 5x5 will be irrelevant.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 31

I think Alex calls Strikeouts the great equalizer for pitchers.  Usually the top starters go down, along with the closers.  I think that didn't apply to Cole and Verlander last year b/c their Ks were just so damn high.  Runs do the same thing for hitters.  It's another category in which the spread is not that high between the competent and the best.  Sure, if you have enough guys who score 110 runs it matters a lot, but compared to all the runs scored among 168 hitters, it's not that much different from 75, which isn't that different from 40.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jan 31
Pete's worth less in 5x5 because the dollars are redistributed to Nick Markakis and Adam Frazier.  It's not so much about Pete's runs versus league runs, but the addition of the new category.  In a similar fashion closers' earnings take a dramatic hit moving from 4x4 to 5x5 to pay starters for their IP or strikeouts. 
John Hobbs Real-Joker
Jan 30

My league may finally be moving from 4x4 to 5x5 this year.  That seems to be prompting some questions from me, one about Pete. Why is he worth less in 5x5 than 4x4, if he was so successful in the 5th category (Runs, 103)?

Doron Scharf jerome
Jan 30

Only $27 for a 102 run, 120 RBI, 53 HR season ... now THAT's a high scoring environment!

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jan 29

The Mets fan in me doesn't like the 3 pans in the guide but the roto player in me knows it's true.

Jan 28

Before we know it, the Guide will be on newsstands and here's what you'll see on the subject of Mr. Alonso:

SHANDLER PAN: He was a PICK for me last
year, but it’s a tough admission for this Mets
fan to turn on him so quickly. It’s not that’s he
not a great hitter. It’s just that recency bias
prevents most touts from regressing him
much below 45 HRs. However, 21st century
history says that the better percentage play is
a follow-up in the 30s, or even 20s. So, odds
are you’re going to overpay.

GIANELLA PAN: Hats off to Alonso for a well-
deserved Rookie of the Year award, but the 
bet here is the batting average drops and he
resembles pre-2019 Khris Davis. That’s a solid
hitter, but someone is going to push Alonso into 
the second round or past the $30 mark, and
that isn’t worth it in an offensive environment
where home runs aren’t scarce.

FLOWERS PAN: Not many players go 50-120
back-to-back. In fact, in the 21st century only
two men have done it (ARod and S. Sosa). No
speed, some homer pullback and not much
reason to expect a batting average increase all
leads to him being over drafted in 2020.

Such spoilsports!

If they leave the rabbit in the baseball -- and I think they will -- there's a very good chance he will hit 50 again next season. 

That doesn't mean you spend $30 for him, because, as we see, he didn't earn that this year.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 20 '19
Fangraphs 2019: WAR 4.8 Bat 39 Field 2 Run -2 HR/FB 31% Pull 46% Hard 42% IFFB 13%
Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '19