Thread: Patton & Co. League

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Congrats to James!

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 28 '20

It's official!

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 28 '20

Way to go James, reviving a moribund franchise!

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Sep 21 '20

New owner James running away with PCL.

The real action will be 3rd through 5th. I should probably tank the rest of the week and take 5th and the #1 pick in the draft, but I'm not very good at tanking.

Stars and Scrubs for James and he hasn't touched his reserve roster (still carrying 10 minor leaguers):

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 21 '20

I was surprised at the prices (considerably below my own) for some premium hitters; I guess with two owners unavailable this is what happens. Premium starters were par value except for Scherzer's price which I thought was under my valuation. Good buy by Mike, wherever he went! I think I mentioned I am in another league with him and he has been a stand-in in my home leagues. He is always reliable so not sure what happened. Hopefully not a health problem. Good luck all, except Brett who is too successful here :), and a big thank you to Kent and Howard for doing all the work. 

carter carter GypsySoul
Jul 28 '20

Freeze Rosters for PCL: (NOTE: We had one last minute cancellation so have a dead team (Garry Oaks). That team kept it's 23 most expensive keepers except where position or salary cap pushed a player onto the roster. 

Power Hungry Redux
1B PAlonso NYM (S2 20)
SS DSwanson Atl (S1 11)
3B NArenado Col (S2 45)
OF DFowler StL (S2 1)
OF JDDavis NYM (S2 15)
OF TGrisham SD (S2 9)
OF BReynolds Pit (S2 11)
CI JBell Pit (S2 20)
P MFoltynewicz Atl (S1 9)
P KHendricks ChC (S1 23)
P SGray Cin (S2 2)
P MBumgarner Ari (S1 23)
SS #RMauricio NYM (S4 2)
3B #NGorman StL (S4 5)

Total Active Salary: 189
Total Team Salary: 196
Lynch Mob
1B ARizzo ChC (S2 29)
2B MMuncy LAD (L2 9)
3B JBerti Mia (S2 5)
OF CBellinger LAD (L1 20)
OF JSoto Was (L3 15)
OF PErvin Cin (S2 3)
OF HRamirez Mia (S2 8)
C JRealmuto Phi (S1 18)
C FMejia SD (S2 11)
CI DomSmith NYM (S1 1)
MI AFrazier Pit (S1 7)
P RRay Ari (S2 16)
P AHouser Mil (S2 2)
P JKelly LAD (S2 2)

Total Active Salary: 146
Total Team Salary: 146
Rhys's Pieces
1B RHoskins Phi (L2 20)
2B GHampson Col (L2 10)
OF DPeralta Ari (S1 14)
UT YCespedes NYM (S2 4)
MI KHiura Mil (S2 15)
P VVelasquez Phi (S2 2)
P SAlcantara Mia (S2 4)
P KCrick Pit (S2 1)
P ZEflin Phi (S1 4)
P BWoodruff Mil (S2 9)
P ABradley Ari (S2 11)
P ZWheeler Phi (L2 15)
OF #DWaters Atl (S4 5)
#JBart SF (S4 10)
#MGore SD (S4 10)

Total Active Salary: 109
Total Team Salary: 134
Brubaker's Yeasts
1B CWalker Ari (S2 7)
2B TEdman StL (S2 3)
SS FTatisJr SD (S2 15)
3B KBryant ChC (S2 30)
OF VRobles Was (S2 5)
OF RTapia Col (S2 3)
C TBarnhart Cin (S2 1)
MI BRodgers Col (S2 10)
P WBuehler LAD (L3 15)
P SStrasburg Was (S2 28)
P CMartinez StL (S2 10)
P KGinkel Ari (S2 1)
3B #KHayes Pit (S4 10)
OF #MHarrison Mia (S4 5)
#JDuplantier Ari (S2 2)

Total Active Salary: 128
Total Team Salary: 145
Choes Balin
1B JPederson LAD (S1 9)
2B FGalvis Cin (S2 5)
SS NAhmed Ari (S1 3)
3B SCastro Was (S2 11)
OF RAcuna Atl (L4 25)
C VCaratini ChC (S2 4)
UT CKieboom Was (S2 15)
MI NHoerner ChC (S4 10)
P MMikolas StL (S1 11)
*WSmith Atl (S1 5)
P CPaddack SD (S2 25)
P CSmith Mia (S1 1)
1B EHosmer SD (S1 26)
2B #RGarcia ChC (S2 8)
OF WMyers SD (S2 26)
#TGonsolin LAD (S2 15)
P AlYoung Ari (S2 2)
P JArrieta Phi (S1 15)
P JDiaz Col (S2 4)

Total Active Salary: 124
Total Team Salary: 220
Fisher Catamounts
2B EEscobar Ari (S2 20)
OF JWinker Cin (S1 13)
OF BGamel Mil (S2 1)
OF NSenzel Cin (S2 15)
OF CYelich Mil (S2 47)
C YMolina StL (S2 13)
C MPina Mil (S2 1)
CI ESuarez Cin (S2 29)
P CHamels Atl (S2 9)
P DHudson Was (S2 8)
P RWick ChC (S2 3)

Total Active Salary: 159
Total Team Salary: 159
Garry Oaks
1B GCooper Mia (S1 1)
2B RMcMahon Col (S2 11)
SS PDeJong StL (L1 13)
3B *SKingery Phi (S2 7)
OF *CBlackmon Col (S2 35)
OF MYastrzemski SF (S2 6)
OF #AAquino Cin (S2 8)
OF JNaylor SD (S2 9)
OF DDahl Col (S2 32)
C BPosey SF (S2 15)
#KRuiz LAD (S4 2)
UT JHeyward ChC (S2 5)
CI #CWelker Col (S4 2)
MI MMoustakas Cin (S2 19)
P JMusgrove Pit (S1 4)
P CKershaw LAD (S2 31)
P MKeller Pit (S2 15)
P DSmyly SF (S2 5)
P MStroman NYM (S2 18)
P SNewcomb Atl (S1 5)
P AMiller StL (S2 9)
P KWright Atl (S2 5)
P EHernandez Mia (S2 3)
CI #ABohm Phi (S4 5)

Total Active Salary: 260
Total Team Salary: 265
Gashouse Gang
SS MRojas Mia (S2 5)
3B CMoran Pit (S2 4)
OF SSouza ChC (S2 1)
OF AHaseley Phi (S2 5)
C WRamos NYM (S1 15)
C CKelly Ari (S2 3)
CI JOsuna Pit (S2 2)
P AniSanchez Was (S1 2)
P JGant StL (S2 1)
P PLopez Mia (S1 3)
P JFlaherty StL (L4 26)
P DPoncedeleon StL (S2 2)
2B GLux LAD (S4 10)
#DVarsho Ari (S4 5)
#SSanchez Mia (S4 10)

Total Active Salary: 69
Total Team Salary: 94
Lords of Flatbush
1B EThames Was (S2 5)
2B OAlbies Atl (L2 20)
SS KNewman Pit (S2 2)
3B DBote ChC (S2 2)
OF SMarte Ari (S1 38)
OF LThomas StL (S2 2)
C JStallings Pit (S2 1)
#AKnizner StL (S2 5)
CI JMcNeil NYM (S2 15)
P RHelsley StL (S2 1)
P GMarquez Col (L2 9)
P KGausman SF (S2 6)
P DMay LAD (S2 5)
3B #OCruz Pit (S4 2)
UT #CTucker Pit (S2 10)

Total Active Salary: 111
Total Team Salary: 123
Plato's Cave
1B ERios LAD (S2 2)
2B MDubon SF (S2 5)
3B MMachado SD (S2 39)
C WSmith LAD (S2 5)
P YDarvish ChC (S2 8)
*HNeris Phi (S2 3)
P DLamet SD (S2 5)
P LWeaver Ari (S2 6)
P DHudson StL (S1 9)
P CBurnes Mil (S1 9)

Total Active Salary: 91
Total Team Salary: 91
Amnesia Reboot
1B HKendrick Was (S2 10)
2B IDiaz Mia (S2 2)
OF KSchwarber ChC (S2 20)
OF BAnderson Mia (L2 13)
C TWolters Col (S2 1)
P JCueto SF (S2 1)
P ADeSclafani Cin (S2 1)
P MSoroka Atl (L2 15)
P CKnebel Mil (S2 5)
P RIglesias Cin (S2 18)
P MMelancon Atl (S2 5)
SS #JChisholm Mia (S4 15)
OF #TTrammell SD (S4 15)
#IAnderson Atl (S4 5)

Total Active Salary: 91
Total Team Salary: 126
Humpback Liners
SS TStory Col (S2 38)
3B JTurner LAD (S1 23)
OF JDyson Pit (S2 1)
OF HBader StL (L1 10)
MI ACabrera Was (S2 9)
P JDeGrom NYM (S1 32)
P KYates SD (L2 20)
P RStripling LAD (S1 1)
P JUrias LAD (S1 6)
P MFried Atl (L2 7)
P ZGallen Ari (S2 12)
P SOberg Col (S2 2)
3B #JIndia Cin (S4 5)
OF #HelRamos SF (S4 2)
OF #CPache Atl (S4 2)

Total Active Salary: 161
Total Team Salary: 170
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 21 '20

PCL is on track for a July 27th draft night.

We are using several modified rules for this year.
 -- Half the fee, minimum games played by the mlb teams in order to pay out.
 -- "Opt out" players can be kept in a reserve spot this season, but can't be acquired this year.
 -- Special FAAB rule that lets you buy one player a week if you run out of FAAB money (In the case of lots of players going down on Covid). Those players are automatically cut at EOY (not all FAAB just these specials).
 -- Changed deadlines.
 -- No minimum IP rule.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 16 '20

Email sent, lemme know if received.   Thanks

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 9 '20

mike, Bob, and Jem ... please email me at kostby -at- gmail ... put "PCL" in the subject.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Feb 8 '20

Same for me, Id like to join if there is still a team available..  Can you link us to the onroto page with notes on who the available teams are? Thanks

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 8 '20