Max Scherzer New York Mets

Age: 38 (July 27, 1984) | 6' 3" | 208lbs. | Throws: Right Minors: p-33 ph-2
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
WAS NL 2018 18 7 0 0 33 33 220.1 150 23 51 300 2.53 0.91 0.95 2.1 12.3 .283 34/18/48 41 40
WAS NL 2019 11 7 0 0 27 27 172.0 144 18 33 243 2.93 1.03 1.09 1.7 12.7 .342 41/21/38 27 28
WAS NL 2020 5 4 0 0 12 12 67.0 70 10 23 92 3.76 1.39 1.44 3.1 12.4 .382 33/27/40 12 18
WAS NL 2021 8 4 0 0 19 19 111.0 71 18 28 147 2.76 0.89 1.01 2.3 11.9 .242 32/17/51 21 20
LAD NL 2021 7 0 0 0 11 11 68.0 48 5 8 89 1.99 0.82 0.88 1.1 11.8 .295 35/21/44 18 16
NYM NL 2022 11 5 0 0 23 23 145.0 108 13 24 173 2.30 0.91 0.96 1.5 10.7 .287 31/19/50 30 27
Career 15yrs 201 102 0 0 430 421 2678.0 2180 300 701 3193 3.12 1.08 1.11 2.4 10.7 .301 n/a
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A nice article but...

he should've left Scherzer in to face one more batter.

The score's tied, there's no one on base, it's the seventh inning.

Scherzer sailed through the meat of the lineup (Seager, Turner, Gonzalez, Reddick),  facing it for the third time, in the sixth inning.

If he sails through the seventh, playing at home, the score tied, the Nationals have the advantage.

If the next batter gets on, you take him out.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 15 '16

My hot take was pulling Scherzer in the 7th after Pederson's home run was a mistake, but Dave Cameron cooley and calmly dismantles that statistically. He uses his words and numbers to make Scherzer seem like an average pitcher, at least vs. lefties the third time through the lineup.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Oct 14 '16

The wins leaders in the NL on the last day of the season:

Max Scherzer 19

Jon Lester 19

Lester failed to get No. 20 yesterday. Scherzer goes today, but the Nats have already clinched home-filed advantage against the Dodgers in the first round.

How far will Mad Max go?

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 2 '16

Stifled the Orioles in front of 39,000 in DC; two hits, no walks, 10 K in 8 IP. Pitches-strikes 95-72. Twenty-three of those 72 -- almost a third -- were offered at by batters without contact being made.

In other words, Scherzer's stuff was so good he basically reared back and threw.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 26 '16

He out-game-scored Trevor Bauer, 74-67, and lasted longer than Bauer, but Bauer got the W last night in DC.

The loss drops the team's record to 66-46, which is not bad but its six wins under what Pythagoras says it should be.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 10 '16

This is yet another example of why I keep coming back to this place.  You don't get this kind of commentary, or historic perspective, in the sports pages ;-)  And, so, Scherzer is the 2nd pitcher in history to have a shot at a 21st K in a 9 inning game.

McCann was the last batter, who "managed" to ground out, and Scherzer had struck him out in all 3 of his prior at bats.

I will say, for the record, that there were two called strikeouts in the 8th.  I believe one was on a pitch at about the shoulders, the other was on a pitch half way between the knee and the ankle.  Seemed like the strike zone was expanding as the game wore on.  Not to take anything away from an amazing performance.

Most of the Nats fans I've spoken to here in DC are sure Matt Williams would never have let Max finish the game.  He would've been gone after the JD homer in the 9th, if not sooner.  Having been there for the 18 inning debacle of a playoff loss against the Giants, set up when Williams pulled Zimmermann, who was riding an unbelievable streak of dominance, after a single walk on a questionable call in the 9th, I whole-heartedly agree.

We're loving us some Dusty in DC right now.

Paul Benninghoff PaulB
May 13 '16

Just the second active pitcher to have W against all 30 ML teams.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
May 12 '16

It was fun watching the performance. Not as much fun when you're up against him and his 39 point output in a H2H format. Congrats, Tex!

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
May 12 '16

On the Mets broadcast (I had to watch, they had Babe Ruth pitching), they mentioned that Scherzer did not walk a batter in this game.

They then mentioned that now in four of the five 20 strikeout games, the pitcher did not walk a batter.

Keith Prosseda andypro
May 12 '16

Roger Clemens, April 29, 1986, struck out two in the ninth but the last out was a ground out to SS.

Clemens on September 19, 1996, threw a wild pitch to Travis Fryman, but then struck him out to end the game. That was the only strikeout in the last inning.

Kerry Wood, on May 6, 1998, struck out Derek Bell to end the game, one of two strikeouts in the 9th.

Randy Johnson, on May 8, 2001, struck out the first and last batters in the ninth, and left the game tied. It ended up with the Diamondbacks winning in the 11th. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
May 12 '16