Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

Age: 35 (July 27, 1984) | 6' 3" | 215lbs. | Throws: Right P-33 PH-2
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
WAS NL 2015 14 12 0 0 33 33 228.1 176 27 34 276 2.80 0.92 1.02 1.3 10.9 .288 36/19/45 35 35
WAS NL 2016 20 7 0 0 34 34 228.0 165 31 56 284 2.96 0.97 1.05 2.2 11.2 .272 33/19/48 40 38
WAS NL 2017 16 6 0 0 31 31 200.1 126 22 55 268 2.52 0.90 0.93 2.5 12.0 .259 37/17/47 42 39
WAS NL 2018 18 7 0 0 33 33 220.1 150 23 51 300 2.53 0.91 0.95 2.1 12.3 .283 34/18/48 41 40
WAS NL 2019 11 7 0 0 27 27 172.0 144 18 33 243 2.93 1.03 1.09 1.7 12.7 .342 41/21/38 27 28
Career 12yrs 170 89 0 0 365 356 2287.0 1883 254 618 2692 3.20 1.09 1.13 2.4 10.6 .302 n/a
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The final 2014 bid limits that were posted for this player:
PK 5x5: $29 MF 5x5: $29 AP 4x4: $27
Alex Patton Alex
Dec 15 '14
Tigers move into a virtual tie tonight with the Royals, defeating them for the eleventh time in 14 games. Runners on base all night against Scherzer but he allowed only one of them to score.

Shields against Porcello tomorrow.
Alex Patton Alex
Sep 9 '14
Guess what else Scherzer led the league in last year, besides wins and winning percentage?

Component ERA: 2.07

I point out in the King Felix thread that ERC (the Bill James metric) and xERA (the Baseball Forecaster's) don't always agree, and this is one of those cases, emphatically.

xERA in the Forecaster: 3.16

And even more interesting (perhaps)...

Scherzer's actual first half/second half ERA splits: 3.10/2.68.

His xERA splits: 2.81/3.53.

A third attempt at calculating the ERA that Scherzer "deserved" splits the difference, and thus is effectively the ERA that he got.

FIP: 2.74
Alex Patton Alex
Jan 16 '14
Harrell was bought in tout wars for $2.
van wilhoite LVW
Jan 5 '14
One thing Mike G and I agree on: a pricing system should make the earnings of the players we buy in auctions add up, more less, to what we pay for them in standard leagues.

For non-masochists this may seem like an obvious point. But there are very sophisticated masochists, such as Rotoman and Ron Shandler (this is a guess, based on the prices in the Forecaster), who disagree.

In almost all cases, the differences that result are slight enough that they really don't mean anything. The purpose of retrospective prices is to help us figure out what to bid on players, going forward. For that we only need to have a general idea of what they were worth in the past.
Alex Patton Alex
Jan 5 '14
Considering that going in to the draft you're only going to price the top 108 pitchers and divide the appropriate pitching dollars among them, it's probably best to do the same post season as well in a perfect world. But, that's not going to give you a value for the 109th pitcher and in all likelihood he was active for at least part of the season. So was the 150th best pitcher. It's nice to know what they were worth. In fact, Harrell may have been active for a few weeks here and there and if an owner gave up on ERA/Ratio and was playing for Wins and Ks, he may have been active longer.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jan 5 '14
Alex, I think I understand the math of this. Harrell gets some extra points for his Ks.

It seems to me that is reasonable only in looking back, after the season ends, tidying up numbers. But it doesn't work for Rotisserie players because Harrell isn't going to be active; he won't provide those Ks to anyone.

I say, take the K numbers away from Harrell because nobody wants them, or him. Instead, give them to pitchers who have some positive value, or at least near zero.

That makes some middle relievers more valuable in 5x5 and gives CC a little boost.

Probably, the math guys will shoot me down, but this is the way I try to fill out the end of my pitcher roster.
David Molyneaux NeauxBrainr
Jan 5 '14
How come a whiff maestro like Max Scherzer earns $6 less in 5x5?

5x5 is the great leveler. All of the elite pitchers -- a group that did not include Scherzer before this year -- pass the hat for Lucas Harrell.
Alex Patton Alex
Jan 3 '14