Luis Robert Chicago White Sox

Age: 23 (August 3, 1997) | 6' 3" | 185lbs. | Bats: Right Minors: of-105 lf-2 cf-96 rf-7 dh-16 pr-1
CHW R 2018 5 18 5 7 0 3 2 1 0 2 3 0 .389 .389 .611 0 17 .467 n/a
CHW A 2018 13 45 5 13 4 12 3 1 0 4 4 2 .289 .360 .400 8 24 .394 n/a
CHW A+ 2018 32 123 21 30 8 37 6 1 0 11 8 2 .244 .317 .309 6 27 .341 n/a
CHW A+ 2019 19 75 21 34 4 20 5 3 8 24 8 2 .453 .512 .920 5 24 .553 n/a
CHW AA 2019 56 226 43 71 13 54 16 3 8 29 21 6 .314 .362 .518 5 22 .384 n/a
CHW AAA 2019 47 202 44 60 11 55 10 5 16 39 7 3 .297 .341 .634 5 25 .324 n/a
CHW AL 2020 55 197 32 44 20 72 8 0 11 30 9 2 .223 .295 .431 9 33 .284 39/18/43 9 8
Career 1yr 55 197 32 44 20 72 8 0 11 30 9 2 .223 .295 .431 9 33 .284 n/a
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Crochet's triple-digit fastball worth checking out. The whole game is a highlight reel.,game_tab=videos,game_state=final,game=631550

Alex Patton Alex

September has not been kind to Luis. 

Nick keeps knocking.

We don't yet have Garrett's BIS ID.

From Baseball America...

Chicago White Sox

—First-rounder Garrett Crochet pitched in his third outing just months after getting selected in the 2020 draft. The lefthander from Tennessee became the first drafted player to make the majors without playing in a minor league game since Mike Leake in 2010. Crochet struck out one in a scoreless inning in the team’s extra-inning loss to the Indians. He has allowed one hit and struck out three in three innings. The lefthander averaged an absurd 100.3 mph on 18 fastballs.

Nick Madrigal extended his hit streak to six games and collected his 10th RBI on a single in the 10th inning. The 23-year-old second baseman is up to 31 hits in 25 games.

Luis Robert went hitless for the seventh consecutive game, dropping his average to .225 on the season. The 23-year-old center fielder followed his August AL Rookie of the Month campaign with just six hits in 66 at-bats in September.

Alex Patton Alex

Joins the 10-homer club. On September 1 there are 15 members.

It says here that at the end of the regular season (assuming it's played to the end, as it now seems it will), there will be 20 members, at least, of the 2-homer club.

In 60 games.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 1

Revisiting Luis Robert by Chris Blessing, BHQ

I was adamant that Luis Robert’s (scouting report)
ability to react was going to hamper him in his big league debut. He
started like gangbusters but has cooled, mostly due to pitching
exploiting his inability to get around on velocity and aggressiveness;
not pitching exploiting an issue reacting to spin.

Scouting a dozen ABs this past week, including a HR off a hanging
breaking ball on Saturday, Robert is behind the FB and is also cutting
off the outer part of the plate, selling out for power. I went back to
his hot start. While he was mostly feasting on breaking stuff middle-in,
he was still utilizing the entire surface of the plate, even driving a
FB he was late on, out of the ballpark. I believe, closing off the
outer-half of the plate has been his instinctive response to being late
on the FB. Teams have begun to exploit it.

Mechanically, Robert appears intact and the hard hit % is high.
Robert’s swing rate leads baseball. He has swung at more pitches in the
zone than anyone else and has the fourth most swings on pitches out of
the zone. The aggressiveness was expected, but maybe not to this degree.
His whiff rate is one of the highest in baseball. Robert will need to
refine this approach to reach his expected ceiling.

The projected 9 player rating can be upgraded to a 9B from a 9C.
Undoubtedly, some struggles, like other uber-aggressive young hitters,
will be likely. However, as the approach refines and he begins
deciphering between the pitches he can merely connect with and the
pitches he can drive, Robert will flourish into the game-changing
fantasy performer we’ve projected over the past 18-to-24 months. Robert
is a good bet to become a core player in dynasty for years to come.

Frank Smith Pancho
Aug 23

Just hit a bases-clearing double to right center on a pretty decent pitch from Matthew Boyd. He's the real deal.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 12

Jim Bowden, giving himself a pat on the back at The Athletic.

I raised a lot of eyebrows last year after the SiriusXM Futures Game when I tabbed Luis Robert as the best prospect on the field. I surprised many analysts back in January when I had him above Wander Franco and Casey Mize as the No. 1 prospect in the sport. So it will not shock you when I tell you that I believe what you’ve seen him do to start the year is just an appetizer for the things to come. Robert, 23, is slashing .351/.385/.595 with 3 doubles, 2 home runs, 6 runs batted in and a stolen base to start his major-league career. He’s shown great range in the outfield and tremendous raw power in batting practice, as well as in the game. Although he still needs to work on not chasing balls out of the zone, I think he really understands what he needs to do to become a star and he’s on the fast track to getting there.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 4

He went for $26 in my league.  Outfielders at $26: Judge, Eloy Jimenez. less: $25 Giancarlo Stanton, Michael Brantley, Laureano, Mercado, Rosario, Meadows.

The hype was real in my league.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jul 28

My biggest regret yesterday. Not getting this guy.

I was waiting for him in Round 4. Surely that was early enough.

I had the fourth pick that round.

Nabobs claimed Roberto Osuna. Yeah! (I already had a closer.)

Kids claimed Aroldis Chapman. Yeah! (Closer run continues.)

Bad K claimed Luis Robert.

I took a long time for my pick. People started yelling at me, one face after another popping up on Zoom. I command-tabbed out of Zoom but I could still hear them.

Finally took Josh Donaldson.

Nothing wrong with Josh. The weird thing we are doing with this 2020 season is we are counting the postseason. To say the Twins have a better chance than the White Sox of making the postseason is to put it mildly.

But losing Luis Robert in the fourth round by one pick. To Rotoman. That hurt.

I ended up punting speed, which was not at all the plan.

I fell apart. And there's not even going to be a postseason.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 28

I would think so. He won't reach us (at No. 4).

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 20

Very much so, Alex. I'm in a slew of Leagues and have no shares in Robert. I do have plenty of Adell and Carlson shares so that helps ease the pain. Speaking of Carlson.....first off the board tonight?

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jul 20