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Questions about what's going on here.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

The crystal balls of the six New York Post scribes were correct, essentially. Hence the lockout.

But there's been no lockout here. The hot stove seems to have gathered more of us  around it than usual so far. Nice. Very warming.

Five days from now we turn the page. Each player gets a clean slate. The bids are archived, as are Peter's projections. Also the Rotoman Special, which we won't be seeing this year, happily. Peter is working away right now, more or less around the clock, on next year's Guide.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 10 '21

Let's hope, for the state of the grand old game, the New York Post's division predictions in today's baseball preview are wrong.

AL East: all six writers pick the Orioles to finish last

AL Central: five writers pick the Tigers to finish last (Mike Puma picks the Royals)

AL West: all six writers pick the Rangers to finish last

NL East: five writers pick the Marlins to finish last (Puma picks the Phillies)

NL Central: all six writers pick the Pirates to finish last

NL West: all six writers pick the Rockies to finish last

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 31 '21

Might have squished that bug. We'll know tomorrow morning.

Colin Summers Colin (Flying Blog)
Feb 24 '21

I'm glad you don't because, yep, they've returned!

The 2020 stats are being replicated as 2021 stats. But the values are being generated by the 2019 formulas. In other words, we see what the 2020 stats would have been worth had they been produced in 2019.

It's some sort of coding nightmare that Colin can't figure out. When we start getting this year's stat feed, it will go away. We will see the player's current 2021 stats, with the values being generated by the formulas for the last full season.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 23 '21

I actually don't mind them. It helps understand the valuation of those stats because their values are calculated.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Feb 23 '21

Colin has once again zeroed out the phantom 2021 stats.

It's a band aid; he still hasn't found what's causing them. They may return.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 23 '21

It appears that we are still up and running.

Don't touch any light switches while standing in puddles.

Colin Summers Colin (Flying Blog)
Feb 5 '21

The site is going to hiccup as we move from Rails 4 to Rails 5.

Maybe no one will notice. That would be great. We'll see. If you see problems, shoot me a note at [email protected] 


Colin Summers Colin (Flying Blog)
Feb 5 '21

As I pick players pretty much at random to write comments for, I keep bumping into Peter's comments that he's crafted for the Rotoman Special, the first batch of which have been posted here.

What he -- and we -- are trying to do is get a certain number of people who buy the Guide each year to part with $10 to get the best part of the Guide, the player profiles. right here at Patton & Co.

We figure the people who already subscribe to Patton & Co shouldn't have to pay extra for that. They also see the profiles.

People who have registered at this site for free and like to come by -- even now, in the dark of winter -- to talk about baseball and read what others are thinking don't see the profiles.

This poses a dilemma for me as one of the people who likes to talk about baseball and read what others are thinking.

How do I respond to what Peter writes?

I haven't figured that out yet. Any suggestions from you, the readers and writers -- paying and non-paying -- would be welcome.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 18 '20

We've turned the page. All of the comments between December 15, 2019 and today have been archived. It's time to get started thinking about next year. Which, on the second day of vaccinations, suddenly looks like it might actually start on schedule. How great is that? 

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '20