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Questions about what's going on here.

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I agree with Fantrax and RTS. Why should a team get an advantage simply because they were lucky enough to have players that ended up playing in tie-breaker games? If you want to include players at random, open up the Waiver Wire and give everyone that same shot at adding players. Then it's a fair and equitable situation.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Oct 2 '18

Stats counted by CBS today -- that's a switch from earlier years.  They should count, but should there be a final activation/reserve cycle for the one day?  After all, the tiebreaker teams adjust for the one extra game.  Shouldn't we?  I lost half a point in RBIs with Story on my competition, gained half a point with Ferris's win, but ended up one one-thousandth behind in WHIP.  From 11th last year to 1st this year; 1st place team last year finished 11th this year, edging up from last on this last day.  League started in 1990, named after Robert Coover's league.

Thomas Rosenthal TommyR
Oct 2 '18

CBS sucks.  It was a glorious day when we bailed on them.  

Mike Dean TMU2009
Oct 1 '18

When you buy a guy at the start of the season you get all his regular season stats assuming you keep him active.  Saying the extra game is "unfair" is ridiculous; if a guy gets traded midseason and thus gets 163 or more games because of it, you don't cut him off at 162.

John Thomas Roll2
Oct 1 '18

Seadogs - What is "RL"?

MarkA - Wow!  That does conflict with what it says on the Support FAQ ... maybe your league is not a "commissioner league"?  Seems worth a followup question to "Commish JaiCelicio at the Support Team".

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Oct 1 '18

Because the stats will count for the Regular Season in RL, onroto's default is to count them.

In PCL, we explicitly say they count.  In my home league, we don't say one way or the other so are just going with what RL says.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Oct 1 '18

I am in 1st place and would have still won the league..I was just curious how others were doing it..

Mark Ashy MarkA
Oct 1 '18

They are not counting in our NL Only league(see below)..Live Scoring and FAAB shut down. No extra period.Sept 30 was it...We got this.  Check your league..I was just wondering if any league commissioner was entering numbers manually which may or may not be good for accuracy purposes..

Thank you for contacting the Support Team. 

Unfortunately, no games played past 9/30 will be accounted for within the stats of your league. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused. 

We appreciate your continued support in making your number one choice for Fantasy Sports. 

Commish JaiCelicio

Mark Ashy MarkA
Oct 1 '18

Although it isn't relevant for an AL league this year, the American Dreams League have always counted all games that will be listed in the regular season standings, which would apply to today's NL games. Our only restriction -- and this came from problems in prior years -- is that there are no Waiver claims for a 163rd game even if played on a Waiver Monday.  

Walter Shapiro WShapiro
Oct 1 '18

I don't know about CBS, but both RTS and Fantrax ended the season yesterday. RTS says it's because the extra games would be unfair, which is ridiculous. 

I also want to say that the stat tools at RTS are awful. Fantrax started the season with a totally incomprehensible waivers system. They actually fixed it in August, and by season's end it wasn't bad, but I would not recommend either service at this point. RTS has gone backwards from where they were a couple years ago. Maybe Fantrax will get it right next year, but I'd be careful.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Oct 1 '18