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Questions about what's going on here.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

I'm surprised it was that close.  Hello, when you stop accelerating . . .

Mike Dean TMU2009
Jun 8 '16
We will fix that. It's also time to overwrite the mid-March bids with the final bids. That should happen at some point today.
Alex Patton Alex
Apr 13 '16

Thanks!  That's the price of progress sometimes :-)

Every hitter I've looked at so far has what looks like a good row of data for 2016 ... and a row of 0's ... so still a bugaboo somewhere ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 13 '16
Sorry, I had to roll back the database to yesterday because I started the 2016 stats feed without changing the season counter. So I overwrote all the 2015 stats. Mea culpa. We should now have 2015 AND 2016 stats, but we lost today's comments. Sorry about that.
Colin Summers Colin (Flying Blog)
Apr 12 '16
When will we start to see 2016 stats here?
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 7 '16

In case you missed it, the second update was posted on Thursday. The shiny new things are CBS and LABR prices.

Complete sales pitch:

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 12 '16

The first update has been posted for Subscribers. The rest of the schedule:

  • Update No. 2: March 10
  • Update No. 3: March 17
  • Update No. 4: March 24
  • Update No. 5: March 31
  • Final Update: April 7
Alex Patton Alex
Feb 28 '16

Just signed up/bought my 2016 subscription; as always, a bargain beyond price. 


Mike Dean TMU2009
Feb 16 '16

That's something the software doesn't do well, because...

what it does do well it does very well.

Eric and I have tried to fudge it before. Add categories, substitute a new category for an existing category. I don't like the results -- my math just isn't good enough -- and since I'm pretty insistent that the results be perfect (an impossible goal, of course; the prices are theoretical), I've stopped trying.

Occasionally, I check to see if the prices that we do offer are as good as I think they are. This winter, for example, I entered last year's opening day rosters of the American Dreams League into this year's Evaluator to see what each team earned with the players that were bought at the draft.

The average team earned $259.50.

Now that, you have to admit, is pretty damn close to perfect; the earnings of various players may be theoretical, but when they all add up to what each team spends, that's not theory; those are great prices.

I had the Evaluator set for 4x4 prices. We play 4x4, have been for 35 years. So that's what we play.

Then I thought: why don't I switch the program to 5x5 and see what teams earned?

Each team earned $265.

I was bummed.

I mean, that's sort of close. But I expect better of myself. What was I doing wrong?

How is it that the average team in the American Dreams earned $5 more than it had to spend in 5x5? If it played 5x5.

In both formats, what you try to do is buy the best players. The best 14 hitters you can find, the best 9 pitchers you can find, the best 276 players all 12 teams can find together.

So I was bummed. $5 is a lot.

And then a lightbulb went on.

Many years ago, we switched to 10 pitchers in the American Dreams (we are capable of change; it just can't be too big).

Ten pitchers!

In 4x4 the tenth pitcher is likely to be worth nothing; that's the math when you go that deep.

In 5x5, the tenth pitcher is likely to be worth something. Not a lot, but something; that's the way it is in 5x5.

I could check this out. I could get out my round-by-round record and subtract the tenth pitcher that each team bought and see what the prices added up to now.

But that's a lot of work. To tell the truth, my round-by-round record gets kind of ragged at the end. When my team has filled out, I sit there in an exhausted heap.

Let's just say that I can vouch for the 4x4 prices working almost perfectly for this particular league. And I think they will work almost perfectly for your 5x5 league.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 15 '16