Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners

Age: 21 (December 29, 2000) | 6' 3" | 180lbs. | Bats: Right Minors: of-62 lf-10 cf-13 rf-39 dh-12
SEA A 2019 67 263 50 77 20 66 20 1 10 50 1 3 .293 .359 .490 7 22 .353 n/a
SEA A+ 2019 17 65 13 30 5 10 6 3 2 19 0 0 .462 .514 .738 7 14 .528 n/a
SEA A+ 2021 28 117 29 38 14 29 8 2 6 21 5 1 .325 .410 .581 10 22 .390 n/a
SEA AA 2021 46 174 35 63 29 37 11 0 7 26 16 4 .362 .461 .546 14 18 .431 n/a
SEA AL 2022 36 132 14 35 11 45 5 1 2 13 11 3 .265 .326 .364 8 31 .388 49/18/32 9 7
Career 1yr 36 132 14 35 11 45 5 1 2 13 11 3 .265 .326 .364 8 31 .388 n/a
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Benjamin Hoffman in the Times today:

Julio Rodríguez Can Fly. Will His Bat Ground Him?

Ahead of a series against the Mets, Rodríguez, a Seattle Mariners rookie, is leading the majors in steals. As his offense has picked up, his running has slowed down.

... In the 1980s, pitchers’ nightmares were filled with the image of Tim Raines, Vince Coleman or Henderson taking a long lead off first base. But in recent years, even the players with the blend of speed and know-how to steal in huge numbers have gone another way. From Mike Trout’s bulking up to focus on his power to Trea Turner’s trying to protect his body from wear and tear, the game’s best base stealers have walked away from what used to be a highly marketable skill.

Overall, teams are averaging 0.49 steals a game this season, which is a mild uptick from last year but also would be the fourth season in a row in which the average is below 0.5. That is down from a modern peak of 0.85 a game in 1987 — the era of Raines, Coleman and Henderson. Over the course of the season, that seemingly small fraction can add up. Last season the Kansas City Royals led M.L.B. with 124 steals; in 1987, the average team stole 138 and Coleman’s Cardinals paced the majors with 248.


Alex Patton Alex

Another backward K today but his one was a strike.

In an article yesterday at MLB:

Nine of the 14 called punchouts have been on pitches Statcast classified as outside the zone. For context, the MLB high last year on out-of-zone called strikeouts was 17 against the Giants' Brandon Belt, and the all-time high since Statcast began tracking in 2015 is 25 to Houston's Colby Rasmus that year. The Mariners are just 14 games in, or 8.6% of their 162-game schedule, putting Rodríguez on a trajectory to shatter that mark. 


Alex Patton Alex
Apr 25

According to ESPN last night, Julio has been called out on strikes 12 times. Some are legit, a lot are not. Harold Reynolds speculated that the HOOO-lio chants in T-Mobile, and his obvious enjoyment of them, bother the umps.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 23

I started watching this game in the third inning last night on MLB, so I missed Julio's first AB. ESPN tells me he struck out swinging on a 3-2 pitch, a 94 mph fastball from lefty Taylor Hearn up and away.

In his second AB, with two runners on, he swung at a 3-0 pitch and missed it.

Imagine that: a rookie swinging on a 3-0 pitch. 92 mph but again up and away.

He fouled the next pitch, 93 mph down the middle.

With the count full, he swung late on a fat 93 mph fastball.

In his third AB, a runner on first, facing a righty reliever, he fanned on a 2-2 pitch, a 98 mph fastball down and in that was too close to take.

In his fourth AB, with two runners on, the team down a run in the 7th, he took a called strike three on a 2-2 pitch down and away. It looked like a ball but it was too close to take.

He came to bat in the bottom of the ninth with his team still down a run, one out, bases empty. 

Took ball one, a high slider.

Swung through the next pitch, a hanging slider.

Hit the the next pitch, a hanging curve, on a screaming line drive to left center. A double for sure, more likely a triple.

Tying run on third with one out. The four whiffs easily forgotten.

But Adolis Garcia made a sensational catch.

It's baseball. Julio Rodriguez will figure it out. I think.

I'm sure he swung late on the 93 mph fastball because he was suprised by it.

At least I hope so.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 22

It's not 100 percent official, because freezes aren't due until 6 PM today, but Julio's on the list that I sent in this morning. Three players vying for two spots: Ahmed Rosario $13, Luis Arraez $6 and Julio Rodriguez $10.

We have never, in the long history of the ADL, drafted this late, and in games that count Arraez staked his claim on being a keeper.

In the end? It's all about the upside.

To a lesser extent, the fun; everyone gets a little extra jolt of excitement out of rooting for the rooks (a few grizzled owners will deny this, but they do).

Which is certainly not to say, keeping Arraez wouldn't have been fun. Watching him put the bat on the ball is a thing of joy.

I'll try to buy him back, but being a grizzled veteran, I doubt I will.


Sitting for first time
April 12, 2022
Rodriguez is out of the lineup for Tuesday's game against the White Sox, James Fegan of The Athleticreports.
After Jarred Kelenic received a day off in Monday's series finale in Minnesota, Rodriguez will take a seat for the first time this season as the Mariners kick off a three-game set in Chicago. The 21-year-old came away with his first career stolen base in Monday's 4-0 loss, but he's otherwise had a rough introduction to the majors. Through four games, Rodriguez has gone 1-for-14 with one walk against seven strikeouts.
Alex Patton Alex
Apr 12

April 4 Baseball America Prospect Report

​​​​Julio Rodriguez, OF, Mariners: Just announce his spot on the Opening Day roster. If there was any doubt that he's one of the better hitters in Mariners' camp, Rodriguez solidified himself by going 3-for-4 with a double and home run. He has seven extra-base hits (four doubles, three home runs) and is hitting .419/.471/.839.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 4


04.01: Julio Rodríguez went 1-for-2 on Friday in the Mariners' Cactus League contest against the Rockies. (Rodríguez
chopped a single back up the middle against lefty Kyle Freeland in the
second inning to notch his 10th hit in 11 games this spring. The
21-year-old top prospect has done everything just about everything
possible to make the Mariners' Opening Day roster. He's hitting .370
(10-for-27) with two homers in Cactus League play.)

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 3

I saw the double and the deke, which was indeed embarrassing. Missed the rest.


Learning day Wednesday
March 31, 2022
Rodriguez made a couple mistakes in Wednesday's game against the Cubs, but is back in the lineup Thursday, Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times reports.
He hit a ground-rule double to right-center but failed to score on a Ty France single after getting deked by third baseman Jonathan Villar, who acted as if a throw was coming toward him and that he was preparing to make a tag. Rodriguez didn't see the third-base coach waving home, so it cost the team a run. He also lost a flyball in the sun and struck out in his final three plate appearances, all on offspeed stuff, mostly out of the zone. The game's top prospect is hitting .304/.360/.565 with one home run, three doubles, nine strikeouts and two walks in 23 at-bats. He has primarily played center field.
Alex Patton Alex
Mar 31

Starting to look like he's going to make the Opening Day roster. Bret Sayre at Baseball Prospectus says $18-20 bid if he does. 

Mike Gianella MikeG
Mar 30

He means that Julio is listed as a Catcher. We didn't fix them all.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 23