Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians

Age: 28 (September 17, 1992) | 5' 9" | 165lbs. | Bats: Both 3B-57 DH-1
CLE AL 2017 152 585 107 186 52 69 56 6 29 83 17 5 .318 .374 .583 8 11 .319 39/21/40 36 34
CLE AL 2018 157 578 110 157 106 80 39 4 39 106 34 6 .272 .388 .555 15 11 .254 33/21/46 45 40
CLE AL 2019 129 482 68 123 52 74 33 3 23 83 24 4 .255 .327 .479 10 14 .256 33/21/46 27 24
CLE AL 2020 58 219 45 64 31 43 16 1 17 46 10 3 .292 .386 .607 12 17 .294 30/19/51 50 44
CLE AL 2021 69 246 48 65 29 35 15 1 16 44 6 2 .264 .348 .528 10 12 .247 34/21/44 13 12
Career 9yrs 897 3239 544 906 361 439 229 24 143 482 133 33 .280 .354 .498 10 12 .284 n/a
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Getting close to Memorial Day...

SO% 13

BABIP .235

G/L/F 30/23/47

Twelve homers in 172 AB

Batting .256

Alex Patton Alex
May 28
Percentiles: Barrel 66 EV 48 xBA 68 xSLG 84 SO 79 BB 78 speed 59
Alex Patton Alex
Mar 15

To diehard's question, I haven't seen an explanation. He just cratered. Some of it may have been a psychological adjustment to shifts, it happened when he started seeing more of them, but the scope of the collapse was incredible. He's out of it now, fingers crossed. $34.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 6

Good point Texpope! In my pricing I discount stolen bases. Guys who steal a lot of bases earn a lot of money because of the math, and they can help teams win, but to get that full value you have to play it perfectly. As with Saves, a lot of money spent on steals and Stolen Bases is wasted because the category is inefficient. Teams can choose not to play, for one, and teams that pay and lose can trade steals, effectively dumping at some point, further distorting the market. (Presumably they're trading them to a team that has excess in another category.) Or teams can end up with way too many and no way to deal them.

So I discount him for the steals (and that projection now seems a little rich, too, doesn't it?) and the afterglow of his incredible struggles in 2018 and 2019. Not a lot, but a bit, with the idea that someone who doesn't have those concerns is probably a better fit for him.

He's a terrific ballplayer. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 6

Rotoman's model rightly notes that he's a better bet than any other AL hitter at $39 value - but then thinks you might slip him by for $34.  The CBS market ignored the trade risk (Nolan Jones anyone?) and bid him up to $43, a couple bucks more than Trout.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 5

I drafted him as a cornerstone in 2019 and as I remember he was pitiful through the first half before rallying to salvage a mediocre (for him) season.  I read much speculation as to the cause during his struggles.  I've never read the real underlying causes not the fixes he initiated to restore him to his current lofty perch atop most 2021 rankings.  Is it just "one of those things" we accept as part of the game?  Did he make technical swing changes away from his pull tendencies?  Is he a reliable cornerstone now?

bill fries diehard
Feb 27

Thing is, Eugene, I've been stuck, Covidly, here in Cleveland all winter reading the names you see. Knowing them doesn't make this any easier. The Indians have collected more than half a dozen guys, all of whom play the 9/3/ combo position, but none of whom has hit well enough to deserve it. Cle lost evaluation time with last-year's 60-game sked and no minors, as team hoped they would know by now a solid order of probability. They don't. I see a whole bunch of guys whose stats are nearly interchangeable, once you get past Jose, Reyes and Rosario (the elder).

Tito may want to play Bradley at first. Rosario (the Younger) may be the best hitting CF, Gimenez the best SS. And soon, along will come Jones (Nolan), now a corner outfielder  who will need a year of getting used to AAA/MLB pitching. This doesn't look good to me. I was pleased to see the Rosario (the elder) signing. But the team needs two more sticks to support that pitching staff. 

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Feb 18

There are no shortage of options in the Cleveland outfield. Bradley Zimmer, Billy Hamilton, Ben Gamel, and Daniel Johnson are also somewhere in the mix. 

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Feb 18

One of the nice things in the Cadillac Patton $ package is that Alex puts the batting order of all the players on each team (this isn't it, it's too far right, past our bid prices and the expert league prices and the prospect rankings, to screen grab), so you can easily see who the starters and scrubs are, as well as my projections and what those projections earn in either 4x4 or 5x5 formula. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 18

I just started putting together preliminary lists for pricing.  I was stunned by Cleveland team's lineup. I hardly recognized any of them. Same with the Rangers - at least for the positions they are expected to play.  Very strange. I can usually name the starting lineup for every team in the AL. I couldn't name about half the starters on either team.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Feb 18