Jose Ramirez Cleveland Guardians

Age: 29 (September 17, 1992) | 5' 9" | 190lbs. | Bats: Both 3B-133 DH-19
CLE AL 2018 157 578 110 157 106 80 39 4 39 106 34 6 .272 .388 .555 15 11 .254 33/21/46 45 40
CLE AL 2019 129 482 68 123 52 74 33 3 23 83 24 4 .255 .327 .479 10 14 .256 33/21/46 27 24
CLE AL 2020 58 219 45 64 31 43 16 1 17 46 10 3 .292 .386 .607 12 17 .294 30/19/51 50 44
CLE AL 2021 152 552 111 147 72 87 32 5 36 103 27 4 .266 .355 .538 11 14 .256 36/19/45 40 36
CLE AL 2022 33 124 20 36 19 12 8 2 8 33 3 1 .290 .386 .581 13 8 .267 28/17/55 9 8
Career 10yrs 1013 3669 627 1024 423 503 254 30 171 574 157 36 .279 .356 .504 10 12 .282 n/a
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$47 in the American Dreams. To me.

There was 11 percent inflation, so that was part of it.

I had the second best freeze list, so that was another.

But I certainly didn't have the second best team at the end of the day.

It was not Jose's fault. It made perfect sense to put all my inflation money in one basket and go from there. But I admit that I couldn't bear the idea of this talented, fierce player playing for another team.

I could have and should have frozen him at $43 and didn't because I just wasn't thinking clearly when, with only four freezes, he didn't make the cut.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 17

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Blue Jays have spoken to the Guardians about a trade for Jose Ramirez. (Chill
out, Jays. The idea would be to play Ramirez at second base in Toronto,
though Rosenthal adds that it is "still unlikely [the] Guardians will
move him." The 29-year-old superstar is owed just $12 million in 2022
and carries a $13 million club option for 2023. He put up an .893 OPS
with 36 home runs, 103 RBI, 27 stolen bases, and 111 runs scored over
152 games last season.)

Frank Smith Pancho
Mar 16

I have limited freezes and probably can't keep the fully priced Jose Ramirez anyway ($43) but I definitely can't if he goes to the NL. Jim Bowden sees him staying in the AL, just not on the Guardians.

Cleveland Guardians

Offseason needs: OF, bullpen

Biggest move pre-lockout: Acquired RHP Tobias Myers

First move they should make post-lockout: Trade 3B José Ramírez to Blue Jays

Guardians fans could be in store for another painful trade, but Cleveland can probably get the best return for its star switch-hitter right now. Ramírez, 29, is coming off a 6.7-WAR season (Baseball-Reference) with a 141 OPS+, 36 homers and 27 steals. A Gold Glove finalist last year, Ramírez is under team control through 2023 ($14 million club option), which enhances the return possibilities. The Guardians could ask the Blue Jays for a package centered on third baseman Jordan Groshans, outfielder Otto Lopez and right-handed pitcher Gunnar Hoglund. That would be quite a haul for two years of José Ramírez and would clearly beat the Francisco Lindor deal Cleveland made with the Mets a year ago.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 11

Answering LVW's question under Semien, Jose doesn't make the Forecaster's list of HR Overperformers (or Underperfomers). He is on the list of SB Overperformers, tied at +9 with Javier Baez, Ramon Laureano and Fernando Tatis.

I did go into the front section today (I only got the Forecaster yesterday) to see how xSB is calculated. There are two formulas, the first would take the rest of the morning to type out, the second would take the afternoon.

The short version: xSB is a combination of skill (speed) and will (essentially, attempted SB the previous year). "Always remember: stolen bases come from players' minds as much as they come from their legs."

As a first-time owner of Jose Ramirez, I watched him as often as I could last year (usually in condensed games). The formula doesn't give nearly enough importance to "will" as it is commonly understood. It was obvious that Jose was never on first with second base open -- not once -- when he wasn't itching to dash to second.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 4

When the Beatles made their eponymous (double) elpee, everyone called it the White Album.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Dec 21 '21

"That's only 18 opportunities, though," Bill James writes about Jazz Chisholm in the eponymous Handbook, "and you'd probably need  25 opportunities to qualify if this [going first-to-third] was a championship that people qualified for, so the leader among players with 25 opportunities was Cleveland's superstar third baseman Jose Ramirez, who was 18-for-28. Ramirez was 9.8 bases better than the average baserunner in this area, the best in the majors."

That's the first time, I think, that I've written (or said) "eponymous." Did I use it right? 

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 20 '21
2020: EV 88.7 HardHit 35% Barrel 10% HR/FB 19% LA 23.2 Pull 52% Cent 29% Oppo 19%
2021: EV 90.0 HardHit 42% Barrel 11% HR/FB 17% LA 18.3 Pull 57% Cent 28% Oppo 16%
Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '21