Jered Weaver San Diego Padres

Age: 39 (October 04, 1982) | 6' 7" | 210lbs. | Throws: Right P-9
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
LAA AL 2013 11 8 0 0 24 24 154.0 139 17 37 117 3.27 1.14 1.19 2.2 6.8 .278 31/22/47 17 16
LAA AL 2014 18 9 0 0 34 34 213.0 193 27 65 169 3.59 1.21 1.25 2.7 7.1 .278 33/19/48 17 18
LAA A+ 2015 0 0 0 0 2 2 9.1 7 2 4 7 1.93 1.18 1.29 3.9 6.8 .206 n/a
LAA AL 2015 7 12 0 0 26 26 159.0 163 24 33 90 4.64 1.23 1.36 1.9 5.1 .279 34/19/47 1 4
LAA AL 2016 12 12 0 0 31 31 178.0 209 37 51 103 5.06 1.46 1.63 2.6 5.2 .301 29/23/48 -4 1
SD AAA 2017 0 1 0 0 1 1 3.0 5 0 1 0 9.00 2.00 1.83 3.0 0.0 .371 n/a
SD NL 2017 0 5 0 0 9 9 42.1 51 16 12 23 7.44 1.49 1.91 2.6 4.9 .266 41/22/37 -8 -5
Career 12yrs 150 98 0 0 331 331 2065.2 1912 262 551 1621 3.63 1.19 1.25 2.4 7.1 .282 n/a
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The final 2012 bid limits that were posted for this player: PK 5x5: $29 MF 5x5: $34 AP 4x4: $28
Alex Patton Alex
Dec 15 '12
Kinda like the Reds helping Cueto's Cy Young chances by getting 5 off of RA Dickey the other night.

Cueto is getting better run support when he's not pitching than when he is.
van wilhoite LVW
Aug 18 '12
The Rays put King Felix back in the Cy Young conversation on their visit to Seattle, then level the field, with a vengeance, down in Anaheim.

Bob Gibson territory is in another country.
Alex Patton Alex
Aug 18 '12
Look at the march down on the scan for both ERA and Ratio. By 2014 he should be in Bob Gibson ERA territory.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jul 10 '12
Wrong, Eugene. A 20-year-old just hit one out of the park, the Greatest Hitter Since Ted Williams just got called out on a king-sized bender that was still a foot inside, and -- if you had kept the faith -- you would have seen the two earned runs against Weaver get taken off the board.
Alex Patton Alex
May 28 '12
My wife, hounding me to put my 4-yo to bed, is interrupted with a Dammit. Weaver had just thrown a ball and had his knee lock up or some kind of hamstring injury. After wandering around the mound for a minute he tried to throw a pitch to see if he was okay. No dice. Scioscia escorted him from the field in obvious pain and frustration.

The only good news (non-rotisserie related) is that the Angels punchless offense is punching Phil Hughes pitches all around the field, taking Weaver off the hook for a loss with 2 ER in zero IP.

I did get her to sleep. Nothing left to watch.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
May 28 '12
I won with an aces strategy last year in my A.L. and am doing the same thing this year. All four for me are freezes: Verlander $34, Haren $31, Price $15, CJ $6.
Mike Gianella MikeG
May 3 '12
I price enforced Weaver and got him to go along with Haren who kept for $31. I wasn't planning for two aces, but immediately implemented the two aces strategy. See below.

I was happy with my staff as it was, but with last night's near perfection, I think I'm riding Cy Young this year.

BTW, I've been calling it my 4 aces strategy. Weaver and Haren. Vargas, who's pitching like an ace this year (he's got that extra start from Japan to boost his Ks), and the combination of Pavano's ratio, Doubront's Ks, and W Chen's ERA is my 4th ace.

Even if he hadn't walked someone, Weaver would have lost the perfect game on Ianetta's passed ball. Glad it didn't come to that.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
May 3 '12
The Final Four, when all was said and done at noon yesterday:

Weaver 27
Lawrie 10
Walden 5
Trumbo 5

The first and last listed here were the tough ones. Weaver over Bard at 5? Trumbo over Boesch at 3?

Or go all out for leverage: keep Trumbo and Boesch, drop Weaver and Bard.

In the end it just felt that these four would be a better start towards a winning hand.

How much more would Weaver cost if I let him go? Probably about $5. Not a whole lot. But you feel so much more secure going into a draft with what figures to be one of the best starting pitchers, even if he's pricey. He could fall back a bit -- in fact he probably will -- but it's very unlikely he will fall apart.

So that was a conservative play. Trumbo was a roll of the dice.

If both were available, probably Boesch would go for a little more than Trumbo. But in the ADL, knowing the opponents as I do, there was no guarantee. All it would take is one Paluka to deliver a knockout punch.

A lot is made of Boesch hitting in front of MCab and Fielder, seeing nothing but fastballs. I like Trumbo batting behind Pujols and Morales and Hunter.

A lot is made of Trumbo's ability to play adequately at third, and that's a definite worry. It's enough of a worry that a lot of people in the ADL would have backed away from Trumbo very shortly after he passed $10. Alas, not the Palukas, I'm guessing. And not me.

I love the backspin that Trumbo puts on the baseball. Simple as that.

Anyway, a conservative play and a hunchy play for the last two freezes. You seldom win if you are nothing but hunchy, but in my experience you never win if you are nothing but conservative.

We'll see. When you have to let players like Boesch and Bard go (and we haven't even mentioned Mike Trout), you know you will be tracking them all season long, as if they were yours.

The task for Dollar Bill and I, now, is not to go nuts trying to make them ours on Sunday. Let the Palukas have at least one of them.
Alex Patton Alex
Apr 6 '12
LOL, Alex.

I traded for Bard in February then threw him back after Bobby V. bashing him to the media saying he should be a reliever. Within 48 hours Bard was named to the rotation and Bailey will be out until the All-Star Break. I really miss Terry Francona...and I am sure Sox fans will, June.
Keith Cromer Slyke
Apr 3 '12