Javier Baez Chicago Cubs

Age: 27 (December 1, 1992) | 6' 0" | 190lbs. | Bats: Right 3B-1 SS-130 DH-2 PH-9
CHC AAA 2016 4 15 3 4 0 4 0 0 1 1 1 0 .267 .267 .467 0 27 .300 n/a
CHC NL 2016 142 421 50 115 15 108 19 1 14 59 12 3 .273 .314 .423 3 24 .336 44/20/36 18 16
CHC NL 2017 145 469 75 128 30 144 24 2 23 75 10 3 .273 .317 .480 6 29 .345 49/15/36 22 21
CHC NL 2018 160 606 101 176 29 167 40 9 34 111 21 9 .290 .326 .554 4 26 .347 46/22/32 42 38
CHC NL 2019 138 531 89 149 28 156 38 4 29 85 11 7 .281 .316 .531 5 28 .345 50/18/32 27 25
CHC NL 2020 59 222 27 45 7 75 9 1 8 24 3 0 .203 .238 .360 3 32 .262 50/18/32 6 7
Career 7yrs 724 2538 371 671 128 769 142 17 118 378 63 25 .264 .304 .473 5 29 .333 n/a
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Sneak preview of the Guide:

Javier Baez has whip-quick hands that he uses
to get his bat around following an exaggerated
load phase at the beginning of his swing, gen-
erating a considerable amount of force when he
makes contact. He is at his best against fast-
balls over the middle or outer third of the plate
where he can get full extension, but he contin-
ues to struggle with pitch recognition, which is
why no batter with at least four hundred plate
appearances last season saw a higher percent-
age of breaking balls. His propensity to swing
and miss on those offerings, especially on ones
out of the zone, remains his Achilles heel at the
plate. On the base paths he is a dangerous runner, showing both the quickness and anticipa-
tion to be successful on a high percentage of
steal attempts. JDB

Tell me you'll see a comment like that in another magazine this spring. Then, if that's not enough...








Alex Patton Alex
Dec 7 '16

Opinions in the Fielding Bible voting ranged from first (Joe Posnanski and the Tango fan poll) to being left off four of the ballots altogether, with the result that Baez came in fifth overall.

Joe Poz and the Tango fans will have more company next year.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 21 '16

The bunt was a thing of beauty, the flails at two-strike curveballs in the dirt ugliness itself.

As for the tag, we learned his secret. He's a natural lefty.

Unexplained is why he throws with his right hand.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 31 '16

Another great game by Javier. Who knew he was this good? I certainly didn't.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 21 '16

Condensed version of an article in the Times today by Billy Witz:

CHICAGO — As soon as Jon Lester pulled his bat back from a bunt and the pitch landed in the glove of Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Carlos Ruiz, a singular thought jumped into the head of Javier Baez as he bounded down the third-base line.

Uh, oh.

“I went a little early,” he said, a smile creasing his face. “Or much early, I guess.”

“He’s going to do something once in a while that’s going to make you like: Javy?” Manager Joe Maddon said. “You know, call him into the principal’s office. But then he does things like that.”

Meanwhile, in the field, stationed at second base, he has shown off extraordinary range, arm, athletic ability, instincts and a viper-strike slap tag.

“He’s exciting to watch,” said Ryne Sandberg, the Cubs’ Hall of Fame second baseman, who once won nine consecutive Gold Gloves. “People don’t realize how hard it is to be good at one position. He could win a Gold Glove at four or five different positions.”

“It took me four years to not be afraid to speak up,” Baez said. “I was in English-as-a-second-language classes with a lot of Latino students and a translator helping us, but you won’t learn English being around Latinos who speak the same language. I started hanging out with American guys and my coaches — they were Americans. I used to understand a lot more than I’d speak it.”

If Baez still believes shortstop is his best position, he no longer wonders about his future, as he did when the Cubs acquired Russell two years ago, which Baez said “was kind of hard for me not to listen to what was going on.”

Now, when he comes to the plate at Wrigley Field, he is bathed in chants of “Jav-y, Jav-y” — a beloved child on a team of favorite sons.

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 17 '16

Show's what I know. ESPN says Baez's homer, on an 80 mph change, left the bat at 106 mph.

Here's the clip. It's hard to tell just how much Baez has to hold back to make contact because of the pitch's slow speed, but it's there. (The side angle was better but it isn't in the replay.) I guess he got good leverage.


Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 3 '16

Just pulled a hanging change up into the left field bleachers off Urias. Interesting thing was that he was in front of it and was able to hold up, then still have enough left to power the ball out of the park. The slowest Speed off bat on a home run this year was Mookie Betts on May 21, of 89.5mph.

I'll be surprised if Baez's shot is faster.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jun 2 '16

Cubs placed INF/OF Javier Baez on the 15-day disabled with a left thumb injury.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 4 '16
Javier Baez (2B) CHI-N - Mar. 28

Baez (thumb) played catch Monday, Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: This shows some progress for the young prospect as he hopes
to latch onto the big league roster as a utility player.  He'll need to get some
more game time logged in order to  be ready for Opening Day, but if he does require
a short stop on the disabled list, it could be backdated to March 25, which would
allow him to return to the Cubs sooner.
Alex Patton Alex
Mar 29 '16
Agreed.  To me, Baez just wont get enough AB's without some opportunity from injuries, a trade,  or poor performace from Russell or something.  Sure, those are possibilities, but collectively Alcantara, Baez, J. Herrera, La Stella, and Olt had 310 AB in 2015.  Without an injury or trade opening up a position, that's the likely absolute ceiling for Baez in 2016.  Couple that with his hacker ways (so far in the bigs 119 SO vs. 19 BB), and I don't like his prospects so much in the immediate future.  I'd prefer to speculate elsewhere.  Unless you're looking for a future hold-over (where there still is certainly hope), I wouldn't drop more than $3-$4 on Baez.   
Rob Christensen BigBalboni
Mar 4 '16