Jacob deGrom New York Mets

Age: 31 (June 19, 1988) | 6' 4" | 180lbs. | Throws: Right P-32
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
NYM NL 2015 14 8 0 0 30 30 191.0 149 16 38 205 2.54 0.98 1.01 1.8 9.7 .285 44/21/35 31 30
NYM NL 2016 7 8 0 0 24 24 148.0 142 15 36 143 3.04 1.20 1.23 2.2 8.7 .316 46/23/32 14 15
NYM NL 2017 15 10 0 0 31 31 201.0 180 28 59 239 3.54 1.19 1.25 2.6 10.7 .317 45/21/34 22 24
NYM NL 2018 10 9 0 0 32 32 217.0 152 10 46 269 1.70 0.91 0.88 1.9 11.2 .293 46/22/32 40 39
NYM NL 2019 4 6 0 0 16 16 97.0 86 12 20 121 3.25 1.09 1.18 1.9 11.2 .327 43/22/36 9 11
Career 6yrs 59 47 0 0 155 155 994.0 826 88 242 1121 2.73 1.07 1.09 2.2 10.1 .305 n/a
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Ends April with a 4.85 ERA and 1.38 WHIP. 

BABIP .409

G/L/F 29/29/43

5 starts, 26 IP, 5 HR

BB/9 3.5

SO/9 14.9

Alex Patton Alex
May 1

brilliantly put!  Think of the New York teams' luck with buying out arbitration years.  

Thomas Rosenthal TommyR
Apr 19

So the "strep throat" has traveled to his elbow and he is getting an MRI. Is the Strep Elbow yet another example of the ineptitude and mendacity of the Mets' medical team?

Apr 19

Scherzer's making like deGrom and deGrom's making like Scherzer: home run just now in Miami.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 3

$137.5 million in real life.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 27

$42 in tout, $1 more than Scherzer

Mar 17

A great point I think both Gene McCaffrey and Michael Salfino have mentioned - deGrom came into pitching late, so he's avoided all the bad things that are done to young pitchers as kids, schoolboys, college kids, etc. I sure hope I have some deGrom shares this year, even at the full sticker. 

scott pianowski ballfour
Mar 6

I stopped in at the local B&N this afternoon to see how the Guide is doing -- and what's this?

Fantasy Baseball 2019 from Sports Illustrated.

If it existed last year, I missed it.

It's just okay. How do you value pitchers in the age of bullpenning?

Rule No.1

Grab Jacob deGrom if You Can

But I don't need to reach for a magnifying glass when I turn to the player capsules.

I do that for the second mag I bought, Rotowire Fantasy Baseball.

But I didn't buy Rotoworld's -- I didn't!

I'll probably be in B&N tomorrow.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 23

I hadn't read the full article when I posted. Here's more:

Yet deGrom surely realizes his leverage is limited. The trade talk last summer, he said on Thursday, was intended to “get something moving,” but nothing moved. DeGrom could still wait for free agency to shop himself around, but owners have largely turned off the cash spigot the open market used to represent.

“How it’s going is kind of crazy,” deGrom said. “Guys are still without jobs. Teams don’t seem to be signing free agents. Why? We don’t know. I guess you kind of look at that, but I think just wanting to be here is the main thing for me and my group.”

DeGrom stayed with Van Wagenen’s group, the Creative Artists Agency, which has not been shy about criticizing the changing marketplace. Van Wagenen threatened a spring training boycott last winter, and Jeff Berry — the co-head for baseball at C.A.A., and now deGrom’s lead agent — released a detailed memo in December listing several forms of possible protest for disgruntled players.

Berry even suggested that the union fund a study for players who had not yet reached free agency — “a reverse engineering of the aging curves and usage rates that teams are currently weaponizing against the players.” The obvious implication, for pitchers, is that preserving themselves in their early seasons could make them more valuable as free agents.


Alex Patton Alex
Feb 15

Tyler Kepner in the Times:

The Mets control deGrom’s rights through 2020. At the All-Star Game last July, when Van Wagenen was deGrom’s agent, he tried to use the leverage of his client’s performance to extract a long-term deal. If the Mets did not extend him, Van Wagenen said then, they might as well trade him.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 15