Hunter Renfroe Los Angeles Angels

Age: 30 (January 28, 1992) | 6' 1" | 230lbs. | Bats: Right OF-142 RF-39 DH-1 PH-17
SD AAA 2018 10 41 6 9 2 10 1 0 2 4 0 0 .220 .256 .390 5 23 .241 n/a
SD NL 2018 117 403 53 100 30 109 23 1 26 68 2 1 .248 .302 .504 7 25 .271 37/20/43 17 16
SD NL 2019 140 440 64 95 46 154 19 1 33 64 5 0 .216 .289 .489 9 31 .239 36/16/48 13 13
TAM AL 2020 42 122 18 19 14 37 5 0 8 22 2 0 .156 .252 .393 10 27 .141 42/10/48 7 6
BOS AL 2021 144 521 89 135 44 130 33 0 31 96 1 2 .259 .315 .501 8 23 .284 39/18/43 22 22
MIL NL 2022 125 474 62 121 39 121 23 1 29 72 1 1 .255 .315 .492 7 23 .281 36/17/46 20 18
Career 7yrs 701 2440 345 586 201 696 131 4 157 394 14 4 .240 .300 .490 7 26 .267 n/a
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The Athletic:

What does this say about the Angels

The Angels are going all in at this point. This is a good move for the Angels’ chance at being competitive in 2023. Though, there’s natural skepticism for the Angels who consistently employ the same strategy in futility. That said, the Angels needed a left fielder. And they got one. Now, they won’t need to rely on Jo Adell or Mickey Moniak. And Renfroe has consistently been a 30 home run hitter. He has a career .790 OPS.

They’ve upgraded and are a better team today than they were yesterday. The downside is trading three more pitchers, on top of the pitcher they traded earlier in the week. The Angels do not have a deep enough farm system to keep shipping players off. – Blum

Who the Brewers get in return

In exchange, the Brewers get three probable relievers, none of whom has been very good to date.

Junk is a sinker/slider guy with nothing plus, and he doesn’t have a good enough weapon for lefties right now to project as a starter. Peguero is also a sinker/slider guy, although the fastball doesn’t sink so much as sit in the middle of the zone, and neither pitch has been very effective for him even though he’s been up to 100 mph. Lefty Seminaris worked only as a starter at three levels this year but struggled badly in Double A and Triple A because he can’t get right-handers out, getting lefties from a lower slot and a cross-fire delivery that helps his fringy fastball play up a little.

This is commensurate with trading one year of Renfroe, especially off what was probably a peak year for his bat. – Law

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 23

5 teams in 6 years as he heads to the Angels.  Odd for such a solid player. And a lot of crisscrossing the country for Hunter's couch.

Mike Landau ML-
Nov 23

Hunter Renfroe (OF) MIL - Sep. 24

Renfroe went 4-for-5 with two homers, five RBI and three runs scored in Saturday's 10-2 victory over the Reds.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Renfroe's first hit was a single to lead off the second inning. He then crushed two-run home runs in each of his next two at-bats in the fourth and fifth innings, driving in Rowdy Tellez both times. The right fielder's fifth RBI of the game came on a seventh-inning single that drove home Willy Adames. It was quite the night for Renfroe, who came into the game with just two hits in his last 21 at-bats (.095). It was also just his second four-hit game of the season.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 25

Hunter Renfroe (OF) MIL - Jul. 23

Renfroe went 2-for-4 with a three-run home run and an additional run in Saturday's 9-4 win over the Rockies.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Renfroe gave the Brewers their first lead in the fourth frame with his 424-foot three-run shot to center field. The blast was his second in as many games since the start of the second half, and he's gone 4-for-9 with five RBI over that brief stretch. Renfroe's power tends to come in bunches -- this is his third consecutive-game homer streak this season.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 24

The Red Sox sold high. And maybe Mike and I are buying high. But if you can get him at $15, I would do that. You will get your money back and, I think, a little more. When you get to the mid-priced players, that's not so easy to do.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 23


Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Mar 23

For me, guys who are older who have big years are considered flukes. Paying for Renfroe to repeat last year, given his history, is a mistake. My price here is too low, I bumped him to $15 for last week's update, and LABR went $20 for him and Tout $21, so Mike is more like the market, but I'm pretty sure that's a mistake. We'll see, of course.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 23

PK and MF - very large difference in dollar value. Can you explain why?

Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Mar 22

Projected by Rotowire to bat fifth against RHP, cleanup against LHP.

Most recent comment:

Shipped to Milwaukee
December 1, 2021
Renfroe was acquired by the Brewers from the Red Sox on Wednesday in exchange for Jackie Bradley and minor-league infielders David Hamilton and Alex Binelas.
Renfroe signed with Boston last December after being let go by Tampa Bay, and he hit .259/.315/.501 with 31 home runs, 33 doubles and 96 RBI in 144 games during 2021. The 29-year-old should handle the starting job in right field for the Brewers, replacing Avisail Garcia, who left via free agency and recently signed with the Marlins.
Alex Patton Alex
Jan 25

Hunter Renfroe batted 297 times this year with the shift on against him. He lost 25 hits to this alignment and gained 17, for a net loss of 8. In theory, he would have batted .274 if the shift was illegal.

For their part, the Red Sox deployed the shift 1,949 times. Just eyeballing (the Bill James Hanbook, page 122), the Red Sox are pretty much in the middle as to how often they shifted.

They are dead last in terms of effectiveness.

Twenty-nine teams, ranging from the Braves (+58) to the Royals (+6), gained more outs than they lost, using the shift. The Red Sox are the other team (-11).

The average appears to be around 31. Doesn't that seem low? 

According to the the Bill James Handbook (Bill himself writes the essay), the shift was deployed 51% of the time in 2021.

That seems low, but okay... my strong impression is that the average team lost more than 31 hits on the season, when all the times batters beat the shift and all the times batters lost hits to the shift are added up.

I owned Joey Gallo this year and I personally counted more times than 19 -- just with the Yankees -- that he lost hits to the shift. The Handbook claims he beat the shift nine times, but if he beat it once, I didn't see it.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 20 '21